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  1. Okay so I've tried a couple different things. I thought potentially the cause of the buzz was a ground loop, so I switched my PC's wall outlet. No dice there. However, I noticed when I touch my PC case the humming goes away. No clue why that fixed it, but I obviously cant touch my pc case 24/7. I tried changing the USB port my mic is plugged into, which didn't help at all. I'm so confused here. Honestly I might just break down and buy some new headphones.
  2. USB dongle for my headphones or the wifi card? Cause I am using the USB dongle for my headphones but my wifi card is PCIE
  3. So I recently purchased an Archer T5E wifi card for my pc. However, after installing the card, one of my friends remarked they were able to hear a buzzing noise whenever I talked on Discord. I'm 99% sure this is caused by some sort of interference from the wifi card, as I did not have this issue until I installed the card. I've been pulling my hair out trying to find ways to fix this, but nothing I've tried has seemed to work. If any of you audio wizards could help I'd be very grateful. BTW I have a pair of HyperX Cloud II headphones, if that helps any.
  4. rebooted it and it went into windows just fine. guess i got all worried over nothing. TY for the help all.
  5. unfortunately i cant move the boot drive, this is my only desktop alright. i'll try power cycling and see what happens.
  6. CPU: Ryzen 2600X GPU: EVGA RTX 2070 SUPER RAM: Corsair Vengeance LPX 24gb DDR4 2600mhz Mobo: MSI X370 GAMING PLUS SSD: 250gb Intel SSD, cannot recall the exact model for the life of me HDDS: 1TB & 3TB WD Blue HDD
  7. So I just finished installing a new windows update, labeled under AMD. I restarted my pc to finish the process, and after my bios splash screen goes away, I'm greeted with the windows loading symbol over a black screen. It's been about an hour since then, and nothing has changed. Just those little windows loading dots spinning around in circles. I feel like I should restart my pc again but I dont want to potentially brick my mobo. Any help or solutions to this problem are appreciated. mobo: MSI X370 gaming plus CPU: AMD Ryzen 2600x
  8. Yeah i was thinking of copping an new cooler anyways, wanted to OC. Just dropped $100 on a CM MA620M and 2 more case fans... my wallet hurts but my processor won't thanks for the help
  9. Yes I have a side panel, it is spinning. My bios is up to date, and my keyboard is wired. Yes it is on the latest BIOS. Also it looks like the tachy signal might be the issue, CAM gives an "n/a" for fan RPM. Any way to fix this?
  10. I Have a Ryzen 5 2600X CPU with the default cooler on it. It has served me great and I've had zero issues until recently. Recently I've been getting CPU fan errors whenever i boot up, and once in a blue moon my PC will shut down entirely (i'm assuming due to throttling). This usually happens when playing GTA online. I have no clue what is causing this, as my fan is on tight, i am not overclocked and the CPU temps only reach ~70c max, even at high loads. I tried going into my BIOS to change my fan settings, but MSI click BIOS has been ****ing up too. It just locks up the second I enter the BIOS
  11. Damn son, 1400 Content but you only just hit 400 reactions? That's wrong man

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    2. Brok3n But who cares?

      Brok3n But who cares?

      Yeah, also about 75% of my reactions came in my last 250 posts so... mEh

    3. Den-Fi


      Why does any of that matter? lol

      Different people use the site in different ways.

      Content to react ratio has no bearing on someone as a person.

    4. Brok3n But who cares?

      Brok3n But who cares?

      I will report you @Den-Fi

      yEs it dOes 

  12. so I have an NZXT S340 case with RGB lights in it, and a Corsair Ironclaw wireless mouse. For some reason whenever I have my mouse plugged in and I unplug it, the RGB lights in my s340 shut off and refuse to turn back on unless i turn my pc all the way off and back on again. I have zero clue why this happens, and any help on how to fix it is appreciated.
  13. So ever since I bought GTA V back in september 2019, I've had a very specific issue with it that I've never heard anyone else having. Whenever I alt tab out of the game, open up Discord overlay, or otherwise do something that makes GTA V not the active window, the game breaks. When I tab back into the game I can no longer do anything. The window isn't unresponsive, but what happens is my character just stands there and the game does not register any of my inputs. I can't even pause or Alt+F4. This issue has been the bane of my existence for months and I'd love some wizard out there to please h