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  1. Ryzen 2 improves by 10%?!?

    Im pretty sure 10% was predicted a month after Ryzen was released as the architecture is already pushed close to its limits.
  2. Weird WiFi speed issue

    Please stop blaming the provided router right off 99% of the time its not that at all. This is too impactful to be just interference. You said your 4k TV is hooked up which can easily use upwards or 70+ mbps when streaming. More data+bad signal=packet loss. Packet loss means error corrections which mean more waiting of other devices hence the slowdown. So what devices are connected when noticed? When you switch from 2.4 to 5 is it just one device or all of them?
  3. Im sick of these idiotic comments. 1. PR for what. So they can sell more of what they cant already produce fast enough? 2. So spend millions building a new factories when volta is right around the corner so there are all these production lines that will not be used in a few month? Companies cant just spit factories out their ass like its nothing.
  4. The amount of people that complain....I mean do a speed test of an S8 or pixel 2 next to an iphone. A lot of cases android wins out (except game loading) and the A11 benchmarks are double that of the 835. Its not all about benchmarks.
  5. Can we just ignore Torvald already? Like people take his rage and being an asshole as intelligence and as being right. Also even if intel did the opposite people would still rage, damned if they do damned it they dont
  6. There is no link to violence from games. Period. Same reason people lift, play sports....etc. Its an escape or release. Now I cant say after playing some racing games and then drive somewhere I just kind of zone out and want to gun it haha
  7. Routers

    Whats your speed test wired in and wireless on top the router?
  8. 2 cable modems

    No, modems work on a time signal, meaning only one device can ever be connected. If they gave you that modem and you have voice they gave you a VOIP number.
  9. I am not sure how people cant understand MSRP and retail cost. Retailers are making bank, Nvidia is really making nothing more than usual.
  10. How is this a fucking PR stunt? Nvidia is already selling their stock all the time because no competition. They are making no additional money as the profit is being made at the retailer level with them jacking the price. If miners stop buying Nvidia GPUs they are not losing any money, just the people trying to build an average PC is not going to have to double their budget just because a fucking 1070 cost $1000.
  11. Why do people like Apple products?

    These threads never lead anywhere good. Honestly should be locked.
  12. 1. Not everyone wants to use public wifi 2. Some people want thin laptops and not use a crap OS. 3. Most laptops are used for browsing or business work (word, internet, excel) But guess we dont deserve these because YOU dont want them? Battery is great now and with coffee lake, performance is amazing for a laptop. Your logic blows my mind.
  13. Google Home and Chromcast killing wifi

    I have logging emailed to me on my router and I have been seeing DOS protection logs for months. Couldnt figure out what caused it but good to know.
  14. There is literally no way to know if you are selling to crytominers. But this is HUGE that nvidia is standing up to this. edit: no sure how this is a repost as I dont see it on LTT at all.
  15. Everything but run times is on par with DJI inspire 2 and Matrice 600 which is what, like $5k and $7k AUD? I mean the 2 1/2 hours run time makes me wet my pants a little but that is a $20k extra feature. An important feature non the less though