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  1. I hate stuff like this, they're just unconvincing the actual customers. This is like when I go to Walmart in a poor neighborhood and everything is locked up and you need to ask for help to get a gallon of milk. And Walmart customer service is sooooo asinine
  2. Morality is subjective. Some kill their unborn children, others can't fathom it.
  3. I usually throw them away when I get a hole forming at the bottom. My shoes right now.
  4. Free market decides it's value. Technically a dollar has no value, other than the one we as society subconsciously gives it.
  5. You're under the impression that I don't understand the consequences of not being vaccinated. This is what I mean when people that aren't vaccinated are looked at as morons by the vaccinated. Everything you said is not new information. Please, allow people to take responsibility for their actions.
  6. I'm not really spinning it. This argument can go back and forth. This is why it's controversial. I just want my choices respected. I understand people should get vaccinated and I'm not telling people they shouldn't. I also understand why many are not. I also know that there are crazy people that believe crazy things about the vaccine. Soo as I mentioned in the first post, many vaccinated people do not share this sentiment of understanding.
  7. Ok but what's the difference if I'm vaccinated or not. Only me, myself and I would have less serious issues when I get sick. I can still spread the virus to the public if I'm vaccinated. Ultimately it's like eating Nutella, still a personal choice.
  8. This is NOT the sentiment among the vaccinated. It's either you're vaccinated or you're crazy, stupid, selfish, Karen, anti masker, COVID deniers or any other crazy thing they can pin on you. We get it, you're better than us. Just leave us have our reasons for not get vaccinated like you would for people that smoke or drink or do anything unhealthy. I eat Nutella, it's unhealthy shit, but I'm a grown ass adult. I'll be damned if my decision to eat Nutella is taken away! Just like my decision to be unvaccinated.
  9. The quality is definitely there. The stigma that it's for pros just shouldn't stand today. Even if I was a "pro" I could buy 2 or 3 pairs of top shelf harbor freight tools for probably the same price as one snap on tool. With the exception of some tools.
  10. Anything with EASY lifetime warranty. Harbor freight is where I get most of my crap. I hear snap on is really good but that shit is honestly too rich for my blood.
  11. Isn't Google play free? If it's for personal use you can upload through Google cloud, and share the link. To install just set android phone in developer mode. No one would download or should install apps that aren't in Google play store.