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    Computer building. Wrestling, Football, some basketball.
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    I am a highschool senior. I currently do not have a gaming rig as I sold it over the pandemic and I am thinking of building a rig before college. Gaming on an Xbox One S right now.


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    Macbook Early 2015 1.1 Ghz Retina model
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  1. Thanks for the info. they seem very new so its hard for me to find lots of information on them. I will only really be using basic stuff on my mac. That sounds sick, iphone apps native on macbook? Looking forward to that. Especially the increased graphics performance. Would the M1 chip out perform the i7/i5 in 13in notebook in regards to gaming? i know the integrated graphics are quite weak.
  2. are you referring to the 8 core apple chips that are listed under the cheapest skews? Does that mean they have better performance in native macos? I do not plan on runnning bootcamp, however 512 gbs with a higher performing cpu for less cost sounds good to me...
  3. For sure, and thank you. I feel like investing in a 512 gb ssd as opposed to the 256 would be the move. As more storage never hurts and I double I will use more than 6 gb of ram at a time.
  4. Yeah I know Mac's can be a waste of money in the hardware department... mostly here for the operating system, build quality and quality control. No hate to Windows/linux machines doe
  5. Hey guys, I am looking into laptops for college and the one I have settled on is the macbook pro 13 inch. I am mostly just wondering if it is worth while for me to spend an extra few hundred dollars for a better cpu, ram, and or storage. I am looking at the i5 edition with 8 gigs and 256 gigs of space. Mostly will be doing school work and light gaming. (Minecraft, Tf2 and CsGo) I know it could reasonably handle those titles, but should I consider upgrading the Cpu or storage? I see those being the only two limiting factors as of now. Thanks.
  6. fallout 4 does a similar thing but in maybe 1600x900
  7. thanks, im not sure whats going on, ill reinstall the driver right now and see if that helps/
  8. ive done this before, and forgot to mention but its the original skyrim not the special edition. I can upload a video if you need it
  9. thanks, but this didnt work. ive tried launch options and it still reverts to the 800 600, ive also changed the config setting for it
  10. Whenever i start skyrim it starts in 800x600, no matter how i change it in config settings or launch options nothing happens. Ive reinstalled it on 2 drives and no difference please help!
  11. the modem is an arris thats all it said on TWC website, the dont even tell us our internet speed smh i could see them investing in a new modem and a new plan for better internet
  12. We have a fairly new Apple airport extreme, what should we do about router? The parents will bite on a new router as long as it isn't up in 70+ probably. Checking our plan right now.