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    I love emo girls.
    Stocks, motorcycles, and Halo lore.


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    MSI 970
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    EVGA SSC 8GB - 2400
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    Zotac GTX 950 2gb
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    240 PNY SSD
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  1. Or use the electric toothbrush manually I agree with @Orange1 just buy a new one.
  2. Old? Try ancient. Jk. Either way I feel somewhat the same, from gaming on the first playstation to only PC. Gaming is still fun, I just think it's an us thing. We can't really relate to kids and their fortnite.
  3. Try a different browser or try connecting via ethernet. May be your router
  4. A better question is how do you guys protecc your network
  5. This comes off as both a good thing and a bad thing to me in many ways.
  6. Selling point. Not more proprietary xbox hard drives. take your games with you so you can play anywhere without having to download it to another console. Keep your library on your PC. So the console can finally be slim and no mechanical failures. I mean understand disks are cheap, but dvd is old technology.... Then again, it suits the console market perfectly.
  7. I believe the american capitalistic system will prevail. Just wait guys. Tmobile is launching a home internet service that utilizing 4g towers to provide internet in your home. Also, elon musk has something going on or something.
  8. I mean, why not just sell the game via USB drive to allow it to transfer to the HDD? I mean an extra 15 bucks? Or since you can sign into your xbox account through PC, allow the iso or files to be downloaded and stored on your computer and you can flash it to a USB drive. Maybe not.
  9. I thought macbooks thermal throttled all the time before even utilizing it's CPUs full potential. I'm not too familiar with apple computers I may be wrong
  10. Apple didn't pioneer wireless earphones but they sure as hell engineered them well, brought it to the major market, and cultivated a culture of wireless earphones being worn everywhere. I like it, as I look like a fool with everyone else but I use galaxy buds. Edit: to answer your question, I don't think so. Apple made it appealing to consumers that third party companies are getting in on it and making them cheaper. Without apple, it May not have been the same. unless samsung took the leap first.
  11. All you coffee drinkers are DISGUSTANG!!! Tea sounds boring. Ive been drinking monsters recently. The green ones. Edit: anyone ever try 5 hour energy?
  12. Guys, I understand the statistics. I understand wearing a mask is like nothing to you. I understand the prevention of others getting sick. I GET IT, YES! There is nothing wrong with anyone legitimately being afraid/loathing the thought of getting sick or worse. I believe people should also take responsibilities for their own health as well. To avoid a large debate on this guy's, let's agree to disagree! I also want to let it be known that these are MY OWN opinions as I don't listen to the rhetoric of anti maskers.
  13. WOW. Everyone here is in favor of wearing masks. I have to say I am too, but Im more in support of freedom of choice. Yes folks, I'd prefer to not wear a mask! That's not to say there is anything wrong with wearing masks, keeping 6 feet apart, staying home. I understand why this ideology is upsetting, I do. People aren't tolerant weather you're for masks or against them. I don't believe the way a lot of dramatic anti maskers are reacting is in anyway acceptable. I have my personal opinion on the matter. Yes I wear a mask where I feel I need to, mandatory or not like extremely crowded plac
  14. If the zombies turn out to be extremely tirelessly fast with extreme strength then we're all screwed...