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    G-Skill Rip Jaw 3200
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  1. If you are working on the cheap look for a 5 year old prebuilt pc with an I5 or I7 and stuff it with drives to your liking install unRAID and you will have a great little home NAS/media server for your entire home network, see the specs below in my sig for my primary unRAID server it is built on my old prebuilt I7 6700 I can get around 8 streams depending on the file type and trans-code requirements mostly direct stream which puts very little stress on the cpu I also run 20+ plus dockers without issue
  2. Oh absolutely if you do not plan to expand just run a windows box but just for a gauge I have 380 movies and a load of tv series and that currently takes up 5.5TB of disk space it doesn't take long to fill a drive up but just a pointer that is the beauty of unRAID you just put any old drive be it a NAS drive a standard pc drive a 2.5 inch drive any size when its time to expand just plop another drive in and away you go
  3. I run plex on my unRAID network with the tv's on firesticks works perfect and is direct play keeping transcoding and cpu load down to a minimum, firesticks are dirt cheap for what they offer you do need good wifi unless you hardwire the firestick
  4. I have 10 drives in my rig but only use 1 parity at this time, as stated I have 1 parity for 7 array drives but at present only 3 drives have data unless you are filling most of your drives right up I would stick with 1 parity until you have 4 or more drives with substantial data just my opinion though I do have 2 cache ssd's in raid 1 for protection of my appdata
  5. I am not familiar with the 0 but I run pi-hole and open vpn on my 3B+
  6. My unRAID box is my old 6700 but yeah I also was surprised to find 6th gen still fetching some money hope they go down in a few years as I don't want to upgrade my servers hardware as it performs rock solid with the 6700
  7. This looks like it may fit your needs: Fractal Design Node 804 Black Window Aluminum/Steel Micro ATX Cube Computer Case
  8. I'll just say once my unRAID box was setup it's has never caused an issue in over 2 years running and is the most simple scalable solution I know of add a drive of any size up to your parity drive and done
  9. Yeah the've been advertising pretty heavily in my area I'll have to get a look
  10. Yeah I did reach out via email but never received a response but the way he shut it down was unannounced and no one quite knows why I mean it is speculated that life got in the way and since he no longer lives here it just became a chore I don't know for certain but my guess is that he did this on a home level and was not using any special service as he never had advertisements to offset any costs he did offer advertisements to guides but it really never took off say I bought a domain and this forum thing did not work out what else can I use the domain for I mean I'm not in it for money or anything but I have all these hardware resources and I have communicated with several members from the old site so there is still interest in the the forum being restarted the R710 is currently my backup unRAID box and the R410 is just sitting there
  11. As the title suggests I was a long time member of a fishing forum that has now gone dark I would like to create a new forum and pick up the members who were active on the other site, I'm in no means cherry picking from another active site this site was effectively shut down as it was regional and found many of the members looking for a replacement, the owner moved from the east coast to the west so finally shut down. I think my hardware is solid to run from I have a Dell R410 or an R710 at my disposal with 20+ TB of storage ability so the only unknowns to me is how to go about it. I am willing to spend money for subscriptions if that is what is needed i.e. a GoDaddy account if that is the type of thing I need to get started where I get stuck is in what order do I need to start I would like to use Simple Machines as that is what was used for the previous site so it would be familiar to the members where I am not sure how to proceed is what OS am I going to use on the server that will play nice with the other prerequisites I'm not very versed on linux but if that is what is needed guess I'll have to learn just looking for some insight/suggestions
  12. I second this and the other advice to go unRAID yes it cost some money but when and I do mean when you need to expand and add plex the other dockers that you will definitely find useful you will have an upgrade path
  13. Retired computer is your cheapest and most hardware expandable option start with a processor with an IGPU and if you get heavy into 4K you can always add a GPU to the mix my I7 6700 is my main unRAID server and plex media server along with my home assistant and it runs like a champ can't be more happy with it
  14. A dell R710 matched with a Quadro P2000 works well take a look at the art of the server's youtube page he has video's on taking an R710 and making it more home friendly I bought my servers from savemyserver on ebay and my HBA from art of the server