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  1. I have an Omen HP laptop with a thunderbolt connection on the back, since building my desktop it has kind of lost all use and I was thinking if I could the thunderbolt port and connect it to my motherboards type C port and kind of run dual monitor kind of thing, doubt it will work but trying to use some creative thinking. Let me know if it would work to any extent.
  2. Im not sure, I am new to overclokcing my gpu and still figuring out all the specs I can and can't run it at
  3. Anyone know the maximum overclocking limit for a normal GTX Titan, According to MSI afterburner I am trying to get the most I can out of this outdated piece of shit, thanks guys.
  4. I'll start by saying I'm new to LTT, as in like a year ago I was addicted to seeing what kinds of dumb things Linus thought to do with computers. The first one being the fabled wish PC. Since then I feel in love with the channel and through the 8 months or so of watching the channel I had the confidence to build my own rig with no guides. I am beyond proud of my build except my GTX Titan which I overpaid for (Thanks Scalpers) which seemed like a good investment due to it being a titan and being good for workstation functions. But back to it, I am now going into college with my love of tech kno
  5. Yea that’s what I did I don’t have too much on the pc as is so I wiped it and reinstalled everything and it’s running off my ssd and my pc boots in a quarter of the time thanks
  6. Ive done that but it only chnages it within the small window and won't go to the entire resolution
  7. Ah I see I'll give it a shot, should I just do a fresh install off a flash drive, or through the windows settings?
  8. The only thing I am worried about is my windows key resetting and paying for another one, I haven't looked too much into it and just want to make sure before I go and do a fresh install and I need to buy another key
  9. So I got this new 27 inch curved monitor from 1920 x 1080 from my 24 inch monitor, but now when I boot my computer it boots to a much smaller resolution and defaults to 60 hertz while its supposed to be 180, I have to shut down and restart the computer multiple times before the resolution and refresh rate are correct, any recommendations to help this please respond this is very annoying
  10. When I built my rig I had a hard drive before I was able to purchase my m.2 SSD, and so my boot drive currently my hard drive and I want to migrate my OS to my m.2, I am unsure how to and don't want to mess up my boot files, let me know what to do. Thanks!
  11. Ever since I installed my m.2 ssd at random times my screen will freeze and my graphics card will spin up quick and the the monitor loses signal please give me some ideas to fix this it’s annoying when I’m playing a game and the screen freezes
  12. I’m in the process of getting one just need to make the choice of which one
  13. I’m stuck with a gts 450 looking for anything above a 1050ti don’t want to pay scalpers any help would be appreciated
  14. It’s a long story but I ended up with the 2 Gpus before I started putting the bold together and considering the shortage I figured they would work fine until I can get my hands on a 3060
  15. No they are the 2011 Asus GTS 450 cards I don’t even want to get into how I ended up with these but they suck