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  1. I recall servicing similar laptop and the option for switchable graphic is there. https://www.amd.com/en/support/kb/faq/dh-017
  2. Probably something wrong with your processor or mainboard. Maybe mounting pressure problem or some bent pin/s. Try create a new partition and do a fresh install on it, if windows automatically limit you to 2c4t then it's hardware related imo.
  3. Uh.. try tick this when you change msconfig. Or open elevated Cmd Prompt and type bcdedit /deletevalue numproc
  4. That's weird. It look like this right? You can try but even out of the box it should support 3770 properly though. My z77 use out of the box BIOS as well.
  5. What you mean? Don't check it. Now reboot and go into your BIOS and check if you accidentally set your processor to 2c4t. Restore BIOS to default if possible.
  6. lol? Can you open Msconfig and check this option? Also can you show your CPU Task Manager? Right click > Change Graph To Logical Processor.
  7. That's for GPU, Cinebench is for CPU. I want you to run the CPU benchmark, not OpenGL benchmark.
  8. Literally took me 1sec to save mine. Can you download Cinebench R15 and run the benchmark? https://www.guru3d.com/files-get/cinebench-15-download,2.html And download CDI to check your drive health. Standard Edition is enough. https://crystalmark.info/en/download/#CrystalDiskInfo
  9. I don't think that'll help much. I assume your RAM is 1x 8GB and not 2x 4GB, is that right? Can you open Windows Event Viewer, right click on Administrative Events in Custom Views and save it. Upload it somewhere or attach it if the size is not too big for this forum.
  10. He could be right but you can't really compare gaming performance between 2 difference architectures just by using TFlops. Radeon VII = 14.7 TFlops@1800mhz 5700 XT = 10.2 TFlops@2000mhz 2070 Super = 10.2 TFlops@2000mhz 2080 Super = 12.2 Tflops@2000mhz We don't know how much RDNA2 IPC improve over RDNA, if there is no improvement then it could be on par with 2080S at best.
  11. You can ignore that imo. Your score is on the lower side of 570 but that's not a big deal. Everything looks normal to me. I think your GPU is fine. ._.
  12. Oh.. Superposition is good too, i want you to download Valley because it's only ~400mb. Also check if there is other process/es that's utilizing your GPU other than the game. You can check in Task Manager.
  13. Nothing out of the ordinary too. Can you reset Radeon Settings to Factory and then run Unigine Valley in Extreme HD preset? I remember a bugged out Relive causing performance drop in game because it was constantly recording nothing. https://benchmark.unigine.com/valley
  14. It's in the clipboard, just Ctrl+V.
  15. Which Hitman? DId you max out everything? 8xMSAA, etc. Can you run this code to show running task in an elevated PowerShell? get-process | get-item -erroraction silentlycontinue | format-table name, directory | clip paste the output here inside a spoiler.
  16. What game was that? How many FPS did you get?
  17. That look normal. What about idle?
  18. There's always a bottleneck somewhere, depend on your workload.
  19. Can you play games while GPU-Z running in the background, take screenshot of the Sensors tab after 5 mins of playing.
  20. Get the 1650 Super at least.
  21. 1. Install Linux bootloader on different drive. Set boot priority to your Window drive. or 2. Edit GRUB to select your Window installation as default.
  22. Try use DDU to remove and then reinstall your graphic driver.
  23. Reshade Depth Buffer won't work if the game use MSAA. Reshade Depth Buffer access will intermittently turned off if it detect high network activity. You need an unofficial build with network detection disabled.
  24. It's over 10 years and she still singing. Feels good man.