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  1. I do that. I legit got a popup saying my ram was low and I had about 8 chrome windows opens maxed out with tabs. Instead of adding bookmarks I just keep the tab open. And I never shutdown my computer. So after like a month it's REALLY BAD
  2. Logitech (headset had major issues, low quality but expensive keyboard) Razer (not hardware, but software is rubbish in my opinion) Any brand of android phone other than nexus (because of slow updates) Linksys (routers are horrendous) Online courses (so many I haven't watched D: ) and of course if it was tech related I would add fast food to this. That stuff is so rubbish, and I'm so against it.
  3. That is so strange... 🤔 Comcast should do something about it. You should record the call just to make sure, and ask to speak to a level 2 or higher technical person and tell them your issue. Are you using a static public IP address? And have you allowed any ports through your firewall? You should check the IDS logs and check to see if the attack changed when you set the firewall to drop pings. Unless you purchased a dedicated firewall there isn't really any way you can block this without Comcast's help, esspecially if you don't have the ability to block services on your modem router. It should at least have flood protection. The truth about Comodo Firewall, is that in recent years it's downgraded majorly. And I'd say you'd be better off with Windows Firewall. Before you call Comcast you should have all your logs ready so an experienced technician can understand what is happening. Sorry I can't help you more. Most of the victim-side DOS mitigation is using dedicated appliances because it's using protocols and algorythms for detecting dos
  4. Not really, I know a lot of security people. Including people who work at CERT NZ. Cert is a cyber response agency. Most of the people here I know are in security got there from experience. They are just good software and networking people who are passionate about security. If you want to get into ethical hacking my advice is to read about a book on CEH, and just get good at actually pen testing. If you want to be a security analyst or a security consultant or something go ahead. But my advice is to just learn and see where you go. Security is very intensive. I'm a shitty security person, I'm not an amazing programmer who attends hackathons often, although I do go to watch my mates. (I'm a retard) But I'm just offering advice from what I've seen. Grab a programming language, develop cool and funky programs. And just get into IT and see where it leads.
  5. As long as you keep your computer disconnected from the internet it can't do anything. I had some awesome reply about carefully taking the hard drive apart and throwing the platters into a fire but I didnt get to post it
  6. First of all, welcome to the forum. I suggest you read the forum community guidelines and that you put your posts in the correct sub forums. Because people might not be able to find your post and give you help unless it's in the related sub forum. For some reason when I run a virtual machine it doesn't show up either. But my suggestion is to restart your computer and post another screenshot of task manager resources page please. The important thing is to see if rebooting fixes the problem, since it clears RAM.
  7. I'm an aspiring IT worker, heard it was stressful, so it would make sense. I think though there is a point that everyone has had enough. You don't have to stop being in tech, maybe just stop support. If you've built up a good amount of savings. Perhaps writing technology books, or doing courses stuff along those lines? It sounds like you've got a decent amount of experience. And while it's hard work it lets you stay at home and have fun teaching the subjects you want to teach. There are many institutions that teach experience and have tutors that have real industry experience. You could look around for community colleges or private institutions, many of them have pre-written course material and you just help out with things students might have. I know these are still support roles which isn't what you want. The only one who can really decide is yourself, so ask yourself what you truly want to do. And put aside all the fact whether it's possible or not and just think about it. Because even if it's not realistic it will lead you to where you want to go. I've always wanted to write books, write courses, and get into sales & network marketing. I got offered a position at a company called Enagic, but I'm too young, and it's easy being in the safe zone. So old, or young, break out of it and truly enjoy life. You can, I know of people who were 60 years old when they started their business and are living a very nice life today. In fact, a couple my mom knows, the husband had an accident while scuba diving, and they run a store. And they were both guttered, he decided to sell his store and get into network marketing. Now they are both in their 70's and literally make 6 figures a month. So it doesn't depend how old you are, it matters WHAT you do, and HOW you do it. So your life is what you make it. I know it's poorly explained but it's true. Yes. I've had a very rough upbringing. I'm in college after I dropped out of school with terrible grades running a student loan and student allowance. I'm making the most of the situation I can, since the age of 11, I've had no help, no guidance. I've had to make it on my own, and just find my own mentors, push my way through. I'm damn lucky I'm where I am now, I should be on the streets homeless. I'm a big believer in working toward your dreams. It's all about work ethic in the end, if you suck at working then you're probably not gonna achieve anything. If you work endlessly for a goal you want to achieve with all your heart you have a good chance of making it. Everyone today seems to be lazy and fat, so it's pretty easy to stand out with a good work ethic.
  8. Yes, I'm not sure if Windows 10 supports legacy BIOS or not, if it doesn't work then try Server 2008? Good luck.
  9. I wouldn't necessarily agree. Wazniak knew what he was getting himself into. It just wasn't heading where he wanted it to, and so he left. And Steve went on without him. Wazniak still got rich because he owned stock in Apple. I think more, you need someone that has a direction and goes into it. Too many companies are generalised and that's a problem. Companies need to target a specific audience. That can grow the bigger you get. Microsoft first targeted businesses and workaholics, and Apple targeted consumers. Elon Musk is just all over the place but his first product was specifically targeted at something too. I fucked up a lot in my life, but I learnt from those experiences and so with my business experience. Someone who yells and is clear even isn't the solution. It's a clear direction, specified and followed exclusively by a clear and authoritive CEO
  10. Register it on as many dodgy sites as possible. Try to seem like a real person. You know those weird survey ads? If you put your email in those you'll start receiving spam. My advice would be to use a virtual machine running exclusively through a VPN tunnel. Because who knows what kind of weird stuff might be downloading to your computer on those weird, cringy sites.
  11. I wasn't meaning that, I was just talking about using a good password. Because most hacks involving passwords without a leaked database are normally from a password database and cracker. Which can be mitigated by using a good password and changing it every 90-180 days. That is a serious problem. They need to update their security standards. There was a guy who made a test setup (home system specs) and cracked passwords 20 characters long. Not even normal ones either within a day. So, quite bad.
  12. And this is on a different subject, but I assume you are allowing the connection from WAN? This would mean you allowed the port over WAN (you should just specify a source address in the port triggering table) or you are using a DMZ. Which isn't a very good idea. Hope you've got your issue sorted. (You could try making a VM with Pfsense and set it as the default gateway, and route the WAN connection on the VM bridged through your physical adapter to your internet?)
  13. Well to be honest, that's just inefficient. You should disable the old rule at least, there could be some collision going on. Telling the firewall to allow all IPs and block all of them might have undesired effects, I've never tried it. My suggestion would just be to disable the rule if you don't want to touch it, and make a new rule that just allows the port(s) for one IP address. Otherwise you could just change the rule you already have setup and set it to only apply to the IP.
  14. Yup, I agree with @KuJoe, If you used a good password that was 16 characters+, had lower + upper case, and numbers then someone must've hacked Origin's database or hacked another account, or something along those lines. I don't think that happened. So I think the most likely, is you were just using a really bad password that is in many password databases. Please use something unique, with at least 16 characters. You need to remember, it's more about length. A 40 character password of just words with a few numbers and a symbol is far better than a randomized 10 character password. It's algorithmic. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  15. Well, I wouldn't suggest trying. Most (even modern) hacking tools raise red flags so big you can't even see the bloody sky. I don't condone illegally hacking. But there is a humble book bundle for security on right now which includes CEH (certified ethical hacker) if you want to learn to hack ethically, Even if you wanted to hack into it, unless you had years of experience you would get charged and probably get a fine, or worse go to prison if you tried to do something like actually manipulate the terminal behind the machine. Sorry, just rambling.