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    Intel core i5 3570
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    Gigabyte Z77P-D3
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    2 x 8GB DDR3 @ 1600MHz (dual channel)
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    Zotac Mini GTX 1070
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    JBL Go 2
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    Windows 10 Pro 64bit + Ubuntu 18.04 + macOS Catalina 10.15.2 beta
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    Dell Latitude E7450

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  1. @Jurrunio I found a Prime X370-Pro board for 80€. Is it worth the venture over my K3, or should I save up and get an X570 Aorus Elite in the next 3 months?
  2. I meant the Titanium PSU isn't necessary for exactly the thing I'm about to do with the system compared to a Gold or Platinum one, not that my current one would suffice, I know mine is terrible so definitely be upgraded alongside with the board. Because of what you say I might eventually consider a Gold 650 or 750 for 1-2 years instead of the mighty 850W. That might cut the unnecessary cost for the moment.
  3. Yeah just taken a look at the video looks like his K5 and my K3 are quite similar. I thought you were talking about those VRM shields. If it doesn't matter I'll leave them be.
  4. Yup I agree that the PSU is not very necessary for the specific thing I'm doing but I'm considering it also due to power efficiency as well. At the end of the day it will save me more money than a Gold or Platinum one. I'll consider this carefully. Wow didn't know about this before. It's marked K3 for a reason... definitely need a new one. I just got this only to run the chip and I've always wanted a new one. That's very helpful information.
  5. Yeah this board is a very cheap x370 board as well. It's a K3 you know. And the fact that it's only x370 is also a big trouble nowadays.
  6. Nope it won't crash at high temp. If it runs hot it'll throttle. Previous test it crashed at 88C. It crashed only because of not enough power delivered. I used to run 4.1 at 1.39v but it would throttle very quickly.
  7. Hello guys. I open this thread to talk about my overclocking experience on my 2700X as well as to seek discussion and debate from you guys on that. Without further ado I'll first list the hardware config: - Gigabyte AX370 Gaming K3 - Sapphire Nitro+ RX580 Special Edition (this beast runs very stably and nicely at 1430MHz core and 2100MHz mem clock respectively) - An X-Calibre (who knows the brand) 500W 80 plus white PSU - An Orient cheap ass case (you can see in the photo), with only one molex 90mm fan that I ended up not using, which is why I left it open up for better air conditioning - 2x8GB LPX 3200MHz CL16, which I'm running at 3GHz CL15 (15-17-34). It cannot run 3200MHz on this board, BSOD immediately - And finally my 2700X running at 3.95GHz at 1.25625V VCore Before talking about results and numbers I'm running a complete mixed test in AIDA (CPU, FPU, cache, system memory, local disks and GPU stresses) all at the same time, so it makes the whole system, as well as the CPU much hotter than when stressing the CPU alone. First I tried 3.975 at 1.2875, it crashed at 6:23 min at 95C so I decided it won't get much further. Then I tried 3.95GHz at 1.25 but it crashed at 5 min so I went back to a better number which was 1.25625 but eventually it crashed after 48 mins (95C) It's so late now and I got a presentation next morning so I think I'll stop the journey for now. Maybe at the end of the week I'll attempt 3.925. Anything above that right now will hit 95C eventually or it'll crash due to low power delivery if I try to low ball Vcore. What do you think of these results? Have I got a bad piece of silicon lottery or it's just the board is too bad? What are your results (if you're running the same thing)? Besides, I'm considering some part for future upgrade. I think I'll keep the 2700X, the RAM and the GPU. Following is a list of possible upgrades once I manage to sell the current parts, in a prioritized order: - Phantek Eclipse P400A mid tower - 104 euros now on AMZ (recommended by GN) + a couple 120mm and 140mm (maybe 200 if applicable) - Gigabyte X570 Aorus Elite - 210 euros now on AMZ (also recommended by GN) - Corsair AX850 Titanium - 216 euroes now on AMZ (yes you hear me, it's insane but I'm considering something that will accompany me forever, so it's in the plan anyway) - Corsair Hydro 115i RGB Platinum 280mm AIO - 141 euros now on AMZ (I found this quite well adopted on Amazon. I have very little experience on AIO so I put this in my list for now) And finally only when everything else is upgraded and I decide to increase game graphics quality, a 2070 Super from EVGA - 545 euros now on AMZ (but that part is still far far away). What do you think of these parts. Personally do you have any better suggestions? Well I was about to dump the thread when the test failed but I don't know maybe some of you will be willing to talk about it so I'll leave it here anyway. Very much appreciate all of you even if you just read this. It's so long I know. Hope you all have a good day.
  8. funny part is when i contact the seller for hours and he eventually replied, "trying to help me" but nothing works out, then not even taking the board back, not willing to refund my money, and when i call him a scammer he turns angry. what a man. for the second time in my life i felt being lied to, after taking a dell e7450 "supposed to be FHD but eventually just HD+". I should learn lots of exercises going online with these bs ppl out there. anw i'mma head out for another gigabyte board tomorrow and will update to you guys on this. Thanks for coming anw
  9. it does have 3, i tried the first 2 because they look shinier, well you get it
  10. actually went out for this board because amz was freaking late with my gigabyte b450 board. i ordered a kit on 28th, cpu and ram came at the same time on 29th while mobo won't until 2nd december. i was so frustrating that i got out looking for a cheap board to run the stuff on, ended up playing with this bs...
  11. really felt a lil great taking a board for 50euros then litterally ripped... i have an rx 580, and a gtx 1070, tested with them all. funny is there're no ez led on ez debug for vga whether i put the gpu on, or not
  12. Hi guys I have a very weird problem but I have no idea from where it comes from... I bought a kit of 2700X and a pair of Corsair Vengeance LPX 2x8GB @ 3200MHz. Then I bought a second hand MSI X370 SLI Plus board and put everything on it, feeling great until... nothing posts. The EZ Debug led on CPU turns on for couple seconds then totally off. I thought the guy didn't update the BIOS, then went out buying a second hand 1200, put it on hoping that there's a chance to update the BIOS. But... it won't post either. I have no idea what's going on... I'm freaking helpless right now... I've been almost half a day out on trains moving in between places to get the motherboard, and then the CPU... it's super exhausting right now... Do you guys happen to have any ideas Thanks a ton!
  13. Thank you guys for the insight. I've already set my mind and ordered a 2700x combo hoping this will serve me well for all my needs. Hoping with the new card I could even occasionally stream my games as well.