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  1. Quadro p3200

    Looks like it's based on the GP104 core, so the same core as the 1070/1080. It has slightly less cores & less memory bus than a 1070 (1792 cores vs 1920 cores & 6gb VRAM 192bit bus vs 8gb 256bit bus). Lower clocked than a normal 1070 too. As the guy above, I'd expect somewhere around 1060ish performance, maybe better in some cases due to the higher cuda count than a 1060, but less in others due to slower clock.
  2. a gtx 1080 or a 1080ti for 1080p ?

    Personally i'd get a 1060 (6gb)/1070 and then upgrade to the same tier in a newer generation in 2 or 3 years, if/when they struggle on something I want to play. You would still likely have paid less than a 1080ti and you still have the other card to sell or use as a backup.
  3. I haven't either, and have done it multiple times (>50) on multiple systems, with multiple versions (home, pro & enterprise) that all vary wildly in their components as well. I'm genuinely intrigued if there is a common theme on why it seems to have an effect on some people, and none on others.
  4. Yeah, like others have said, Haribos - mainly Starmix, but occasionally Tangfastics and you don't have to return them. Once they forgot to put them in though, I was highly disappointed especially as it was about a grands worth of stuff.
  5. Root Android Phone - Galaxy S7

    Not 100% on how they normally do it on Samsungs to be honest, but from what I've done in the past with old Sony phones (haven't done it for 4 or 5 years at least). 1. Depends on the root method, sometimes yes, sometimes no. 2. Yes (at least on Sony phones, you used to just have to flash a stock ROM) 3. Yes (mostly, some have root detection and won't run, normally banking apps and the like, but this can often be taken care of). Below link is where you'll really want to go for definitive answers though. https://forum.xda-developers.com/galaxy-s7
  6. BEST BUDGET 4k 60hz TV??

    Congrats on no mans land... Me too... The below appears to have 60hz actual refresh rate, according to the specs. https://www.currys.co.uk/gbuk/tv-and-home-entertainment/televisions/televisions/hisense-h43n5500uk-43-smart-4k-ultra-hd-hdr-led-tv-10168356-pdt.html
  7. Could be the GPU or could be one of the cables you're powering your GPU with. Not sure what your PSU is, but if it's modular, try other PCIe cables (if the PSU came with any extras) as a first thing.
  8. LTX 2018 Rideshare Program

    I'd like to point out, the 14 hour flight would be impossible due to having to change airports in London and the time difference not being long enough for a connecting international flight in any actual reality... Amazing job, Google. The £940.00 flight is a winner with a mere 3 stops including an overnight in Dublin and a grand total of a lovely 30hours and 20 mins travel time... I'm going to Mexico a week today instead, anyway... YAY
  9. Need A Proper Ergonomic Comfortable Chair

    https://www.amazon.co.uk/Diablo-Ergonomic-breathable-adjustable-height-adjustable/dp/B079BSRV7P/ref=sr_1_29?ie=UTF8&qid=1528815481&sr=8-29&keywords=mesh+office+chair Had something similar to the above link in an old job (but not exactly the same, as it was a while ago and i can't remember the brand) and it was super comfy for 7-8 hours of office work. No idea on the sort of quality of the one in the link either, so don't take that one as a specific recommendation, but something along those lines should be pretty good.
  10. First actual PC other than my trusty Amiga 500 was a prebuilt mid-tower. I think it was December 1996. Brand - AST CPU - Pentium 133mhz RAM - 16mb GPU - Built in 1 or maybe 2mb wonder HDD - 1.5gb Monitor - 15" CRT Floppy Drive 3 CD cassette changer (6x speed!) (still the best solution I've ever seen for one) Soundblaster 16 compatible soundcard First one I built was as below sometime in 2007 (I think). CPU - Q6600 (D0 stepping) RAM - 4gb generic DDR2 HDD - 400gb Hitachi Deathstar... (still actually works!) MB - Some form of cheapo Asrock DVD - A Samsung DVD writer (still have this hanging around but I think it is ISA so, yeah) Case - Some crappy cheapo mid-tower GPU - 8800GTX of some sort (also still have this somewhere around and was still working when last used) Monitor - Samsung 22" LCD
  11. JAPAN

    As others have said, Akihabara is the place to go in Tokyo, but like they also said, don't expect it to be cheap or anything. Still an awesome place to visit, was there 10 years ago last week and really want to go back at some point soon. I assume the Sony building is still there, and that had some cool stuff to go and see at the time, and was free entry.
  12. Could you not just get a cheap old school mobile phone or two (with a decent loud speaker), use a prepaid SIM, and keep it plugged in and the volume turned up and only each of you have the number? Should cost <$20 unless mobile providers in Canada are more useless than I thought.
  13. LTT forum slow loading for last week?

    Using Chrome on my work PC. Loads fine (<1second).
  14. window not activating

    Phone activation has worked previously for me, and was pretty simple if a bit annoyingly slow.
  15. Alternatively, you could just disable the post beeping in the bios of most boards (certainly most, if not all the ones I've used in the past 10 years+) without taking a screwdriver to your motherboard...