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  1. First things first, this is not for personal use. My boss asked me to find a $50 headset option we can buy for all employees as we roll-out softphones to our company. I have always liked Plantronics for professional headsets, but at that price point their 3300 series looks like trash. I am doing my own investigation but figured there are probably people here who have something they can suggest. Will be limited to occasional use, heavy users will be approved for a $200 wireless set I have already selected Cheap $50 bluetooth devices will not cut it, please don't suggest this
  2. Appreciate the effort, but I really don't feel like you read my post. I said upfront that it was working as described in the manual and was asking HOW that was possible given an X470 chip-set. I really try to not be one of those "OMG you didn't read this one obscure comment I made" kind of people...but in this case, that was kind of the entire point. mariushm's reply was exactly what I was looking for.
  3. I am well aware of the differences between generations 2, 3 and 4. X470 is gen 2 (believe it or not). I believe it does connect to the CPU using 4 lanes of gen 3 (not 100% on that, that might be Gen 2 as well), but everything downstream of the chipset is Gen 2.
  4. I have an Asus Prime X470 Pro board and recently installed a 2nd NVMe M.2, which in turn disabled an expansion card. I got the manual out to see which slots shared clocks and moved the card, all is well now. In looking at the manual I ran across a very odd comment which I do not understand... I don't understand how that is possible. X470 is a PCIe 2.0 chipset, how could it provide any 3.0 lanes...and why only 2?? My first thought was maybe it is using a switch to combine 2.0 4x into 3.0 2x...but that seems needlessly complex for no advantage. I checked the MSI X470 Gaming Plus manual a
  5. I just moved into a house that has super thick carpet, guessing around 100 oz weight. What are good options for a chair mat or chair rug? I picked up a basic chair mat without thinking too much, its pretty much a joke, the casters flex the mat over a half inch not only sink into the carpet but also put purmanent dents in the mat that are really annoying. I don't know how much I trust "carpet safe" casters. My kids seem to be very fidgety while on the computer. I have seen them completely destroy brand-new carpet in less than 2 years, so yes, I 100% want something under their chairs,
  6. That is what I was also considering, just using SOHO routers as access points. They look a little ugly, but they work.
  7. yeah, that is probably smart...just doesn't appear to the nerdy side of me, lol. Still, good 802.11ac products do work really well.
  8. I don't "need" WiFi 6. I don't do heavy LAN traffic and my WAN access it only 600mbps (best value in my area, anything faster costs a lot more). My ISP does offer 2000mbps for $300 a month, which I don't see myself ever being willing to pay for...but if that price started coming down closer to $100 it would be a consideration. Its just more the idea that I don't want to spend a lot doing a "big upgrade" to last gen hardware. Plus, I don't really consider WiFi 6 to be all that new anymore. I feel like we should have a full product stack by this point.
  9. I recently moved into a large two story house and a single router based access point just doesn't cut it. Given the high price of 802.11ax tri-band mesh systems with dedicated backhaul channels I am considering running cables instead. I am about to get some additional lighting installed, so the normally high cost of opening up drywall needed for 1st level cables runs is something I am doing anyway. I like the idea of ceiling mounting PoE access points, but I struggle to find anything on the market that is both consumer priced and supports WiFi 6. Is there a hidden gem of a product
  10. I didn't think about ALT+TAB, that is actually something I do a lot and use seamless window mode specifically for rapid response. I guess I will not be able to do that anymore. I have been on the fence about moving to a duel monitor setup anyway, that might be what pushes me that direction. The comment about native resolution was just because everything tends to a look fuzzy when you do that...but I am thinking about running 480p on a 1080p screen. Maybe the effect is minimal when going from 1440p to 4k.
  11. I am looking to upgrade my main monitor to 4K. I use my computer 1/3 for gaming and 2/3 for work. I want 4K for work, but don't plan to upgrade my 2070, so 4K gaming is probably off the table. Question: is playing games at 1440p on a 4K screen something that shouldn't even be considered, or is it fine? I know in the past it was basically a sin to ever run a monitor at anything other than its native resolution. 2nd Question, what are some good 4K 32" screens? Not looking for super premium, but would like respectable specs.
  12. Interesting, I will have to look into that. I have used Windows Remote Assistance before, but felt like it never worked well unless you were on the same network. I will have to see if this seems to work better.
  13. I am in talks with a company who would like to contract me to provide remote support. What remote assistance platforms do people suggest and why? I don't mind paying for something, but this is a small contract only supporting 10 users and I am not sure if I plan to grow this side-business. I really don't want to be stuck paying $600+ a year for one of the A-list providers. Requirements: Professional and easy to use (don't want to feel like I have to give them technical instructions just to get a session started) Can't have any kind of "free for personal use" quantifier
  14. Just looking at the specs, the T5 is a USB 3.1 device, as is the PS4 Pro. You would want a USB A to C cable that is USB 3.1 certified. If you have the base PS4, that is only 3.0, but if buying a new cable, you may as well get a 3.1 cable. I don't own a PS4, so this isn't something I have tested.
  15. What board are you using and what M.2 slot? Depending on the board and configuration, you may be sharing bandwidth with other devices. Also what SSD is that? Keep in mind that low-end SSDs typically have a very small amount of fast SLC space, the rest of the drive will probably be QLC, which is much slower for writes (fine for reads). If you do a big write that overruns your SLC space, you will see a big drop in write performance until the SSD has time to offload and free up the SLC. If your use case requires frequent large writes, then consider going with something like a 970 Pro,