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    Intel i7 4770
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    msi h81m p33
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    8gb ddr3 1600
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    GTX 1060 Founders Edition
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    Thermaltake Versa h13
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    WD 2tb 7200 rpm hdd, Samsung 500gb ssd
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    bequiet Pure Power 10 600w 80+ silver
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    Windows 10

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  1. sadly i cant my cable company has to do it. the box is locked up and cutting the cable would cost me. please refer to the video to see the issue. timestamps in description.
  2. ya see thats what i thought but i havent watched anything but cable because im not home normally enough but ill check settings
  3. I just bought this from Best buy a couple weeks ago and I'm experiencing picture problems while watching TV. I haven't watched YouTube or digital movies on it to experience flickering. the cable television that I watch comes from a coax out of the wall but the picture distorts and almost looks like it's either recalling frames or frames are being misaligned. I may have described it completely wrong but I'm currently working on filming it so I can cut it together and post it on YouTube.
  4. that was a question I asked when I first watched the video I just brought this video back up because I got my hands on a older gaming laptop that can play VR. the only problem is is without the power bank plugged in there's not enough power going to the headset to power it properly. the only reason I know this is that the preview of the game is buttery-smooth but the headset itself is very laggy. I ran through pretty much every option I can think of to what could be wrong and it's down to the laptop not putting out enough power through the USB port on battery.
  5. my plan was always to take a laptop and buy a power bank with a 24v plug out and have a laptop plugged in so it runs at full power for as long as the power bank stays charged. I have a Windows mixed reality headset and I could be completely untethered at that point. it may only work for about an hour or two but that's more than enough time to have complete freedom that I can take anywhere.
  6. I have check every partition and it gives me inaccessible. I got one last-ditch effort that I was going to try myself and that is to install Windows on the drive I'm trying to be the windows partition from my drive to that drive
  7. ive tried clonzilla bootable several times and macrium reflect with both usb into another pc
  8. i tried that but the boot record keeps getting messed up. i have been through three deferent programs
  9. I am trying to clean my 256gb SSD to a 500gb SSD as an upgrade. I have attempted to close several times and every single time I get boot device is not accessible. I have tried the bootrec commands and the /fixboot has the access denied. both of the hard drives are formatted in MBR and I have tried to fix the boot on the hard drive several times. when I would normally clone the system reserved partition would have a drive letter. I would get rid of the drive letter and then re letter the windows partition. I honestly don't know what I'm doing wrong with this point. if anybody can offer me some advice or maybe a really in-depth video on how to fix this problem I would really appreciate it.
  10. I've been using a program called parsec to stream from my gaming desktop to my craptop. (long story of why i do this) I switched up laptops from a laptop with AMD R5 graphics to a older business class laptop with a mxm Quadro card (5% weaker performance but dedicated is a smoother expierience). for some reason I can't get hardware acceleration to work. without hardware acceleration, the streaming is just not possible in-game it's got a hefty latency. I had trouble getting hardware acceleration to work on my first laptop because the drivers were out of date. but the drivers on this laptop our current from the Nvidia website. I don't even know if my graphics card supports hardware acceleration. every time I try to Google and include the term "hardware acceleration" , Google throws a conniption fit and starts giving me a whole bunch of stuff that has nothing to do with what I'm trying to find. TLDR I switched laptops and I can't get hardware acceleration to work in a app called parsec which streams games from one computer to another device.
  11. the processor speed also idols at 3.7 to 3.8ghz which is weird
  12. I have an update about this. I reset everything to stock in the processor is still getting 50c idle. I have a Corsair AIO which I know works because my previous board worked just fine. I have another AIO in a stock heatsink, I'll try both and see if the temps go down.
  13. I literally have no idea what this motherboard is somebody selling it on a local page of mine and I can't look at it for another couple of days. I want to have kind of an idea of what I'm getting into if I go to look at this computer. I know it's not the best picture but it's the only one that he has.
  14. But I normally would have fan control from the BIOS on a gigabyte board right? I've never owned a gigabyte board so I don't know how their bios is laid out.
  15. oh I'm dumb it is secondhand I just got it off of eBay I never restored the BIOS settings to default so I'm probably running his overclock settings.