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  1. Opencircuit74

    Anyone still use old graphics cards with no shame?

    I used a GTX 280 for a while when my 1070Ti crapped out, and I was actually surprised by how little fan noise it made. I use it as a backup/test card now.
  2. Opencircuit74

    Computer disc at 100%

    Wow, you're right. Sorry about that. OP, try turning off indexing the drive as stated by @knightslugger, and if that's still too slow, I would look into an SSD.
  3. Opencircuit74

    Computer disc at 100%

    Total capacity is 488GB. I'm just going to assume it's a 500GB drive.
  4. Opencircuit74

    Computer disc at 100%

    500 gig drive? if you really want to speed it up, grab an ssd and copy that data over. It's about a $70 upgrade, but it makes a huge difference in the usability of the device.
  5. Opencircuit74

    Any 1st gen Ryzen users here?

    R5 1400 here... It works alright in games and such, but since I've got a 1080 it's a pretty big bottleneck. Going to replace this garbage mobo and CPU when 3rd gen ryzen comes out.
  6. Opencircuit74

    GTX 760 Windforce Missing Capacitors

    I just took a picture of the card and drew the arrows in.
  7. Opencircuit74

    GTX 760 Windforce Missing Capacitors

    Hello, I recently bought a couple of dead graphics cards (7970 Vapor-x and 760 Windforce OC) for the coolers, but realized that fixing them was possible. I managed to get the 7970 working after re-soldering some transistors that had come loose, but the 760 has a different problem. It seems to have been dropped, and 3 capacitors look to have broken off. I took some similar looking ones from a broken 7950 and soldered them on to no avail. The system gives me no video bios (basically no card detected) and does not POST. Is there any way to get a schematic of the board or to find replacement capacitors? I'm currently in the process of contacting Gigabyte, but I doubt they'll give me that info. Thank you for reading.
  8. Opencircuit74

    GTX 760 Windforce Missing Capacitors

    Huh. The back of the 4GB is different from the 2GB I guess, as mine has an additional row of caps at the bottom where 2 of them are missing. I'll see if I can find the back of this card. It's the first revision, so the model is GV-N760-4GD REV:1.0
  9. Opencircuit74

    GTX 760 Windforce Missing Capacitors

    Yes, that is the exact model apart from mine is the 4GB model. The caps are all on the back, sadly. I looked on the front and everything seemed to be fine, just three on the back.
  10. Opencircuit74

    GTX 760 Windforce Missing Capacitors

    I know what you mean, but no, I don't have the capacitors that fell off. The reason that I suspect it was dropped was the bent cooler and the pads that looked like they had capacitors attached and then broken off.
  11. Opencircuit74

    GTX 760 Windforce Missing Capacitors

    Yes, I'm aware that the capacitors can have wildly different capacities and aren't really dependent on size, but I had to try something. do you know of any way to get those values? I very much doubt that gigabyte is going to just hand over parts of their schematic, even if it's an old card.
  12. Opencircuit74

    GTX 760 Windforce Missing Capacitors

    I got the card with the caps gone, I just used capacitors that look similar to them to replace them. Sorry, I should have cleared that up.
  13. Opencircuit74

    Can This LAPTOP Replace a DESKTOP??

    You had me at desktop replacement, and you lost me at i9-9900K. Just take a look at the coolers required to cool that thing. Paired with the RTX 2080, which also runs really hot, you get a massive amount of heat and not a lot of room to get rid of it. Those poor things never had a chance.
  14. Opencircuit74

    Help, is this important and how do I reattach?

    You could try and push that thing down and hot glue it, but it might still be a bad connection.
  15. Opencircuit74

    HDD > SSD Migration Tool

    You can use whatever tool you want to clone the data to the SSD, you'll just have to make sure you can have both of the drives plugged in at the same time. You may have to pick up something like a USB to SATA adapter and transfer the data over, then plug the SSD in where the HDD normally goes and you should be all set.
  16. Opencircuit74

    Frame drops

    It's most likely the CPU. That CPU (in theory) should be able to handle up to a gtx 1060/RX 580, and your graphics card is significantly more powerful than either of those. Try installing MSI Afterburner or a similar program to look at the CPU usage while in games compared to the GPU. If the CPU is at 80% or higher for most of the time, you may need to grab a new one.
  17. Opencircuit74

    Best PC I can build with $500

    I'm with you on this one. You can get some really solid hardware if you look for older stuff.
  18. Opencircuit74

    What exactly is this thing?

    I'm having this exact "issue" if you would call it that, chrome V72.0.3626.121
  19. Opencircuit74

    I am stupid.

    See that little square on the left? It has to be pulled towards the large piece, then it should open easily by pulling it out. I have a couple of these remotes and that's how you do it.
  20. Opencircuit74

    will turning off igpu help cpu temps

    I mean I would, just to have all of the outputs on the same card and everything, but it won't change your CPU temps much at all, so it's not super important.
  21. Opencircuit74

    will turning off igpu help cpu temps

    Not really, those iGPUS are low powered enough, and there really isn't any load on it.
  22. Opencircuit74

    Help: Broken Stix Z370-G?

    The memory channels are going to be the two closest to the CPU and the two farthest, so the two bad slots are on the same channel
  23. Opencircuit74

    Help: Broken Stix Z370-G?

    Hmmm... seems like a memory channel is not working. Have you tried the sticks individually in the farther (presumably not working) slots?
  24. Opencircuit74

    Strix rx580 8gb crossfire rx580 4gb

    The RX 570 and 580 can be crossfired, but the end result is really bad. If you have 2 580s, they will only have 4GB of VRAM because that's the max on one of the cards.
  25. Opencircuit74

    Firs ttime in a long while installing a new GPU

    What's the wattage of that power supply?