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Everything posted by waterjug

  1. waterjug

    cooler master master gel

  2. waterjug

    I get irql_not_less_or_equal

    yea that might be it...
  3. waterjug

    highest binned fx cpu

    yea, fr. I wish I waited a few months for Ryzen before buying my PC. I bought my FX for $100, and now it's $50.
  4. waterjug

    highest binned fx cpu

    yea same
  5. waterjug

    cooler master master gel

    The cooler master I think is pretty reputable quality thermal paste. There are probably better brands tho. Also how are you using thermal paste on a laptop? Isn't it all glued together? I'd assume if you tore it apart and put it back together you might have a performance decrease.
  6. waterjug

    highest binned fx cpu

    Ya idk really, the FX-8350 is drastically cheaper and still faster https://cpu.userbenchmark.com/Compare/AMD-FX-8350-vs-AMD-FX-8370/1489vs2983
  7. waterjug

    highest binned fx cpu

    I think the FX-8350. I have that one and I remember when building my computer looking into the same thing.
  8. oh shit i'm really fucking stupid I thought when he said "invest" he mean like invest in the company for some reason, not invest in a computer.
  9. waterjug

    Do you guys remember the Detonator modded drivers ?

    yep that's probably why
  10. Hit up r/wallstreetbets on reddit, more people there might know more about investing than people on this forum. But I would also consider investing in other companies, not just the few PC builder companies, as there are probably better companies to invest in than those.
  11. I'm looking for true wireless bluetooth earbuds (the kind similar to air pods), but AirPods are a bit too expensive, and I don't just want one of those cheap airpod knockoffs. There has to be other quality ones under $100 (preferably under $50), so what suggestions do you guys have?
  12. I'm trying to install DD-WRT on my DIR-890L router, but every time I upload the .bin file, it says "Firmware Upgrade Failed". With some google searches, it said on some random old fourm someone suggested using an older stock firmware when upgrading to the custom dd-wrt firmware. I downloaded then uploaded the older firmware from the d-link website to the router, and it still says update failed. I've also tried several dd-wrt versions from the dd-wrt website. If it's any help, this is the guide I'm using to upgrade (as you can see I'm already stuck on step 1) Hopefully someone happens to stumble across this post that knows something about ddwrt or has a dir-890l router.
  13. waterjug

    DIR-890L Firmware upgrade keeps failing!

    Thanks though, I finally figured it out, I needed to go into firmware recovery mode to install the custom firmware, you can't install it from the router ip page.
  14. waterjug

    Is my psu reliable?

    Give the PSU a google. See what comes up.
  15. waterjug

    Is my GPU dead?

    yeah it's probably a GPU related issue. try another display output like @Bananasplit_00 said. (e.g. hdmi instead of vga or something like that)
  16. waterjug

    Will this build work?

    PC part picker has a feature where it will do a compatibility check and alert you if any items on your list are incompatible. It looks like it should all work to me.
  17. I already have a 480GB SSD that's nearly filled, so I was gonna buy this- https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01IEKG402/?coliid=I3AKYLNFE43GDQ hard drive. I just wanted to run it through the forum because people on here sometimes have better suggestions, or sometimes everyone knows something I don't know like the hard drive might have some issues or something.
  18. Right now all my fans are connected directly to my PSU (except CPU), so I wanted to get a fan controller that I could control with software so I can manually control the fans and program them to turn on. I found something similar for RGB that I'm planning on buying- this one so I'm looking for something similar but for fans instead of RGB.
  19. I have a cheap motherboard with only fan control for the CPU.
  20. depends how much you wanna spend
  21. I am looking to extend my wifi, so my current router is the dlink 890L, but initially it looked like it wasn't dd-wrt compatible, but then I found this old fourm post and the firmware for it on an old ftp server, so now I'm back in business. I want to buy another cheap router with the best compatibility for dd-wrt because know some routers have better compatibility than others, so I was just wondering what the best one would be off this list. Any suggestions would be great thx.
  22. waterjug

    Sharing Internet and Hard Drive access through Ethernet

    Why would switches be banned in the dorms?
  23. waterjug

    Operating system transfer

    What I did was I set up windows on the new ssd, have the old hdd as a connected drive, then transfer the files directly from the old hdd then once you have all your files transferred you can use your old hdd as mass storage if you reformat it.
  24. Source? A CPU's and GPU's standard life expectancy are much longer than most people would even consider using them. They'd also run into other problems before damage, if any, from power fluctuation, would be noticeable. Perhaps HDDs would be affected, but most have built-in fail-safes to prevent that. Cheaper ones may not. I think usually it's the quality of the power supply that extends the life of your components, even if there was a power surge without a surge protector, the psu should protect the rest of the machine .