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  1. I am deniability against apple. The main problem with one note is that it doesn't scale the notebook, making printing decent homework a bit of a challenge.
  2. I am trying to go digital for my classes. Mainly because I am much better at organizing digital files than a bunch of paper and heavy books. My laptop has decent pen support, So I want to use it for both note taking and doing assignments. While one note does a decent job with note taking. The ruled option don't tell me where the border is so my work tends to be when I print the assignment, (ink for my printer is rather cheap) And word, while supports windows ink, does not have a option to show ruled paper and the drawings sometimes go out of sync when I scroll. Is there a way to make a digital notebook that'll allow me to print assignments. My homework is mainly calculus.
  3. I have other containers that runs inside unraid, (mine os and pihole) And I don't get this sort of error for these. Could it still be a firewall issue.
  4. I figured using the cpu pinning to give it a few cores. (is that your advanced settings) which worked like a charm. But Now I am curious. What if someone made a script so that a smart thermometer controlled the temperature of a house by not controlling a furnace, but the resources allocated by a F@H server. If it's colder, allocate more resources, the extra processing will cause it to produce more heat. If you use electric heating anyways (we use gas , so its irreverent) It would be a cool way to heat your home.
  5. Update, apparently server doesn't make much noise when under load. But it doesn't change that the thing is a Furnace and I like a cold head when sleeping. Plus I don't want to waste electricity by having the windows cracked.
  6. I added the folding at home container to my unraid server. because 1.Its seems a good thing to do and 2. I like punishing hardware. It seems to be working. But the server I hav eit running on is located in my bedroom and I don't want the thing to enter demon mode while I'm sleeping. So I tried to go to the web UI to disable a few cores. Only I get a 403, forbidden, error when I try to do so, how do I fix this.
  7. If you had the UPS for a few years, it could be that the battery is degraded. Lead acid batteries (what basically every ups uses) has a functional life of about 6-8 years FROM THE DATE OF MANUFACTURE NOT USAGE. And most UPS manufacturers allow you to replace them. Open up your UPS, (some, like mine, have a slot to access the battery directly), and find the serial number on the battery.
  8. Well, I just bought a wifi card for my laptop. But before the thing arrived I learned that my laptop manufaturer (lenovo) puts white lists on their bios. Meaning I'm gonna have to either return the chip (its from china so not really a option), let it collect dust, or mod the firmware on the wireless card to make the laptop thing its a whitelisted in bios. Something i'm not really looking forward to and i'm pissed.
  9. I just went thrrough and deleted about 3000 emails. Googles automatic sorting did help a bit in this endeavor, but I would like more automation. Can I use outlook or a unraid plugin to do a set of things. 1. Receipts automatically get placed into a folder on my nas as a PDF. (it's runs unraid) (and this is what I want to do most) 2. delete promotional emails. Pretty much anything that comes from twitter, Youtube, and whatnot. 3. add diffrent categories. Stuff from certain senders (mainly colleges and scolarships) get automatically placed into folders.
  10. I am aware of the start at launch feature. But I want it to be launched only when I connect to the school wifi. Mainly because they have many sites locked (including some useful ones) And I want the VPN to circumvent that.
  11. I have created a custom schedule in windows scheduler to launch PIA when connecting to my school's wifi. But what I want is for it to automatically connect when connecting to my school network. All mine will do so far is launch the PIA client. I think I need to attach a script, but I don't know how to write one.
  12. I'd say it would be very good CPU for emulation. Emulation is largely dependent on single threaded performance. And my Ryzen 5 1400 (A older model) handles dolphin and PCSX2 just fine. Citra is a harder to run emulator (not as developed) But that chip should handle it just fine. But make sure to pair the CPU with memory that has a rather high clock. Ryzen's performance is heavily dependent on the RAM speed and it will be especially the case when recompiling code (what an emulator does). I don't know about Yuzu or Cemu, however. Never heard of those emulators before.
  13. I would throw them on eBay. DDR2 is so obsolete that the price actually went back up a bit because it is so rare. So people who like old hardware are willing to pay a bit of a premium.
  14. And there are several other problems. It would be better (and possibly cheaper) to use a ssd as a scratch disk
  15. So its like $20 on amazon. Reasonable i you have to buy a bluetooth adapter anyways. https://www.amazon.com/Mayflash-W010-Wireless-Sensor-DolphinBar/dp/B00HZWEB74/ref=asc_df_B00HZWEB74/?tag=hyprod-20&linkCode=df0&hvadid=242342868142&hvpos=1o1&hvnetw=g&hvrand=10771243805058750568&hvpone=&hvptwo=&hvqmt=&hvdev=c&hvdvcmdl=&hvlocint=&hvlocphy=9029108&hvtargid=pla-433088001002&psc=1 Be sure to upgrade the firmware on the thing, however. The original firmware had a bug that would allow the infrared LEDs to burn out.