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  1. I vote OnePlus 6 because the stock android flowless camera (for the price) and amazing speed + I think the it is the most 'futureproof' from your list (it's not going to slow down as the others). And yeah, Xiaomi is good company but this year the OnePlus 6 beats the Xiaomi Mi8. If u would ask is last year, I would recommend the Xiaomi Mi6 overall.
  2. Not just a big but a HUGE difference in a good way... That PRISM+ (or whatever I can call it) is way much better than your current monitor. As I'm calculating it your acer monitor has got 93.74 PixelPerInch (PPI) and the PRISM+ has got 93.24 PixelPerInch (PPI) so they are the same. The image quality will be around the same, maybe the acer is a little bit better cus the IPS panel but you aren't gonna notice that because holy moly... 144Hz 1440p experience will compense everything and on this big 31.5" screen. That's huge trust me. Have you got the hardware to fill all that 144fps? Las
  3. Oh boy... okay than I write it down... You really compared the price of a new GTX 980? I mean a 1-2 year old card in good condition on a 'Used tech' webpage (you'll find a salute one for sure) which costs around ~300-350 bucks. Trust me when the new 1160 will get announced and buyable on Amazon the 1080's price will get significantly lower than it's now and drop to the 'affordable' category for the poster of the topic.
  4. Mostly yes. But as ZeouLs said there are other things which can effect the image quality. What kind of panel is it (f.e.: OLED, LCD, IPS, TN, VA) what is the refresh rate of the panel (f.e.: 60Hz, 75Hz, 120Hz, 144Hz, 180Hz, 240Hz) etc.
  5. Let's clear something: if the 11 series will come the 1080 will still be much more powerful and futureproof than the 1160 AND almost the same price (for example the GTX 980-1060 6GB's price). You shouldn't always buy the fanciest and hottest new cards, the older but higher-end cards are could be still more powerful.
  6. You aren't a samsung fan but you don't like notch (there is no samsung phone with notch, they are the statue of the notchless)? So what's going on than? Anyway my recommendation is: buy a OnePlus 6 for only 550 bucks. That's really not that much for that phone. If you can't pay that, I recommend the Honor 10.
  7. I'm a few days before to switch my 3 years old P8 lite so this will be a great phone buy. Logically I wanna make the best decision what I just can. I'm intrested in photography and cinematography but just on a "hobbie level" so my main camera is definitely my phone. The maximum price tag I'm accepting is around the P20 Pro's 880$ / 750£ price. I live in Hungary so the OnePlus 6 128/8GB model's price is around 800$ / ~700£ so it's almost the same as the P20 Pro's price (IN HUNGARY!). The Pixel 2 XL is too expensive for me as well as the iPhone X and I don't like the basic Pixel 2's huge bezels.
  8. The competitors are standing at the starting line! Huawei P20 (if they call it this way) Samsung Galaxy S9 (not plus) Xiaomi Mi7 (personal fav.) LG G7 Sony 18:9 unexpected phone (maybe its name is H8541) Nokia 9 or 8 (2018) if it come... Or other brands. Place your votes and i need your help too because i am in front of a phone change, i want to choose my new main driver.
  9. I think the Red WD is going to be the choice in one 4TB unit. Thanks a lot!
  10. The new Zenfone generation has a camera 4K video issue. Pink lines show up when you are moving the camera like when you are walking. Because i love 4K videos and i shoot a lot of them i cant deal with it but anyway the zenfone series are growing up in the last years. My all-over recommendation is to wait for the Xiaomi Mi7 (cause it will amazingly ROCKS), maybe the Samu A5 (2018) (if the leaks are true it will has a 18:9 screen and maybe dual camera system, or it will be the A7) or the S9 itself if you've got enough money for that. If you want to buy a phone urgently i recommend the 1+5T.
  11. I took a look at it and you are correct. But as i noticed here is a little problem which is there is just one remaning slot in my case. So the red wd is the best or not?
  12. I want to buy a minimally 5 TB drive around 7200rpm. As i think it, it should be a hdd because i want to use it in my gaming pc. I want to store pretty simple files like films, but in 4K so i need a lot of space. If you recommend western digital, in which color? And my last question: can i put a nas hdd in my pc? I dont want to slow down my pc with this project so the 7200rpm models are the best for me i think. Thanks the answers in advance!
  13. Almost a month and still nothig everything is more than fine... i dont understand why the hack do you want to underrate this psu...
  14. The 1080 has been working in my computer for almost a week now and it hasnt got any problems. So this psu is more than fine. I would put in two 1080s it would working just fine.
  15. Sorry i am really ugly i thought that cable was plugging into the PSU when he took the picture and he was gripping the other side's cables together. But now i can see on the side of the picture Anyway you've got a nice extended mouspad (Your psu isn't that special just i saw that thing badly, and suprisingly i ordered the same psu yesterday )