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  1. mynameisjuan

    Buying a Home Modem/Router for my Parents.

    Yeah something is bugging out on the current wireless. I see it on all but enthusiast or enterprise equipment. Hell even our mikrotiks we deploy do it randomly. No explanation why. Ubiquiti will fix it no problem. That sucks. Give it time, we are still pumping out fiber to our DSL customers but man its taking quite a bit of man power to get it all ran. I hope in 5 years copper and cable are no more. Its such a shit platform for customers. Ubiquiti - yes Mikrotik - no Mikrotik is our main consumer deployment with hAP ac 2's and CSR's in businesses. But two reason why I dont recommend them: 1 - Unless you are willing to spend literal weeks learning the interface, security, rules, queues, firewall...etc... its not worth it. Even for the amount of features and power you get from them. I have been using them for 2 years and am still learning more each day. 2 - Ubiquiti APs and Mikrotiks do not play nicely, more so due to the lack of controller on the mikrotik side. If you go Ubiquiti, you gooooo Ubiquiti throughout.
  2. mynameisjuan

    Buying a Home Modem/Router for my Parents.

    When it comes to cable I highly suggest a modem and router. Cable combos seem to be very hit and miss. However, this is more expensive. Any cheap consumer modem will do. Netgear is your best bet in terms of modems. Then put that in bridge mode and just let it do modem things. Modems dont really fail at all as their software at this point is solid no matter the brand. It only has a layer 1 job. Modem/router combos bug out all the time because the router software tends to suck dick and is what ultimately causes it to spaz out and lockup or reboot. Now if you plan on going Unifi later on you might as well get a small edge router and use it as the controller because if you have more than one AP you will NEED a controller anyway. So two birds with one stone. While I am and engineer for an ISP I mostly work with DSL and fiber so I am not very familiar with cable modems, but I do work with them occasionally with resale accounts and they are very similar to DSL modems. I hope it helps, at least a little.
  3. mynameisjuan

    YouTube are deleting game hacking and modding channels

    Called the FBI. They will be over shortly to throw your PC in jail. We cant have these AI committing these horrific crimes and need to spend life in prison.
  4. I guess I dont know why rats came into this picture. All the studies on blue light on eyes are from humans and the effects are known in conditions cause by blue light. Also to note is this process takes a long time before the effect of blue light begin to show, I mean 10s of years, longer than any animal testing will last. Hell I know its destructive yet set all my devices to a cool temp because its more appealing to me knowing well in the future my eyes will be fucked.
  5. How did this thread get to a drug causing animals bleeding to death?
  6. mynameisjuan

    YouTube are deleting game hacking and modding channels

    Show me on the doll where the bad cheater ruined your 0.4 KDR? You know when someone cheats in my game I just keep playing. I dont whine to the police saying this guy is cheating and hurting my feelings, throw him in jail. Its like going to a 6 year old soccer game and calling the cops when Jimmy is going offsides and no one is calling it.
  7. mynameisjuan

    Alibaba Made $1 Billion in 85 Seconds

    Either way its impressive to move that much product in that little of time. I mean that like apple managing to sell a million iphones in a min and a half.
  8. A lot of people tend to like a video they are watching and just sub to the youtuber. Then they see another and another and another and suddenly their subscription box is 100+. I see this all the time which leads to lost videos because just the way people watch, time they have to watch, current interest, etc...and then tack on that people never unsub from channels they dont watch anymore, it only goes up. Its not bots, just human behavior and youtube algorithm.
  9. mynameisjuan

    Apple launches SSD Service Program for select 13" MacBook Pros

    So whats the difference of drives between the touchbar and non-touchbar?
  10. mynameisjuan

    Confirmed: Samsung will add the "notch" on their future phones

    I dont think you realize how long development takes. So while LG released the G6 just months before, Samsung was already working on the S8 a year and a half earlier. Also companies have been doing incremental upgrades before apple did it.
  11. mynameisjuan

    Windows 10 Pro Licenses Are Being Downgraded To Home

    I cant say no to that.
  12. mynameisjuan

    Windows 10 Pro Licenses Are Being Downgraded To Home

    8.1 is faster, better GUI, better looking and had nearly zero issues for its few years in service. I love 10 but 8.1 is the shit.
  13. mynameisjuan

    Windows 10 Pro Licenses Are Being Downgraded To Home

    Wait seriously? When did this become a thing?