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  1. Best way to migrate email server?

    Yeah its miserable because the old mail server had a custom script because roundcube only supports 1 domain. But thanks for the links and I will dig through them today for sure!!
  2. Best way to migrate email server?

    Hmmmm...core based too. I can provide this to my boss but seeing how cheap they are, I highly doubt it would go.
  3. Best way to migrate email server?

    An exchange server cost somewhere around $3-5 per user. Thats $21,000-35,000 per month.
  4. Best way to migrate email server?

    Yeah current server uses courier instead of dovecot, but IMAP none the less. Mailcow, from what I can find, is pretty popular apparently in self hosting. It has a beautiful GUI and has every admin panel setting you need. Also support pluggins. I did look at imapsync but it looks like I need the passwords to do it. This server is for customers and there are 7,000 mailboxes needed to be transferred. Imapsync would take just too long to manually type in that info and I cannot retrieve the passwords. I did do an rsync already as the folder structures are the same. The database on the other hand is not and where the transfer has hit a wall.
  5. iPhone X grabs 35% of industry profits in Q4 2017

    Haha a smart phone phone for $10,000. Apple sells iwatches for that much. I think they even sold one for $17k a few years ago.
  6. The amount of people who buy it purely for online vs the amount that actually play the story is not even a comparison. Im surprised it took them this long.
  7. At least someone understands the main purpose of BSOD rather than bitching about it. Its a mechanism to prevent something bad from going wrong or something just bugs out.
  8. Ryzen 2 IPC improvements measured

    Reactions on LTT Intel: "New processors have 10-15% IPC improvement- FUCK YOU INTEL AND YOUR MONEY GRABBING. GIVE US REAL IMPROVMENTS! AMD: "New chips have 7% better IPC- HOLY SHIT THATS AMAZING! AMD IS THE BEST COMPANY EVER!!"
  9. Best way to migrate email server?

    So at the place I work we have this old Centos 5.x server using Courier and roundcube I think. The server hasnt been touched since 2005 but is still up and running. This is a problem however since now no ones knows all the workings around the custom script that just doesnt work with modern software. I want to convert over to Mailcow. I like the admin panel and the interface for simple management. Any suggestions on converting the database and mail files over to Mailcow.
  10. AMD Ryzen 2700X and 2600X OC to 5.88* GHz

    The best part is OCing a single core? I mean I guess....because the best part sure as hell wasnt the performance of the FX chips.
  11. Again what the fuck needs to change? Im sick of the people who say there wasnt enough changes but we dont need any more. Its time to optimize more.
  12. The chip is never the problem. The NAND that shits the better over time especially for people who take a lot of photos or on an lot social media. This is dependent on user. Because we've reached the point where fine tuning needs to happen. What the fuck else do you want? You cant have a over haul ever time and phones are already packed with features most dont use.
  13. And 2-3 years is a good support window as phones begin to chug along at that point What about android updates have been a joke?
  14. Why? OS upgrades are not that big anymore and security updates are all that really matter.