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    AMD R7 1800x
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    ASUS Hero VI
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    32GB DDR4
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    Aorus GTX 1080 Ti
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    Thermaltake Core P5
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    1x 256GB M.2, 1x4TB HDD
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    1000W EVGA

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  1. Soooo Ima gonna need some links to those scripts you guys ran...
  2. Jet packs and unforced errors by EA management. Fixed that for you.
  3. Did you empty the recycle bin? The only other thing I would think is happening is that there is a file or files that are different versions that have different file sizes. Like say a database data file that grew some after a copy was made to the other disk. What kind of content is being kept on these disks? Would it be anything that could grow in size during usage?
  4. What is the software they are using to sync files and keep deletions?
  5. Do you own a business? Because if you did you would understand the implications of being slandered in such a way, even if it was "silly".
  6. I would say the combination of old hardware and hardware failing, plus people being unable to replace the hardware is one of the reasons that people are not folding anymore. Also, not sure why you think people arent folding when you can clearly see the numbers go back up from the lows of 7-17 to the high of 12-17. That is during the height of the speculative bitcoin market.
  7. Due to the cryptocurrency mining craze currently happening, GPUs are marked up everywhere because demand is far out running supply. You will not find a decently priced card currently unless you happen to be in a store looking at the product on the shelf. I managed to find a RX 560 for $150 at a local Best Buy, but only because it was there and they didnt mark up the price.
  8. I have a GTX 1080 TI being powered by a EVGA 650w G2. I think that psu will be fine.
  9. I had about $70 in NiceHash because it has about a $100 minimal withdrawal limit. Had the GTX 1080 ti about half paid off.
  10. I get ya, I basically set one up and it slowly turned into my media server / NAS / backup server monster I have now. Im actually in the process of moving urbackup off of it to another server for pure backups and archiving. It works fairly well when you want to do a system image restore from the boot image as well. I thought it would be slow restoring an image over the network, but a 1TB image took barely 40 minutes to restore. Been very happy with it, even with the bugs. Other than that, The only other tool I use is called Redo Backup. It is a linux (unix maybe? dont remember) boot disc/usb image that you can boot off of and do a system image backup or restore. It can also do it over the network if the network device is supported.
  11. If you want, you can setup another computer that has some storage to burn. Use that computer with some software called Urbackup. That way, if you have more than one computer you need to backup, they all can point to that server. https://www.urbackup.org/ I use it for my computers at home. It takes file backups as well as a system image of the disks you choose. However, I will not sugar coat it, it can be slow as balls. It is an open sourced project, so some bugs are bound to happen.
  12. Interestingly enough, 604 released yesterday has stopped the crashing. This will let me save up and get 4x16gb like I want. Thanks again!
  13. Hmm, I thought that was the case. I read that Ryzen really likes to have low timings / fast memory, so I think I will get the 3200 mhz. Thanks a lot for the help!
  14. First thing I tried :(. Unless there was a new one released, I am currently on 515.