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    MSI 970
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    EVGA SSC 8GB - 2400
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    Zotac GTX 950 2gb
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    Thermaltake V3
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    240 PNY SSD
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  1. https://www.walmart.com/ip/Gateway-Creator-Series-15-6-FHD-Performance-Notebook-AMD-Ryzen-5-4600H-NVIDIA-1650-GTX-8GB-RAM-256GB-SSD-Xbox-Game-Pass-PC-HD-Webcam-Cortana-Windows-/466827503?irgwc=1&sourceid=imp_z8gQNVVzGxyLTR3wUx0Mo36aUkB1X%3AXmPwSl3s0&veh=aff&wmlspartner=imp_10451&clickid=z8gQNVVzGxyLTR3wUx0Mo36aUkB1X%3AXmPwSl3s0&sharedid=&affiliates_ad_id=567111&campaign_id=9383 not the best honestly
  2. Sup nerds, I was working on my laptop and just discovered this phenomenon. I figured it out, I think its the wireless charging feature. It does the same with the back of my phone. I guess be careful cause your phone can probably interfere with your other electronics. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-ugp37CwS6s video wont embed
  3. Support? I thought supports goal is to get you really pissed off, waste your time and get nowhere with your issues, regardless of company. Were we suppose to expect results?
  4. I haven't flown in over a year. Heres a video of a bird trying to attack my quad. disclaimer: I put the name as a joke because I wouldn't watch anime, but i just started getting into anime and now its just embarrassing.
  5. As far as I know I didn't create any directory, virtual box installer created all the directories. I check as root and nothing. Trash is empty.
  6. Yes but it's a little bit dated from the work I've done to it.
  7. ran this on my ubuntu server Now my virtual box VM is missing says its inaccessible and the .vbox is missing from the directory (file not found) wth
  8. Thats a very complicated setup you have at least with my level of knowledge. I never knew what a hypervisor was, nice! To be honest i don't know some of the other stuff you said are, probably because I don't use or need them... yet So you have Pritunl installed in a VM? and thats dedicated to SSH your local network from the outside? am i getting that right? how long have you have had this set up for? how many watts does your setup use?
  9. Just out of curiosity I wanted to know what you use your server for? What OS does it run? How many VMs do you run? How much time do you spend on it a week? How do you secure it from online attacks? What's your preferred method of remote accessing?(what's your username and password?)🥸jk What hardware are you running? Lastly is there anything interesting you'd like to add about your server?
  10. I see your wife said "the more you should love them" using the word "should" as if its obligatory.
  11. i can eat a giant bag of hot cheetos in one sitting... fuck the people that dont like to take spicy poops xDDDD im drunk
  12. You're raising some really good points. I do have an old A10 computer I could reuse. I figured a mini PC would pay for itsself in over a year with no processing drawbacks and its power efficiency.
  13. eMMC is ok. Unless needed I'll opt for a quality SSD, micro SD or SD card. I wouldn't use the NUC to charge anything if i decide on it, I'll mainly be SSHing into it and have it stored away somewhere.