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  1. So lately I found myself in the middle of having to take more than 1 call at a time. I had to use different devices so I can manage the input sound at a time so different calls won't get messed up, or I need to manually disable/mute at one of them at a time, which I found very annoying to say the least. I'm thinking of looting for myself a sound card or such a device that could do one of these: - Or, take in the input from one source (for example my G432), then I can make 2 virtual sources and I can switch between them with buttons (for example what is on, what is off, an
  2. Tu as des points. Je ne suis pas très sûr de ce que je ressentirai lorsque j'utiliserai une machine qui pourrait accélérer plus qu'un PC, pour commencer, ce qui me fait assez peur. Mais je suppose qu'à un moment donné, je dois sacrifier un peu de performance de toute façon. Bon, je devrais juste éviter Huawei pour ne pas avoir de problèmes à l'avenir. Je pense que c'est une bonne décision. Je pense beaucoup au Précision, mais je ne sais pas si je vais devoir coder plus en déplacement ou si je vais rester à un endroit pour travailler plus. Si je dois me déplacer beaucoup et que je dois co
  3. I've been thinking a lot about dropping my PC and go for a laptop, because I don't actually have a fixed living place for more than half a year, and carrying a PC alongside with other stuffs is a true burden. I lived for about a year in the college dorm and the moment I had to move out, I almost died. Lately I don't even play games anymore so I don't think it's a big deal if I only have a laptop. I set my target price around 600-800 euros (I'm located in France). For the moment being I have found a few choices that I can pick up and which serve my choice pretty well. But
  4. Apparently it did not cut it. The system failed to run aida system stability test and it BSOD after Time Spy second test. I had to dial it all the way back to 2933. Maybe time for a new board very soon.
  5. I've been running 2 sticks in dual channel for a year straight: 2 x 8 GB DDR4 2933MHz CL15 (Corsair Vengeance Low Profile). My CPU is 2700X and my board is Gigabyte X370. I actually made a thread about a year ago where I didn't manage to run it at 3200MHz CL16 at all whatsoever. The system gets to blue screen as soon as I hit desktop, or even earlier. Recently I had a need to have more memory and I just ordered another pair from Corsair (exact same) and I just installed them. I wanted to play with them again and I tuned them back to factory OC 3200MHz CL16 and at the time o
  6. Thank you for your suggestion, will definitely try out once I reach home.
  7. I have recently moved to a new place and the internet connection there is very weird. I can load Google very fast (of course). I can load Facebook super fast as well. I could even watch Youtube 4K videos without a problem. But I couldn't manage to load github, unity3D pages and a bunch of other pages. What could be the problem behind this? I don't believe an ISP tries to block certain pages just like this. Or maybe I am wrong. I live in France and I think the ISP is Free SAS. I don't know if the piece of info helps. Do you think it might be a DNS problem? My ExpressVPN
  8. Yeah if you have a defined height for the grid cell, that would solve everything, but the problem though, is that when you resize the window, the grid cell only resizes width, while height remains the same, which is very odd I'm just trying to find the reason why having a wrapper (div) around the anchor causes this problem. Because the final solution to this is to remove it, so the grid applies good height to them when the direct child of the grid tile is the anchor, instead of a wrapper. I think I have finally found the answer. So basically the way grid r
  9. As I stated in one comment above, this doesn't provoke any problem on Firefox, only on Chrome.
  10. May I have a screenshot? I tried on Chrome on my smartphone and it looks exactly the same as this. I also tried on Chrome on Arch Linux and it won't be any better
  11. Indeed.. if they don't look weird, I wouldn't even bother looking at the values..
  12. Little note for you though, this is only a problem on Chrome. If you use Firefox, it always works fine. I bet you're using Firefox
  13. Yes it works for every single image except that weirdo one. If you click on my pen up there, you can see that this bs image is going crazy..
  14. .project-grid { max-width: 1280px; margin: auto; padding: 50px 0; display: grid; grid-template-columns: repeat(auto-fill, minmax(320px, 1fr)); gap: 20px; grid-auto-rows: 1fr; } .project-tile { background-color: orange; display: block; } .project-tile > a { display: block; width: 100%; height: 100%; text-decoration: none; line-height: 10rem; } .project-tile > a > span { text-align: center; color: rgb(140, 0, 255); font-size: 2rem; padding: 2rem 0.5rem; } .project-tile > a > img { display: block; height: 100%; width: 100%; object-fit
  15. You see the 2 anchors have same height, and I set 2 child images to have 100% height, and 1 of them decide to take only proportion of it