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    i7 4700k
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    MSI Z87M-Gaming
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    Corsair Vengeance 8GB 1866MHz
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    R9 290X Crossfire
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    Corsair 350D
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    Crucial MX100 512GB
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    Corsair RM 1000
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    Crossover 27Q
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    Custom Loop

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  1. Yes it's possible-I've done it in a prodigy with 2 240mm raidators about 35mm thick
  2. If you do a custom loop and use the 350D I would strongly recommend cutting out the drive bays. With this you can have a 360 and a 240 rad, which would be more ideal for 2 GPUS and a CPU in one loop. Good luck with the build!
  3. Correct yep that's right. You may have to buy an EK Res holder if you want to mount it like so in the bottom picture http://www.ekwb.com/shop/ek-res-x3-holder-60mm-2pcs.html
  4. Something like an EK-D5 Vario X-Res will suit your needs. The one i've linked comes with a reservoir attached as I wasn't able to find it on its own, however, it is designed for 60mm tube diameters so it fits perfectly. http://www.ekwb.com/shop/pumps-and-accessories/pumps/ek-d5-series-pump/ek-d5-vario-x-res-100-incl-pump.html You can look in the exact parts included with this on the side to see what exact things you need, as you have a res already
  5. My school spent 50k on iPads for the youngest year whilst the head teacher told me they had to make 500k budget cuts in the same year. They are the only year that has them and you only see them playing their stupid little games all day- real productive and a great investment..
  6. I would suggest buying a multi-top attachment for your reservoir which comes with many filling points. I don't know which reservoir you are using, but, if you were using an EK one then I would recommend this: http://www.ekwb.com/shop/ek-res-x3-top-v2-multiport.html I've used in in my build and I just poured the coolant inside one of the ports on the top, then closed again with the included fitting.
  7. I don't think so, I had a 240mm rad in the roof and front both 30mm thickness and I couldn't fit a fan on the back so I very much doubt there would be ample room for a 120. I would suggest just using 2 240 rads instead if you have the option.
  8. Woooo! I was in the screenshot you made of the forum members yay I love the 'community' we have here on the forums and on the channels, there's really nothing like it! Thanks for absolutely everything, I really can't wait to see the watercooled house set-up all fits together!!
  9. This is extremely awesome man, I love the infinite detail you're going into with every part and mod. The painting of the I/0 shield is great and has definitely given me some inspiration for my next build
  10. My list is really small -GT 430 -GTX 660 -GTX780 -R9 290x cf (Just purchased )
  11. Buy some heat resistant spray paint and do it that way. Typically the type they use on car engines and such, I've done it on a MSI Z87M and it works perfectly with no loss of heat dissipation.
  12. It looks as if they use the EK res holders to attach it to the case. You can find them on EK's website here: http://www.ekwb.com/shop/reservoirs-and-acc/reservoir-acc/ek-res-x3-holder-60mm-2pcs.html
  13. Originally I measured the thickness of the block which is around 16mm. But the height of the fc link you pointed out is 25mm. I'll attach a picture to show what I mean: http://imgur.com/EXIxtOF