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    What's the most you've ever lost in a coin toss?
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    Microsoft HQ, beating Bill Gates with a frozen ham


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    R3 1200 @ 3.7ghz
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    8gb Corsair Vengeance RAM 2600mhz
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    MSI 1050Ti
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    Silverstone GD01
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    WD Blue 1TB 7200RPM
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    Corsair RMx 450w
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    Acer H236HL
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    Stock cooler

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  1. AntonChigurh

    Galaxy S8+ Pie update issues

    Well I finally fixed it. Turns out all I had to do was boot it in safe mode and install the update through that. Thanks for all the help guys
  2. AntonChigurh

    Galaxy S8+ Pie update issues

    I honestly have zero clue why it's acting up the way it is. I'll try your suggestion and come back with the results Edit: just looked at the update file. Now i'm even more confused as this doesnt seem to be the pie update
  3. AntonChigurh

    Galaxy S8+ Pie update issues

    I'm already on Oreo. I don't know if being too far behind is really the issue but when i scoured tomshardware and the samsung forums thats what everyone else seemed to say
  4. AntonChigurh

    Galaxy S8+ Pie update issues

    So I recently purchased a galaxy s8+ after my old s7 went kaput. Ever since I got it there's been a persistent android version update notification on the screen. I've tried updating multiple times but it just won't take. At first I was confused, but I've since ascertained the source of the problem. Apparently if you're too far behind on android updates the phone will refuse to update normally and will require you to update it manually. Most people recommend SmartSwitch for this but I cannot use SmartSwitch, as my only functioning computer right now is a chromebook. I would like to find a way to update my phone without smartswitch as this is seriously annoying, seeing as it prevents my phone from fast charging as well. Tl;dr: OP's galaxy s8+ won't update and he needs to find a way to make the update stick without using smartswitch
  5. AntonChigurh

    Laggy bluetooth connection with controller

    All games
  6. AntonChigurh

    Laggy bluetooth connection with controller

    I never have other apps running while I'm playing. I'd rather not disable wifi, as I like receiving notifications. And my settings are already pretty low but i'll check again
  7. So i am trying to play Jojo HFTF using the ePSXe emulator on my galaxy s7 with a Dualshock 4 controller. I am using it via bluetooth connection, and epsxe supports controllers by default. However, in game the connection is extremely poor. Moves are delayed by at least half a second on average, and the connection easily gets overloaded and doesn't register some button presses in more intense moments. It's basically unplayable and is frustrating the hell out of me. If anyone has a fix I would love to hear it.
  8. AntonChigurh

    Galaxy S7 won't charge. Help!

    Yes well $80 is what my local phone repair place quoted me for the fix. They also said there was a good chance the screen could break in the replacement process, in which case they'd charge me for the cost of replacing the screen ($110)
  9. The title says it all. As of recent, my Galaxy s7 stopped charging via USB cable. I can still charge it wirelessly using a charging pad. I have tried everything. Hard resetting the phone, blowing dust out of the USB port, straightening the contact point inside the port, checking the pins in the cable, nothing has worked so far. I have ascertained that the fault lies in the phone's USB port solely, as all of my cables work fine on every other device I own. However, here's the kicker, and the thing that's been driving me crazy for the past few days trying to figure out. It will charge using a USB cable, but only one specific one I own (an Anker 6ft micro USB cable, if it means anything). It will only charge using a wireless pad or that specific cable, nothing else. I've been pulling my hair out trying to fix it, as I don't want to spend $80-$110 to get it fixed (seeing as I'm flat broke). If anyone could provide a cause for this seemingly arbitrary breakdown and perhaps a solution I would be forever in your debt. TL;DR: OP's phone stopped charging via USB cable (except, oddly, with one specific cable) and I need a solution
  10. Like I said, not exactly an efficient solution for your average joe. With a water cooled card you could probably do it, but doubtful with air cooling (unless you win the silicon lottery to end all silicon lotteries). However, it is possible.
  11. AntonChigurh

    Is gamer meld for real?

    Crytek's demonstration isn't technically """"true raytracing"""". It's on a software level and is engine specific, and I'm pretty sure was limited on what it affected, so as not to shit on framerates. NVIDIA's hardware-based version is global real time path tracing, and will raytrace everything, which is why it's so hard to handle.
  12. a GALAX 1070 HOF runs at 8000mhz and it's GDDR5. With some tweaking you could probably push it further. A MSI 1080 armor OC runs at ~10,000mhz and it's GDDR5X. For sure it's not viable for your average joe to OC their card's memory to match GDDR5X but it definitely can be done. http://www.galax.com/en/graphics-card/hof/galax-geforcer-gtx-1070-hof.html
  14. AntonChigurh

    Any really good PC games recommendations?

    New Vegas was amazing tbh. I loved the overarching story as well as all the characters. It's one of the few games that could genuinely make me laugh so hard I cried one moment but then make me feel like actually crying the next. It does have its flaws in terms of gameplay but the writing alone makes up for it imho
  15. AntonChigurh

    Any really good PC games recommendations?

    Duke Nukem 3D, Quake 1 and 3, DOOM 2016, Painkiller, Shadow Warrior, Blood, Hotline Miami, Diablo 2, and Fallout 2 are some of my favorite classic/classic inspired games ever. Also, if you like stealth games check out Aragami. Not very retro/classic, but a blast nonetheless