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    Memphis, TN


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    I5 3570k
  • Motherboard
    ASRock z77 Extreme 6
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    8GB Kingston HyperX Blu
  • GPU
    GTX 660Ti
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    Cooler Master Storm Scout
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    1 TB WD black in raid 1+ 120GB Samsung 840
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    LSP Ultra 650W
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    2x 30" Samsung's @ 1920x1080
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    HP QB46AA Wireless keyboard
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    Mad Catz R.A.T. 5
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  1. So I have a Dell Poweredge R230 laying around I would like to run Hypervisor on, but unfortunately it has a dinky dual core celeron as a brain. Officially it is listed to only support the Intel Xeon E3-1200 v5 product family, and I can't seem to find anything int he BIOS update changelog to indicate they added support to more modern LGA1151 processors. Anyone have any knowledge on this server's best supported processor?
  2. Cronus97

    What Will You Do on Christmas?

    You would be very surprised on how quickly a local business will hire a teenager to do general IT work. I started as a consultant for a liquidation company, inspecting incoming electronics (15 y/o). When I left my boss pleaded for me to stay. Now I run a corporate park IT department, At 17 Y/O! Opportunities are there. You just have to sell yourself and your work will keep a company desiring your service.
  3. Cronus97

    Cant connect to internet

    What happens when you plug it into Ethernet? Are the network drivers properly installed?
  4. Cronus97

    Laptop for college

    The y50 is a great laptop. My only gripe is battery life. But most of the time you have an outlet at your desk so it won't affect you too much
  5. Cronus97

    A little dissapointed

    That would be amazing! I love politics!
  6. Cronus97

    A little dissapointed

    yea, I was looking forward to a cool talk. Oh well, its the internet
  7. Cronus97

    What Are Gas Prices In Your Area [Petrol]

    Gas is $2.63/Gallon here in Memphis
  8. Cronus97

    A little dissapointed

    Hey everyone, I love to meet new people, especially those that have a diffrent culture than me. So when i saw that a LTT member wanted to chat to improve their english I wanted to help. But alas, it seems that my skype picture with me and my 270 caused him to stop communication, and even block me from messaging him. Just needed to blow off some frustration
  9. Cronus97

    What should I do with my raspberry pi model B?

    Create a cool gadget? Like a pointless machine!
  10. For now that is. The rest of the world has a history of being oppressed, america doesn't. America is a country for the people, by the people, and that policy makes us the greatest country in the world when it comes to personal liberties. Sure we have our sins, and it isn't perfect, but the citizens having the right to possess firearms ensures that that balance is kept. Anything less would allow the government ( and if we didn't have weapons and a voice would be all powerful) to trample us down.
  11. Heck no, firearms are the only way we can ensure our personal rights and safety. The police are militarized enough, they shouldn't have the power to disarm the populace.
  12. Cronus97

    Technology things your school does wrong

    Err... Switches don't care what cat version is connecting to it, only the baud rate. Cat 6 is just more insulated, so it can travel farther with less interference
  13. Cronus97

    It had me at full aluminum exterior.

    It looks similar to the old Mac pro's