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  1. At that point I might as well buy a whole new computer, I'm just looking for a relatively cheap upgrade.
  2. I have a dell inspirion 620, and I want to upgrade the graphics card. (and possible ram) The specs currently are: Intel i5 2310 6 GB ram Radeon HD 6450 The PSU is 300w and there is no 6 pin graphics card plug available. There is space for a 2-slot card, but it must be a shorter card. Budget for card is under $50. What do you recommend?
  3. I found a RTX 570 for $94, and a GTX 970 for $110. According to userbenchmark, the GTX 970 is 10% faster, but only in certain categories. The RX 570 is also much newer. So I'm asking, is the extra $16 worth it, or should I go with the RX 570?
  4. Currently I have an FX-8350 paired with a RX 460, and I'm thinking about upgrading the 460 to a 570 or 580, because I did the math and I would break even selling my current card. Worth the upgrade?
  5. iunno what to tell u man, if it works on the 2nd card it works and i'd just go with it
  6. turn it off and turn it back on?
  7. Why do the notes have to be digital? For me, at least I always had a physical notebook for math classes despite using digital notes for other subjects.
  8. Go to the mobo manufacturer website and look for the driver download.
  9. First off, do you have a touchscreen/tablet?
  10. hmm i'm no data recovery expert but maybe try some kind of sata to usb adapter?
  11. The PSU and surge protector should protect them. You're fine.
  12. I recently spilled water on my laptop, I attempted a repair but it failed, so now I'm in the market for a new laptop that is equal or greater to the one I had. This is what I'm pretty much looking for: -3lbs or under -at least 1 actual usb port -touchscreen -battery life of >10 hrs -like powerful enough -Under $600 (preferably under $500 tho) Before I had a Lenovo thinkpad yoga 12, so something similar-ish to that is what I had in mind
  13. I searched up inwin polaris and in the "similar items" section I found exactly what I was looking for. Thanks!
  14. The RGB coolermaster fans that came with my case have 2 connectors, one for power, and the other a standard 4-pin RGB connector. I'm looking for a similar kind.
  15. I'm searching on Amazon for RGB fans but they all have proprietary connectors, where can i find RGB fans under $50 that have a standard 4-pin RGB connector?
  16. Ah, ok, thank you, I didn't know if normal screws would work or not because on the case manual that's what it says to do to install fans with. Thanks for the help.
  17. The case itself needs the proprietary clips, not the fans I don't know how else you're supposed to secure it to the small holes. isn't the 4-pin RGB connector pretty universal?
  18. yeah we found other manufactures that do the same thing, it's not just MSI. it's just really annoying and disappointing that you have to jump though all of these loopholes for something that should just work.
  19. yeah just because they "support" those cpus, it doesn't mean that it's shipped compatible. If you only have the new cpu, and you need the old cpu to update it, it's kinda unusable
  20. Idk man, i'm just giving you some backhand information from my own knowledge Maybe a quick google search might have the answer?
  21. This only applies if you are buying a Gen 2 or 3 Ryzen cpu. A lot of AM4+ motherboards are advertised at compatible with gen 2 or gen 3, but although they are advertised as such, many of them are only compatible with a BIOS update. But in order to update the BIOS, you need a gen 1 compatible chip in order to make the board compatible with gen 2. My friend recently was building his first PC, and after a lot of troubleshooting, he had to take it all apart after he figured out the motherboard shipped with an old bios. In fact, the way he found out was going back to look at the reviews on the product page to find this- I agree with this guy, this is ridiculous that companies cheap out with false advertising like this. That was a review on the board he initially purchased which was this one. Although the board says it's compatible with gen 2, it's really not and caused a huge headache. He ended up returning the board and buying this board, which we only bought because the seller actually confirmed it. Shoutout to ASRock. In conclusion, read the reviews and examine the board closely if you are buying a motherboard for a Ryzen generation 2 or generation 3 processor. Or just buy a generation 1 chip and avoid this mess, or buy a stupid expensive board. This is mainly a warning for people on a budget, because I assume(or hope) this isn't an issue for more expensive boards. Hopefully I saved you from the hassle and disappointment my friend went through.
  22. As long as it's the same mhz, you're good