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  1. Hello, yes I have z390 prime a and corsair 3600 mhz and with xmp enabled it runs at 3600
  2. Hi there, I realize that userbenchmark is actually not good, because I compared their stats to video benchmarks on youtube channels and their info seems wrong. But they are really convenient to just like get a base idea. But I am trying to actually compare CPU's, like for example comparing an i7 7700 vs an i3 10100 in video games and other benchmarks. Is there a good site to actually get detailed info like this? Thanks,
  3. Ok I got it. I edited the txt config on the boot able flash to force pro onto it.
  4. It failed. I think it won't work with dsp license cause it needs to be for new hardware. I'll have to wipe the machine
  5. Where would I enter it once already in windows It is a dsp license that much I know
  6. Hi guys I bought a laptop and a w10 pro key. How can I load win 10 pro into this laptop? When I run the W10 iso image it detects the W10 home key in the mobo. I don't get a prompt to enter my pro key. I need to load w10 pro on the laptop
  7. Hi all, I have a z490 rog strix e mobo and an 11700 cpu I get a power but no bios screen I'm thinking it is the bios then. Can I update it without a 10th Gen cpu.
  8. I been seeing some RGB mousepads showing up but not seen one that is like aurasync or mystic LED etc.
  9. So I really was overcomplicating things. It was so easy to install....
  10. Decided to go with this one after watching this; Thanks
  11. Okay I'm ready to make the purchase, I just don't want to make any mistakes. So I see there is a 5 pin connector on this Coolermaster Controller, what is this for? How am I gonna connect this CM Halo fan to the controller? Will it still be aurasyncable. How do I power it? Will it be able to do a rainbow effect? Sorry I just don't wanna mess it up even more, I already bought the 'wrong' fan. Thanks,
  12. Okay awesome thank you so much I will get the one you linked.
  13. https://www.coolermaster.com/catalog/coolers/rgb-accessories/argb-led-controller/ And if I use something like this. Am I not then plugging the controller into my mobo and then my old controller into the new controller. Won't that break anything