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  1. i'm really enjoying android again.


    so many new features that are truly awesome have been introduced since i last used it. the fact i can keep my phone unlocked with a bluetooth fitness tracker thing is super cool, the ability to install alternate app stores is really cool, the spotify app for android isn't a broken heap of shit which is nice, i can select something other than safari as my default browser, i changed the gestures and the launcher etc, all very nice. 


    budget phones have also changed a lot. my phone was €309, and it has pretty much everything i'd ever want. multiple camara's for those wide angle shots etc, a very nice (IMO) screen, type-c, it's crazy fast (for me) and i can multitask much more efficiently thanks to 6gb of ram, but i also still get  "traditional" features like a headphone jack and microsd card support. all very nice. 


    it feels good to be back on this side of mobile tech. 

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    2. Twilight


      @sowon ikr, the hardware is awesome, but up until recently it was only available on flagships liek the galaxy S series but those had (IMO) horrible software. 


      the fact that things like this, a nokia "budget" phone with pretty much stock android and a promise of updates exist now that also have good hardware is very nice to see. 

    3. Den-Fi


      I loved my essential phone. My Razer Phone 2, not so much.

      Coming to learn the Essential was basically a Pixel in terms of support, it's really rough having a newer phone with an older OS than the one it replaced.

      That said, it was suuuuuuuuuuuuuper cheap, so I can't complain. (Though so was the Essential)

    4. xKyric


      A US buyer can purchase a new Motorola e5 with a year of service for $50. Not much service mind you, but enough for an emergency phone.
      I'm really surprised at how little that phone costs.