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    Don't pay attention to my name. I'm not a boss.
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    New Zealand
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    Lots of different stuff
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    Just a dude
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    It's in my name


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    Intel Core i5 4670k @4.5Ghz
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    Asus Gryphon Z87
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    16GB GSkill
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    EVGA Superclocked GTX 960 4GB
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    Corsair 300D
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    256GB Samsung 840 EVO
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    550W Seasonic Powersupply
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    Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO
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    Razer BlackWidow 2013
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    Logitech G402
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    Windows 10 Pro 64-bit

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  1. Mike_The_B0ss

    YouTube changes it's Community Guidelines strike system

    I hope whatever revisions they've made help the current crisis many Youtubers are experiencing. But mostly, the Verge used to be such a good source of technology news, they used to be really reputable. Now they've just been thrown into the dump, and I understand what's happened and I understand why. It just surprises me that I've not been on the forum in about 2 years and I returned and back then the Verge was considered a really good source, and now it's considered an abhorrent one. Shame they ruined their reputation.
  2. Mike_The_B0ss

    Windows Server 2019 Help

    So, I think it's best I try to highlight everything since you might've missed something. In fact, I guarantee this whole problem is just because you overlooked something simple and so it's important we highlight every possible step to raise awareness as to what that might be. The easiest way we can tell if your ISP has natted your network is by hosting a simple server like a web server from the host server and port forwarding it, and if you cannot connect to it from the external IP address then, there is something wrong with your WAN setup, or your ISP has your network behind a locked NAT. So, you've made sure you have your adapter bridged as a physical adapter on the server, you've also made sure the VM is accessible from outside the server by being able to ping the server across the LAN and that the Minecraft server works and is not blocked by the Windows Firewall by being able to play over LAN. So, this means the problem has got to be between the router and the VM. It's worthwhile disabling the Windows Firewall for a period because it might be blocking any external addresses connecting to your server, and make sure the rules on your router point to the VM's IP address, and that they are enabled, and then connect to the server via the external IP address. I'm sure you know how it works, I just want to make it absolutely specific for the purposes of troubleshooting. Lastly, check over the minecraft server configs and make sure there's no option set for blocking external IP addresses from connecting. If you do all of this and you still can't connect I don't know how to help you. There is software called Hamachi that's pretty much a VPN over Teredo, meaning it doesn't require any port forwarding, but it needs clients to all connect to each other and can lead to your friends access to your whole LAN, and that's not really what you want. Otherwise, you'll have to setup a VPN through something like SoftEther which isn't too hard to do either, and use that. The problem is it would be slower, but in good news if you configure it properly your network would be more secure from the outside.
  3. Lol - dat profile pic xD 

  4. Ransomware is still very active, I know a company I was working for previously got an attack on one of it's endpoint customers. Very hard to block too, because modern behaviour blockers cannot find it in enough time it takes to encrypt one library. Your best hope is using some file locking tool. I would even go as far as to say, Ransomware is becoming one of the most common malware forms out today. Not surprising considering how much it makes cyber-criminals.
  5. Mike_The_B0ss

    New SSD

    This where cloning software comes in. The best way to do this would be to buy a Sata adapter so you can plug your SSD in through USB. Then you can boot from cloning software and clone the HDD to the SSD. if you can't do this you can clone the HDD to an external hard drive, and then replace the HDD with the SSD, and clone the external hard drive to the SSD. To do this you'd need some cloning software, Clone Zilla is great for this. Keep in mind you'll need to have a USB Drive so you can put Clone Zilla onto it, and boot from it into the clone zilla live environment. http://www.clonezilla.org/ Alternatively, if you don't mind reinstalling Windows, you can create a Windows System Image of the drive. You can do this by going to Windows Backup in control panel, and clicking create system image. After plugging in the SSD, during the Windows Install Process you can choose to restore from a system image.
  6. Mike_The_B0ss

    File sharing problem

    I assume you mean a homegroup? To create a homegroup you should set all your computer's network location to home in your LAN. Windows 10 I believe automatically sets the network location to public, you can go to network in file explorer, it will scan for network clients, and a yellow bar will popup, you can click on this and choose to set the network location to home. After that you can go to Control Panel > Network > Homegroup. Here it should find homegroups in your network, and ask for a password. I'm not 100% sure but I wouldn't be surprised if different versions of Windows might have trouble all connecting into the same Homegroup.
  7. Mike_The_B0ss

    Razer launched "Gaming" oriented WiFi Router

    To be honest, this doesn't look like a bad router. The bad part is this will probably be massively overpriced and bring almost or literally nothing that other 802.11AC wireless routers could bring. The IEEE 802.11 standards have theoretical maximum speeds, the 2400 you see is just other atenas they add to make it sound faster, no matter what you use you are limited to 1gbps. For the same price as this router you could probably get a really solid access point and a fairly decent standalone router with QoS and all that. Better off to get some solid network gear and do it yourself than buy some overrated router. I actually like some of Razer's products, but I don't think this gaming router will sell very well, considering most people that fall for the hype don't even know much about networking, they just want an awesome gaming setup.
  8. Mike_The_B0ss

    How much money does a sponsor give to LMG?

    Well my best guess would be that LTT makes quite a decent amount in sponsor money. My guess is they make around $250,000 annually from sponsors. I would imagine they also make money from floatplane and advertising here on their forum. My guess is LinusTechTips does take a decent amount to run, they probably have to rent a pretty high-power server for the forum, or host it in house which probably wouldn't be the best idea for privacy & security concerns (as well as redundancy and uptime). The deal is we have to consider all of the resources they must maintain to continue running, including staff, servers, video equipment, rent (the warehouse). However, we also shouldn't deny the possibility that LinusTechTips might potentially have sold off shares, and thus have corperate investors (like perhaps some of the sponsors) or they might own other investments like third party businesses, or own shares in retailers (perhaps LTT owns a small portion of NCIX?) This is pure speculation, so don't take any of this literally, just some things to consider. But my guess is $250,000 annually from sponsors.
  9. Mike_The_B0ss

    School gives me iss for being late?

