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  1. The DD-WRT forum is essentially dead, so I'm asking it here. Is is possible to use a ddwrt router as a Wireless Access Point, that has roaming access with the base router on the 2.4ghz band, but on the 5ghz band it functions as its own network? How would I do this? Thanks
  2. At that point I might as well buy a whole new computer, I'm just looking for a relatively cheap upgrade.
  3. I have a dell inspirion 620, and I want to upgrade the graphics card. (and possible ram) The specs currently are: Intel i5 2310 6 GB ram Radeon HD 6450 The PSU is 300w and there is no 6 pin graphics card plug available. There is space for a 2-slot card, but it must be a shorter card. Budget for card is under $50. What do you recommend?
  4. I found a RTX 570 for $94, and a GTX 970 for $110. According to userbenchmark, the GTX 970 is 10% faster, but only in certain categories. The RX 570 is also much newer. So I'm asking, is the extra $16 worth it, or should I go with the RX 570?
  5. Currently I have an FX-8350 paired with a RX 460, and I'm thinking about upgrading the 460 to a 570 or 580, because I did the math and I would break even selling my current card. Worth the upgrade?
  6. iunno what to tell u man, if it works on the 2nd card it works and i'd just go with it
  7. Why do the notes have to be digital? For me, at least I always had a physical notebook for math classes despite using digital notes for other subjects.
  8. Go to the mobo manufacturer website and look for the driver download.
  9. First off, do you have a touchscreen/tablet?
  10. hmm i'm no data recovery expert but maybe try some kind of sata to usb adapter?
  11. The PSU and surge protector should protect them. You're fine.