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    Fucking Dr. Eggman's wife.

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  1. Alright, with my experience with a flagship phone I would like to make a few observations. 


    I have only plugged a cable into the USB C port twice throughout me owning it.  I pretty much exclusively use wireless charging.  I transfer through FTP, so I don't even plug it in to transfer files. 


    So I more or less have an unused port, so my opinion of removing the headphone jack has changed.  I don't mind it as much, I would still like 2 USB C ports as a replacement for the times that I'm on the road and need to use a battery bank, or for USB OTG purposes while still listening to music, but a quarter inch headphone dongle isn't the end of the world with wireless charging and the extra features that modern flagship phones have.

    1. DrMacintosh


      Best flagship phone c.2015



      What other phones from 2015 are still as good as new in 2019? 

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