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  1. well since i got almost the same spec and i use that setup, linus also do it on 1 video
  2. so first of all, is your house grounded ? if not then it was the problem, PSU need to be grounded, if not well it'll shock you, try to connecting it to a metal rod that are jammed into the soil/concrete/bricks (yes it worked), if problem still exist it might be your PSU internal ground wiring that are causing the issue, you can just get a new wire and replace it although i'm not gonna reccomend doing it if your PSU still on warranty
  3. mine is an crappy intel core 2 duo E6300, 2gb ddr3 low density RAM, with random chinese G41 mobos
  4. actually there are pending MIUI 12 updates, imma try it, i installed no app before it
  5. no i don't hold any button at the time, and i also don't use the case, and it does it everytime now, but not on bootup (not from restart)
  6. so this is about xiaomi phone especially redmi so those who not use xiaomi phone you guys can leave now, so my redmi phone is redmi 9, and everytime i reboot my phone it always starts slow and then boot into recovery mode, after rebooting from recovery mode i can get into the main android desktop, how can i fix this ?, i'm using MIUI 12.0.1
  7. ah okay, well 21w18a still works
  8. now first off all i use TLauncher to run minecraft and yes i know i do piracy here you guys that hate piracy can leave now, now TLauncher says i need java with class file 60 support for running 21w19a, so i install it and remove my old class file 52 support java, and now i can't open TLauncher and it says "you need to install java 8 (class file 52 support) to run TLauncher" and so i uninstall the class file 60 support and install the class file 52 support and it works except on 21w19a, now i'm not forcing my laptop to run 21w19a, but i just wanna see the newer version of the game, any suggesti
  9. so i'm not really confused with USB, i am confused with thunderbolt tier, so i do know usb 1.0-3.2 gen 2x2 and USB 4 as well, but i am confused with thunderbolt placement for them, i know usb c is usb 3.1, 3.2, 3.2 gen 2 and 3.2 gen 2x2 so what thunderbolt tier each gen has ?
  10. ifixit screwdriver kit will work, but you can also choose chinese knockoff one that linus talk about on this video
  11. not really i've never tried them but i heard that they do that