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    GTX1060 6G
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  1. Tedstonegenious

    GUI for JEI still appears when I disable it

    Minecraft 1.12.2 2019-08-15 16-57-23.mp4
  2. When I use the ctrl+O on the inventory, the JEI GUI disappears like how it is supposed to. But when I exit my inventory and go back in, the GUI is back. I want to gui to be GONE until I press ctrl O again. and on the left side, there is another panel. It seems to fill with random stuff, and with the NEI is "enabled" the control panels day cycle, item magnet, etc. Is being placed below this random thing.
  3. Tedstonegenious

    How to make an old SD reader work with newer cards.

    I've been trying that for a while. But that program is OOOLLLD and is meant for Windows XP. Even compatibility mode doesn't work. I got a version of WinXP working in hyper-v, but the old browser that doesn't support HTTP websites makes it so I can't do anything on the internet. And I haven't even begun to think about how to give it access to a USB controller.
  4. Tedstonegenious

    How to make an old SD reader work with newer cards.

    Clarification, Other sites say it is possible, but they just say to use "your music program" what should I use.
  5. Tedstonegenious

    How to make an old SD reader work with newer cards.

    Well, I think it is the latter option, I was in there earlier for a different reason. But, the keyboard does have a USB port. would there be an app that'll just allow me to place the song onto the keyboards internal storage? It has some, not much, but enough.
  6. So I have a Casio Lk-270, And It supports reading a MIDI file from an SD card, the problem is that the reader is an old one that supports the ORIGINAL SD standard, AKA, cards up to 2GB. Now, I don't feel like hunting for an SD card that small of capacity because they are not being manufactured anymore. And buying a card that low of a capacity feels like a poor bang for a buck. Is there a way to make a higher capacity SD card work with an old reader, Because I have 8 and 16GB running through my ears.
  7. Tedstonegenious

    Cannot create a imgur account.

    I wasn't expecting that but, It worked! now to figure out what is the offending plugin.
  8. Tedstonegenious

    Cannot create a imgur account.

    Tried that. Don't trust facebook. Not gonna use Yahoo, and they sign in with google page just... disappears after I select which account.
  9. Tedstonegenious

    Cannot create a imgur account.

    Nope! the captcha expires and the "registering..." button is greyed and the stop cursor turns into the stop symbol when I hover over it/
  10. Tedstonegenious

    Cannot create a imgur account.

  11. Tedstonegenious

    Cannot create a imgur account.

    The button is greyed
  12. Tedstonegenious

    Cannot create a imgur account.

    The image will not post on Reddit, I am making the account because I read that most people post memes on Reddit through an Imgur account.
  13. When I try to make an Imgur account, I get to the verify your account. Place in the code, do the Recaptcha, and the button is greyed out. Pls help all I want to do is post a meme.
  14. For organization purposes, is the printable model for a dock that can hold both a ps4 controller and a steam controller. I would like to be able to run a USB cable for charging the ps4 controller, but I don't think the steam controller can be charged, even with rechargeable AAs. I doubt this actually exists, and I don't have a single minute of experience with 3D software, and looking at Linus' video on their gaming lounge gave me the idea.
  15. I just got upgraded to win 10 Enterprise when I only paid for an upgrade to win 10 pro at the Microsoft store. So that made me think, have you made a purchase (or not), and got something that was supposed to be off-limits at the price you paid for. Ex, getting extra months on a membership, my windows ex, etc. You got something that you didn't pay for but is still better than what you did. The only rule is that it needs to be unintentional. No making new emails to get new trials for Netflix. What is your story?