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  1. don't need help anymore

    You probs wanted to quote the other dude, there. I've got 2TB of SSDs at the minute in my desktop...
  2. don't need help anymore

    How much do you have to spend, and whats the minimum capacity you want? People can then see if your expectations are doable.
  3. USB C Front Panel

    https://www.moddiy.com/products/USB-3.1-Internal-20%2dPin-Female-to-USB%2dC-Type%2dC-Panel-Mount-Cable.html This what you mean?
  4. It's a US bank thing (and quite a few other countries to be honest). They like to really rinse their customers. When I used to work for a bank, we (the British side) had an account at the US branch of it to deal with a couple of things. Even we had to pay for everything (including chequebooks, statements and various other things), which in turn made the point of having that account entirely loss making. From what I remember hearing, they've now got rid of that account.
  5. Keylogger for pc

  6. You can apparently get the i9 with the G3 but not the others from that table, which would be interesting as the G7 is apparently the flagship one. Table is wrong in some other areas too from the quick look I've just had.
  7. Buying hardware outside the US

    As someone else said, http://overclockers.co.uk are one of the better UK sites for graphics card prices at the minute (and usually have some stock of at least some versions). They do ship internationally too, although not sure about cost for that (looks like it is around £31 to Sweden, or £23 to Denmark for example, for a Zotac 1080ti mini). You will also have to pay some form of VAT if you are in the EU too, and it recalculates when you select a delivery destination. Generally about once a month they have deals on 1080tis etc. that either last for a set amount of units or until a specific time while stock lasts. If you go to https://forums.overclockers.co.uk/forums/graphics-cards.3/ there is usually a post from one of the guys there called Gibbo (e.g. from 21st March https://forums.overclockers.co.uk/threads/gpu-prices-some-big-drops-at-ocuk.18814864/) where he will list what's on offer (sometimes they will do an offer code for people that read the forums or sometimes, just update the prices on the site in general). These will either appear just before or just as the items go on sale.
  8. Buying hardware outside the US

    Yes you do if you're in the EU. It hasn't left the EU yet...
  9. Second Hand Hardware

    I've bought several GPUs & CPUs secondhand (from ebay) and they've all worked perfectly fine. Bought a motherboard (after my X58 board died) from Amazon marketplace, and that was DOA and hand a nice burn mark below one of the PCIe slots, so it got returned for refund. It just really depends. RAM quite often has a lifetime warranty so you can RMA that relatively easily from what I've heard, if it's DOA (I've never had to personally RMA any RAM, however and I've never bought any secondhand either). Pretty much the only things I definitely wouldn't buy are a HDD secondhand, and probably wouldn't buy an SSD secondhand either (unless it was spectacularly cheap). Motherboards I would generally only do secondhand if the boards have stopped being made and I don't want to upgrade platform at that time, or I'm going to be upgrading shortly and just need something that might only last a few months.
  10. Recently bought an MX Master 2 for work to replace the crappy HP cheapo one that came with the work comp. It's so much better (especially as I have a G602 at home).
  11. Chinese Laptop Found in Trash

    Me too. If you put support after the name it shows the actual support page tho.
  12. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-43398410 So Google are going to be banning adverts for various risky financial transactions, not just things to do with cryptocurrencies. They're also going to be restricting ads for CFDs and spread betting too (FYI - don't ever get in to either of these unless you really know what you are doing.). This is a pretty good thing from my point of view. Lets face it, you can lose a lot of money from spread betting and the like, in a short period of time, and people are generally morons. At least this way, they have the chance of losing their money to people who are actually licensed in their jurisdiction instead....
  13. Questions About LTX 2018? AMA.

    You can go and fly in a floatplane. Was only in Van for a couple of days (Road trip from Vegas), but that was pretty good fun. If you're in the general area for a little while, then below is some stuff in the US just down the coast, that I did on my last road trip there. Seattle isnt too far away, and is quite a good city with some stuff to do too. Space needle etc. http://www.undergroundtour.com/ <--- Did this in Seattle, is really quite interesting Also a few (3-4ish) hrs away (South) from Seattle you have https://www.evergreenmuseum.org/ which is pretty nice if you're in to aviation and space and stuff like that. It has the Spruce Goose, an SR-71 and a fair amount of other stuff too. https://omsi.edu/submarine <--- Went here on the way down to evergreen, from Seattle. The sub tour was pretty good, and the guy giving us the tour was awesome (he used to serve on that submarine). On the way down or up, you can drive up the coast and go through Astoria and see some of the places from the Goonies.
  14. Not really tech, but use the FB local Buy & Sell pages (or wherever has them) to get bundles of clothes. You can then sell them on for a similar price once they've outgrown them, which will not take long, particularly when they're a newborn. No point in wasting all your money buying a ton of new clothes and they wear them once or twice before they're too big. Also, they really don't need all the toys when they're young, they just take up every bit of space you have.
  15. https://gizmodo.com/google-is-helping-the-pentagon-build-ai-for-drones-1823464533 http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-43316667 Basically, it's being used to trawl through the vast quantities of drone footage they are collecting, and thinning out the uninteresting stuff so that humans then have a more reasonable amount of stuff to look at. Personally I wouldn't really call it 'AI for drones' but I suppose Gizmodo needed a catchy headline, as it's more of an AI for image/video analysis and flagging than anything.