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  1. It is.....the point being it still is worse than last years i7. 2018 i7? Maybe throttles? I dont know but dont have much confidence.
  2. There some links in the reddit thread: Look at the video in the OP, the i7 is faster and only when the macbook is put in the freezer does it get close to the i7. Rendering can throttle the i9 all the way down to 800mhz why the i7 does dip below base clock.
  3. Corning’s new Gorilla Glass 6 announced

    Can we just move to plastic screens with tempered glass protectors over the top please. Scratch protection seems to be non-existent in marketing anymore so why the glass
  4. There are and its flaunted everywhere but thermal throttling kicks in right before it finishes so benchmarks still show it faster. They are moot at this point.
  5. Its not even about rationality. You cant tell me not one engineer ran it for 10mins to hear the fans ramp up or check temps? Its not asking for much for a fucking engineer.
  6. I am not sure why companies are so restricted by laws on their own products. Its their product, they can do what they want.
  7. Walmart may launch video streaming service

    meh....about half...but you arent paying for ads and you cant watch what you want when you want. I get where you are coming from but its still better than cable. Just please no more streaming services!!!!
  8. Walmart may launch video streaming service

    100% accurate. Competition right now means you need to subscribe to netflix, hulu, HBO go, prime just to watch netflix 90% of the time and watch 1 or 2 shows on the others jacking up cost for the customer.
  9. Capped downloads are bullshit, we dont do it at work though, but there is a reasoning behind it. Same as before, if you have 48 customers sharing 2.5gbps of bandwidth and everyone begins saturating 60mbps (unlikely) thats 2.8gbps of traffic. The cards going to stuggle and people will get throttled because hardware limitations. But the problem is there are people with 100, 200, 300mbps on that equipment as well and if they all use it customers will start dropping speeds or even packet loss leading to dropped connection, dropped VOIP calls, etc... Its a way to have people use less bandwidth without throttling, same with Cell carriers. You use less when you know you have a limit. Again its a hardware limitation creating this problem. Its has nothing to do with selling more bandwidth to more customers, its so you dont fuck over customers. Honestly people should have to spend 2 days in a NOC at an ISP to see what is behind the scenes if they want to use the internet for almost everything in life instead of just saying "*** the ISP".
  10. I mean the kids were more likely to die the way they rescued them. A trained diver lost his life. Hes being defended because he was called for help, tried to help and did it their own way anyway then people gave him shit for it. He was being attacked and blew up. Pedo was a little over the top but why he blew up is understandable.
  11. This is on a case by case senario. Equipment is not swapped all at once, could be your location has not upgraded on their side or it could have been and you have other customers paying for 100s of megs of committed upload. It has always been possible but it depends who and what is being provided. This isnt an american vs canadian thing, everyone in the world uses the same technology. Yeah youll need 20 for a 1080/60 stream.
  12. Very few customers ever use or even get close to 20mbps upload. And no its not a law, its how GPON works, if you are on fiber. The standard allows a card to have a total throughput of 2.5/1.2gbps split between either 24 or 48 customers. Most the time when the uploads are limited like that its because there is a business on that PON that has say a 300mbps committed rate, maybe less or maybe more. Its a hardware limitation. But GPON2 is now being deployed. If you are cable or VDLS2, same applies but to the signaling. Its a limitation, not just trying to screw customers over. On a side note its also very beneficial to lighten DDoS attacks even thought 20mbps is enough to cause some problems.
  13. Walmart may launch video streaming service

    More competition is better to a point. There is such a thing at too much competition. Streaming service is already saturated.
  14. Amazon sells more than 100 million items on Prime Day

    Metal and electronics. Both the bane of wireless. Not much you can do about it except positioning the router to bounce off the wall with least appliances or buy and AP.
  15. Amazon sells more than 100 million items on Prime Day

    Went up 91%? You do realize how low this metric is and you can even watch it live? 91% is based on a small number so its impact is minimal. This has nothing to do with IoT, this has to do with bandwidth increasing along with bot nets growing ON the IoT (PCs not alexas). Firewalls and routing prevent direct access to a device, its how the protocols work. You cant just talk to a device behind a router without it saying its good first. More access to more bandwidth means DDoS can be executed easier leading to more attacks. This is purely a scare tactic. I get alarms daily on DDoS attacks and our protection system at the edge has increased, what, maybe 3-4 attacks PER YEAR. (ISP engineer btw)