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  1. I used to run it on a very old low spec laptop a few years ago and it ran mostly fine (if I remember correctly lol). I would give it a shot; nothing really to lose. With poor internet, I would just leave it to download overnight.
  2. You might be able to get F1 2012 or 13 to run at 720p or so. They are also quite cheap to pick up too like less than £5.
  3. What GPU & screen resolution? You also listed two CPU's of which the 4600k does not exist. Do you mean the 4690k?
  4. https://www.playstation.com/en-us/support/system-updates/ps4/#newinstallation Right at the bottom, there is another download link under "Perform a New Installation of the System Software": The download button is a bit hidden but that is the full system software (992MB) that you need to use. As said previously the memory stick must be formatted exFAT as NTFS is not compatible with the PS4.
  5. No airport scanners (Which is an x-ray) will not harm your HDD. It will be fine Also if the data is very important i would advice you back it up prior to traveling, just to be safe!
  6. Rishum

    Programmable quadcopter reviews?

    Might be a bit large and but the Parrot AR Drone 2.0 is an option. Can be programmed using languages such as Node.JS and python
  7. Rishum

    Cpu died help pleaseee

    Go here: https://supporttickets.intel.com/warrantyinfo?_ga=2.53093994.336979684.1514112876-1568636533.1514112847 You need to enter the FPO and ATPO , both of these can be found on the CPU itself. If you do not know how to find it enter you're cpu model enter your model number on this site and it will explain where they are located: https://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/support/articles/000005609/processors.html I then believe it will tell you more about your warranty coverage and how to request a RMA (i think). They may also might want proof-of-purchase btw.
  8. Rishum

    Gaming Wifi router (only Option for me)

    Could use a Powerline?
  9. Rishum

    Parents Wont Let Me Spend My Own Money

    Are you not old enough for your own debit card? In the UK you can one from 11 years old!
  10. Rishum

    LGA1156 64 bit?

    64 bit.
  11. Rishum

    Xeon PC Build?

    If you do get it just be aware that you are limiting yourself to a very old socket making it hard for future upgrades. You might also have problems getting a good cheap LGA1136 board.
  12. Rishum

    my mobile network service provider's speed test.

    If we are just showing off 4G speed , i get this with O2: I live quite close to a cell tower.
  13. Rishum

    need help Getting wifi throught my whole house

    When he mentions super-hub he does not mean a hub. The superhub is just a brand name for the cable modem-routers given to Virgin media customers in the UK.
  14. Rishum

    need help Getting wifi throught my whole house

    I had a similar problem and solved it cheaply. What i did was i called Virgin and after a bit of talking they offered to send the Super hub 3 free of charge to replace the Super hub 2. I then bought a power-line and connected the super hub 2 as an access point to the hub 3 (via the powerline) , in the area of the house where the WIFI signal was poor. The superhub 2 does not have an easy setting to turn it into an access point , but following the tutorial below solves that and its not too hard: http://community.virginmedia.com/t5/Networking-and-WiFi/Super-Hub-used-as-an-access-point/td-p/3074315 This however has nothing to do with the switching connections issue , it is just something i did personally that worked well. To answer your actual question , if you bought a new router and spread them around the house all you would have to do is set the SSID (name of network) and the network password the same as the other router in the settings and you're devices should connect automatically to the router with the strongest signal automatically.
  15. Rishum

    Buying off new retailers?

    Novatech is great , bought from them many times and never had a problem. They have good customer support to!