    I don't really see the problem with a suspension for being late very often. I get it's tough, and I was often late for school myself, but when there is a time that is agreed upon (in the school contract) that you should be there by a certain time every day school is running it's not really out of the question to give a suspension. As far as I see it, it's the school vibes and the school itself. If its a prestigious school that wants every student to perform very well, then perhaps go to another school. My highschool didn't care whether I was there or not and as a result I skipped most of my classes, many passed but didn't become super successful afterwards. So, you should actually thank your school for pushing for success for all of it's students.
  10. Mike_The_B0ss

    school project poll: the future of the internet

    I think it's impossible to say in the far future there won't be one government or at least council ruling over the entire globe, it's almost the case already. And as a result I expect one or possible up to 5-10 ISPS to rule over all the global internet connectivity, as services to the government. I believe internet will be much faster and internet privacy will be totally ruined. I expect the internet to be like television. Where it's not measured in speeds, but by access to services. And I think hosting a website will require a license and a domain will have to be purchased from a provider that has a license from the government.
  11. Mike_The_B0ss


    I own my own weight set, and believe me. I think all of us get curious at what our penis could (or couldn't) fit into. Call me weird, but I KNOW every dude asks the question "Can I fit it in? " You have to be REALLY weird to stick your penis into a dumbbell weight AT THE GYM. It was only 2.5kg so it is highly likely he was just starting out weight lifting (experienced gym-goers often use 5-10kg+ weights). Or perhaps he was trying to strengthen his penis, perhaps he wanted to improve his firing range? Perhaps he wanted to impress his friends with 10meter longshot? And let me tell you, if my you know what could fire 2.5kg I consider that quite a feat too, and although I wouldn't go as far as sticking it into a dumbell weight at the local sports center, I would definitely have the thought. Although I can blame him for his lack of inhibition, I can also appreciate his ambition to improve his performance in the bedroom. And although he failed, definitely deserves a participation medal.
  12. Mike_The_B0ss

    Driver Software

    Unless they are on the motherboard or PC manufacturer website, you don't need them. Believe me, those driver updaters will only slow you down and ruin your system. If you want to try some all you need to do is a simple google search. I refuse to list any here, I feel that I would be endorsing them, and I absolutely do not endorse ANY driver scanning & updating utility.
  13. Mike_The_B0ss

    Girl I like won't text me back.

    Haha. No if you're happy and unobstructed that's all that matters (and of course your partner is too). I don't take alpha, beta omegas etc litterally as such, but I look at them as roles we play in social situations. And what general orientation your personality is. I don't like how it's applied in culture. It's wrong. Betas are not weak, or pushovers. They just don't take social leadership positions naturally. In fact, I wouldn't consider 'players' alphas either. Players are sexualised omegas, the alphas are at get togethers, hanging out, working out, building a business etc. Yes. Otherwise it's litterally the definition of co-dependence. Not good.
  14. Mike_The_B0ss

    Girl I like won't text me back.

    It's because it grows your independence. Essentially, that means that you realise you are more important, and you become more confident in yourself. We are taught to lay a red carpet for women, and to watch TV, listen to music like 'normal' people instead of pushing our physical and mental bodies to the extreme. And become our best selves. Travelling clears up the bullshit and makes you tougher. Let me give you advice, never let yourself get comfortable. If you play games for comfort, remove them, if you are fat, work out, if you are scared of fighting, study martial arts. that imo is what it means to be a man. I never had a man in my life. I had to find the definition myself. yes, that's a good relationship. It's also important (not only for you, for everyone) to know we have different personalities. And that's fine. If we were all alphas we would be dumb, driven and angry, like Donald Trump. Remember, it's the betas who invented great technology, pushed the core of society forward. Yes, and you making yourself unimportant. Like stand some ground, put your pedestal higher. You think a girl or guy wants to be a mom or superwoman and do or push everything? Fuck no. I don't mean to offend but I think you still have to find your independence. Don't swear To get in a relationship after a certain point. Swear after a certain point you will be strong, fit, working out and be completely driven to do what you want to do. Always put your respect high, your value higher, and your tolerance for being stepped over low.
  15. Mike_The_B0ss

    Girl I like won't text me back.

    I'm gonna give geniune advice. You can get into a relationship through being a pushover, and I got laid even when I was a pushover. But here's the deal: if you worry about not getting a kiss then you are doing it wrong. If you want to be in a 1 week relationship then go ahead, but if you want to be in a successful relationship you need to stop worrying about girls and worry about yourself. Workout, bike, read, idk whatever your hobbies are. Focus on yourself. Every girl I ever got with while actually being concerned about girls has been a horrible relationship. Yet if you just don't give a damn, you get into better relationships, and I even get asked out. But here's the deal, I'm focused on working out, writing my book, and nailing college that I decline. You should be at that stage if you want a successful relationship. This might seem super bossy, but it's true. And I was raised by a single mother, I was taught I should be in a relationship and should be highly chivalrous. But while I respect everyone, I don't care about girls or guys as much as myself. And as a result I get greater respect from everyone. Ive reached that stage, and no matter whether you are like this or not, this is for everyone who was like me. Someone who gave a shit about girls to the point I wanted a relationship. As a result I let myself down, when I left high school I started focusing on my life. And people respect me for that, because I've improved myself. girls want someone respectful and important. And if you act like their more important than you then your effectively a grain of sand on a damn beach. This is true advice, take it or leave it but it's from my heart.