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  1. mynameisjuan

    CCNA Lab Help

    Thats exactly why. OSPF, BGP, EIGRP. To honestly lab it you need multiple routers to fully show you understand the protocols.
  2. mynameisjuan

    What is the best student laptop?

    Sorry for the late response. At first release it ran pretty hot. After the first bios update the thermals were just fine. Use Intel ETU and undervolt and thermals are a non-issue at all and bonus battery life.
  3. mynameisjuan

    Switch Activity Lights Flashing at the same Time

    Well that is the case then. ARP is broadcast. I guess look through the capture and see what IP its trying to reach and then you find out why. Its trying to find a device but cannot
  4. mynameisjuan

    Switch Activity Lights Flashing at the same Time

    How much ARP are you seeing? On a relatively small network you wont see it often. Simultaneous flashing is either: -Loop -Broadcast -STP -Multicast So if you are seeing constant arp request you will see all the lights flash at once. Its a broadcast. But it might also be multicast for the plethora of IOT device available now that are constantly broadcasting. Without further info there is not much we can give you. Just filter out broadcast and multicast in wireshark and go from there.
  5. Copyright laws and what can be sued over or claimed. And this happens to Youtube the most because its a creators platform, by far the largest.
  6. Or how about the laws are changed. I mean people cant be fucking pointing at Google when the laws allow this shit to happen.
  7. Because they are trying to avoid getting in the middle because then any legal issue affects them too.
  8. Has nothing to do with the size of the channel. This is seen on both ends of the spectrum. YT will only get involved based on how loud you yell.
  9. mynameisjuan

    IE 10 to get the ax

    I am glad windows is finally to the point where they are ripping off the band aids. Trying to update and fix things while trying to avoid causing issue with legacy software is why windows has some of the down falls it does. This is a very good thing.
  10. mynameisjuan

    Intermittent Connectivity issues, possibly cold related?

    Only thing I can think of is if water got in the NID. Doesnt take much expansion to push a connection loose. Open the box (trust me you can) and check for water or ice, check the splitter if there is one. Its all a tech will do as well. They just check each connection point to make sure everything is solid.
  11. I used Chris Bryant and David Bomball for my CCNA. Both good instructors. Plus on udemy you get both courses for $10 each which is in total 120hours of video. Highly recommended. If you are pursuing CCNA or CCENT then you will NEED the official guides from Wendell Odom
  12. mynameisjuan

    Intermittent Connectivity issues, possibly cold related?

    If you have DSL its def a thing. Even though your cable is run underground it comes up to the NID on the side of your house. When it gets really cold the copper shrinks which in some cases can shrink enough to lose a solid connection to the punch down. If you have cable or fiber its not related to the cold.
  13. mynameisjuan

    pihole questions

    Pi 2 uses 5v@2a and Pi 3 can pull 5v@2.5a both at full load with USB accessories. So look at the specs and see its max pull. So yes, its its just the Pi, no problem.
  14. mynameisjuan

    Need help understanding bandwidth and such!

    With wireless there are timeslots on when a device is allow to speak. If a time slot is open because no one else is talking you get full rein. So 2 devices connected and one is passing 0 traffic, the other can pull full bandwidth. If at any time other devices talk bandwidth is cut down. This is why if a single device has a weak signal and packets keep failing the router keeps retransmitting (aka stealing other slots) and other devices have to waiting. Correct. This is what people get confused when their LAN ethernet ports says 1000GBps!!! but they cannot go past 60mbps. But note this is a good thing because now more devices have room for retransmission (as noted above) before an impact begins to be noticeable. So to simplify this, thing of wireless as another wireless LAN port. Hence why wireless is call WLAN. You router essential is there to take both LAN and Wireless and pool them together. Its all first come first serve. So for your 120mbps your LAN devices can use 120mbps and so can your wireless. But once one device begins dipping into that bandwidth other devices can only use the remaining. Also as a final note, these are THEORETICAL speeds. Wireless has overhead by nature, typical 10-15%. So getting even 200mbps in a perfect situation is perfectly normal. With 5ghz its normal to hit around 500mbps. Now there are other magical things that you see when a router say 6000MBps!!!! Its essentially adding multiple antennas to a device and they all work at the same time. But device need to have the multiple antennas too (which is rare) so its really only beneficial in cases with 100s of devices. This is also excluding interference, distance, rogue devices, devices connecting on B/g and so on. Wireless is a beast to fully wrap you head around.
  15. mynameisjuan

    Windows 10 May Reserve Another 7GB For Updates.

    Wow...what bloat. I can install damn small linux and use all of 50MB