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  1. Apple scoring device use to prevent fraud?

    But its not about them releasing the data, its about their vision of their security. They had what a 13 year old backdoored in for how many months. I just don't trust their security because they are reactive, not proactive.
  2. Apple scoring device use to prevent fraud?

    Its Apple....I can already hear him coming to praise it.
  3. RTX Reviews

    Well seeing how people were more than comfortable spending $2k+ on a 1080 during the mining craze, they know the money is there and what people are willing to pay (yes it was about money) I guarantee if people were'nt paying what they did for cards earlier this year, RTX prices would be in the 6-700 range.
  4. ooooooooooo But I would like to see raw numbers, OS aside of ARM server vs say 845, A12 and 8700k. A dream that will never come true.
  5. But its a fact...geekbench proved the ipad pro was faster than an i7 MacBook. Its all about the number /s
  6. Google Home Hub Leaks

    I don't have kids but that applies to all things then. But I wouldn't keep $400+ devices in reach of kids
  7. Well Huawei did show the potential of the chips and they kick ass fully unlocked and beat the A11 by a good amount in CPU and are around the same in gfx
  8. Google Home Hub Leaks

    But how? Its designed to sit in a corner or a side table.
  9. Yes they make ARM but just because its the best in a phone doesn't scale to servers.
  10. Google Home Hub Leaks

    Because its a stationary object where the fabric isn't touched? Why would it get dirty?
  11. Google Home Hub Leaks

    I have google homes all over my house but I cant see the use for a home with a screen.
  12. Is there a single post where you have not mentioned Apple. That is one unhealthy relationship dude
  13. I am really interested in performance. I am still on edge about ARM VS X86
  14. As of 2016 its twitter post and gender assumptions will break my bones and words will always hurt me
  15. Disk cleanup removes a ton of junk, but if you want to clean your browser its quicker to go to history and clear cookies and cache as most have 1 browser anyway. If "non-techies" are smart enough to google how to clean junk files and find and download CCleaner, I think they can live without CCleaner