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    intel I7
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    12gb DDR3
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    MSI gt60 laptop
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    1tb raid 0 HDD 128 boot SSD
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    Corsair K95
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    Razer Oroborous
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    AKG k240 monitors
  1. I do software support for Samsung, you can get viruses BUT like others have mentioned, just keep things legit and download apps from either google play store, amazon, or galaxy apps and you will be good. Of the thousands of phones I have looked at over my time I have only seen maybe 6 viruses. If you are scared that you may have a virus, run avast and malwarebyte as well as bring your phone to a local Samsung store (if you do not have one, there are ones in all Best Buys as well) and the Sam rep can run it though his computer and it will delete the ENTIRE OS and reinstall a fresh clean one on it (you lose none of your personal data and setting) and will reinstall a fresh and clean version of the OS to your phone, at that point you have validated that the OS is virus free as well as the user partition. If you find that you do get a virus/ransomware/malware you can boot your phone into safe mode (power off device, wait 2 mins, power on while holding the volume down and power key, once splash screen pops up let go of power button while still holding vol down until you get to the lock screen and you should be in safe mode.) once in safe mode you then could uninstall any apps. In safe mode it runs ONLY 1st party apps (samsung and google apps)
  2. I have a 64GB thumb drive that I am looking to boot multiple OS's off of. I have my PC running some of these with way to many partitions (and broken code) and I am trying to clean up things down to maybe one or two partitions to make there be less confusing for me and my family. Looking for a boot loader with a nice looking GUI too OS list: -Ubuntu Studio 15.10 and 14.04.4 -Ubuntu Mate 15.10 (trying it out) -Ubuntu 15.10 -SteamOS -Chromium -RemixOS -Solus -ElementaryOS 0.3.2 (trying it out) -ArchLinux (trying it out) -Windows 10 -Windows 7 Programs I have tried: -Yumi PenDrive -Rufus -Easy2Boot -XBoot All with no luck.
  3. I was in best but the other day looking for something and heard one of the customers asking about when they where going to get the apple watch and the woman who had asked was sad to be informed that it was not out yet. I then mentioned "there are a few amazing smartwatches on the market already like the lg g watch R" pointing to my wrist by which she responded " yes but apple didn't make it" by which I responded "well apple doesn't make there phones either" she didn't know what to say.
  4. Necro, sorry. Razer ouroboros. If you remove the wrist wrest its even better and if usingin wire mode you can remove the battery to lose weight.
  5. I've built a mineral oilled PC for a client a couple years ago, it was 2 computers in a partition behind 200 gallon fish tank. One computer was a htpc for his projector and the other was originally a gaming PC but the heat kept killing fish so it was converted to be a htpc as well to keep loads light. Another thing we found out you have to do is make sure the rads are located behind dont viberate the entire tank otherwise it stresses the fish. Total cost was around $40,000 8 6 years ago. Would NEVER recommend doing it. Its my most hated client computer. This is an entry. Would love to build a simple mineral oil build. I wish patent trolls where not a thing, good luck to you guys.
  6. I love the fact that its waterproof. I have lost a LG G2 at work because it wasnt waterproof
  7. I love the removable battery on this model. It is a godsend if you are rooting to be able to pull the battery or if you drop it in water. And the ability expand the memory (which you couldnt on the LG G2) is amazing too. though I do wish it came with wireless charging and NFC like in the G2 out of the box
  8. just now getting started on the build had car problems. A woman cut me off while riding my motorcycle, I was forced to T-bone her
  9. I purchased a MSI GT60 From online because of Linus' love for it in the unboxing. It came with 1tb of space (2 WD 2.5 HDD at 500gb each) I am wanting to replace the ODD for one of the HDD and put a SSD in slot one, but there is a warranty sticker in the way and I do not know where to get it upgraded without voiding the warranty. I have a 64gb flash drive as well as a 16gb for school stuff. I use the 16gb for letting people hold, I.E. teachers, friends, or co-workers who need files from me or vise versa. The 64gb is for trading stuff for my personal use. My fiance has a Toshiba satellite that has a 250gb hhd. I run a 64gb flash drive as my "home drive" that I have connected to my router. I have a 1tb 2.5 HDD from WD in my PS3 from when I used to console game.
  10. yea, the queen is hot. have you seen her new hairstyle?
  11. My sad story is my mouse can't handle the DPI I need so I am forced to replace it. http://www.goods2purchase.com/microsoft-microsoft-d6600036-wheel-mouse-p-6565.html nine or so years of use out of this mouse. still love it and I do not know what to do with it. I had just ordered the Ouroboros and I am actually scared that I might go back to this mouse -_-
  12. I have found the keys but.... theres a prombem. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Custom-Made-Maple-Wood-Keyboard-Cherry-Mechanical-MX-/140343171360?pt=PCA_Mice_Trackballs&hash=item20ad1ad920
  13. after much searching on the google, WHERE DOSE ONE BUY THIS -head desk-
  14. the ones at work are proprietary connections
  15. This case is my love. My wife is actually jealous of this case. I want one lol