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  1. Damnit Asrock, I was going to skip X299 and build an itx rig next year...
  2. AV capabilities built into Chrome

    FF Quantum Version 57.0b8 (64-bit) Chrome Version 61.0.3163.100 (Official Build) (64-bit) Microsoft Edge 38.14393.0.0 I was intrigued as I'm not a big tab user anyway, and so only had a few open at work. This is with the same 5 tabs open on each of them just now.
  3. World's First 5g Smartphone Chip

    In a really crappy reception area (my workplace, yay!) I've just got 22mbps down. Normally will get above 60mbps, and the best I've got was about 160-170mbps, but then again, I'm not in 'murica. We also have 99% LTE coverage, I can't think of the last time I actually dropped to HSDPA 3G except in 1 friends house, and thats because he neighbours keep objecting to a new phone mast in their area.
  4. Black friday/Cyber monday sales

    Amazon normally have some decent(ish) deals on ssds for the UK in the Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales. I got a 1tb Samsung evo a few years ago for about 30-40% off the price it was everywhere else. I've never seen much else I particularly wanted on Amazon to do with computers during these sales though, that was more than a couple of percent off what it was before then. Overclockers usually do some sales too, but can't really remember if they were decent or not. Like others have said though, I can't imagine much going on anywhere to do with motherboard/cpus from Coffee Lake. You might get a couple of quid off some RAM, maybe a couple off a case and some other components but unless you really hit the jackpot, I wouldn't expect to save much.
  5. I need some help with some tech stuff.

    From what I remember (as my memory is crap - this might not be the case), around when that was produced, not all motherboards could boot from a USB device, so that may be the problem you are having. If it is, you might just need to burn the latest win 10 to a dvd and boot from that to either do a windows repair (if that will work with your predicament) or full reinstall.
  6. If you're not self employed, some countries do PAYE so the % deducted from your salary per month equates to the proportion (1/12) of the year. In theory if all you earned was that and you didn't have anything to deduct from it, you just log on or fill in the form manually to sign and say it is all correct. In theory you/they would only have a balance one way or another if you got paid a bonus that nudged you in to the equivalent of the next tax band for that month if it existed. My tax return takes about 5 minutes to complete on PAYE (I just login and confirm their number match mine for my salary earned for the year), add in any dividends etc., mortgage payments (we get some tax back on the interest paid) and anything else we want to declare. If you do the online way, it tells you exactly how much you owe or they owe you immediately. If it gets reviewed (some do at random after this, so it can take a little longer), they will then either send you a cheque or will pay it directly in to your bank account if you give them the details you want crediting with a week or two with any interest owing on any balance to you included. If you owe them money you get about 6 months to pay (might actually be more than this) whatever is outstanding and you can do it in instalments.
  7. Yes. If you ignore the guy below you can have the Sony XZ1 Compact (SD835 4GB 4.6" 720p screen), XZ1 (SD835 4GB RAM 1080p 5.2" screen) or XZ Premium (SD835 4GB RAM 4k 5.5" screen). All of them are IP67/68 rated, 64GB internal storage + SD slot (the compact only has 32GB internal storage)
  8. Do I need new power supply?

    It doesn't appear to from the spec sheet I have found for something with the same name, but it has 4 molex connectors so you could go molex to 6pin, but as the others have responded, I would still get a decent PSU instead, personally.
  9. Do I need new power supply?

    It depends what you are upgrading to (those you have listed, then no), but that looks like a terrible power supply if the one I've just googled is the correct one, so personally I would get a decent one anyway.
  10. They would never get away with that pretty much anywhere except, maybe, the US. Nearly everywhere else has pretty reasonable consumer protection laws.
  11. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-41516159
  12. Why you like IOS over android

    Fair enough, was just intrigued as nobody has ever actually been able to say why they think it's easier. Just an FYI - you can toggle the flashlight on android from just dragging down the quick settings and tapping on the flashlight icon, too (I think since lollipop, but might have been kitkat).
  13. Why you like IOS over android

    Not singling you out on this, but, this has always confused me somewhat as nobody I know who uses an iPhone is remotely tech-savvy. What is it you actually think is more simple than on Android? I've never been able to get a straight answer from anyone on this and it has always genuinely confused me as every time I've had to use iOS it's always seemed to have really obtuse ways to do many of the things that I had needed to in order to fix their phone/tablet.
  14. If you're going to delid (this sounds like it is going to be a good idea, again...) there is a section regarding that experience in the below link. https://forums.overclockers.co.uk/threads/8packs-no-bs-testing-intel-8700k-and-z370-with-delid-5ghz-and-above-available-from-ocuk.18795256/
  15. Yup, my thoughts too. Plus you only get a 1 yr warranty instead of 3yr with the standard one as they use the OEM CPUs for the prebinned ones.