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  1. Because I too live in India(I am a student, travel from Canada to India every year) and I have used both the laptops when I was planning to get one for myself. But I jumped the gun and went and got a MacBook 16inch because I already have a very capable windows system.
  2. Get a 1660ti and you will be good. Hackintosh I won't touch given you are asking about what is to use. I would go either Ubuntu or lame old windows
  3. That maybe due to a bad hdmi... If the problem continues try using your pc without your graphics card.
  4. Did it work? The other guy was facing the opposite problem where in he plugged his headset it did a Bsod his was fixed with a fresh install of windows...
  5. Well I would have recommended you the 16inch Mac book pro if it wasn't that expensive. How much is the gfx for? Any wifi card would do personally i am always hardwired but a USB would be NICE. Ubuntu has the most number of software for it and is the most popular but mint is also a nice option
  6. Most cracks create some kind of a problem. I still suggest downloading a fresh copy and using the key method.90% of the times it won't cause the watermark. And by doing so you will be sure that your hardware is good and if the watermark do appears you will just have to try another key from the net or buy a 10$ one from kinguin or anyother site of your choice.
  7. This is a common issue with cracked windows same issue happened to someone also about a month ago I suggest downloading the original windows from their site and getting a free genuine key from one of the sites there are hundreds and work flawlessly his issue was also resolved after this. I had a similar issue with my build too when i made mine. These "original" windows don't fail and even get updates. cracked ones have one thing or the other messed up. If it wast bsod then maybe low framerate lagging games or even sometimes not full utilization of hardware occurs.
  8. I doubt it's related to cpu GPU or memory I suspect some sort of hard drive problem run crystal disk and check the health of drives make sure they all are good. Also what windows are you running like cracked one or original?
  9. I was thinking to get the EdgeRouter X and configuring sub interfaces on it to its physical ports and just connecting it to my separate switches for cameras and main network will that work. Because a L3 switch will also do a similar thing virtually dividing the switch. But in my case I already have 3 seperate switchs for all the 3 seperate networks but till now they were connected directly to my Router without sub interfaces.....
  10. Um UDM Pro doesn't have a L3 switch and I already have Cisco APs not really into Ubiquiti to be really honest
  11. Not a lot I need 4 at any point in my network so the cheapest but the best one if that makes sense would be great for me
  12. Any suggestions which ones I should get?
  13. Any suggestions on what Router I can upgrade to and what switch I should get?
  14. Agent Crimson


    I need to setup VLans but don't really know how to. I tried to figure it out but got confused. The thing that question me is do I need to do some configuration on my router for VLans? My router is a really mediocre one the one which ISPs give was thinking to upgrade because whole network is full of expensive racks, Cisco switches and APs with a crap ton of cameras but I needed a stand alone unit can't use a server type machine for pfsense or other routing softwares. Also what would be a good around a 5 port level3+ network switch Vlan capable except Microtik
  15. OK so first issue is that the router is linksys instantly you can throw good networking into garbage. Now talking seriously did this issue arise after you started connecting your laptop or was there from the beginning?
  16. Thanks a lot anyway I will try doing vLans and hope to god it helps.
  17. I thought so and I was pretty certain that might be the case but yhe NVR and the cameras are all on static IPs NVR being on 192.168.0. 110 and cameras being 192.168.0. 111 and so on. The model number for the NVR is Hikvision DS-7616NI-Q2. The NVR and Cameras are 4k but are being used at 720p for the moment. Also when I did the setup for the NVR and the cameras the moment the camera were connected my net would stop working like everything on the switch will refuse to connect to net but cameras and nvr would talk normally when I connected it to the isp provided switch router modem combo unit it even made the modem lose connection. And few restarts later it fixed it on its own. It's very weird I checked all the IPs no IP is conflicting and the router and all the devices are also on the same IP series so I am really confused what the hell is going on. Like even if I used my cameras at full res but rate and framerate with everything turned on then also it would be no where near to maxout a gigabit link. I just don't get that why is the camera traffic affecting my other devices.
  18. Power is definitely not a problem because the same problem occurs if even I use a 1m cat 6 cable. Will VLans help in performance as I said before the switches for my main network and cameras are different so I just need to set my router to separate these networks.
  19. Will setting up vLans on his switch router combo help? As the switches are not smart I can just plug all of non camera equipment in one group and all the camera ones in another group. I can also add a bandwidth limit to the uplink the nvr gets. The only issue is I don't know if his switch router combo supports vLans
  20. It does improve but not by a lot and all the cameras are just continuously pumping out data. What can I do? Do I need to somehow separate my cameras from my main network? Maybe assign a different series of Ips to camera so that they only talk to NVR and not my main network. But I think NVR take only one IP and don't work by taking different Ips for Cameras and different IP to connect to the net. If that makes sense
  21. Can't do that first both the switches are not managed switches second the router he is using is the modem router combo provided by ISP so it doesn't have protection against broadcast storm. Plus his house cameras you can say are monitored almost always over the net so if I somehow enabled protection against broadcast storm it would disable that port I. E basically cutting them of the net. Plus cameras spit data out continuously so you can and cannot say it's a broadcast storm because the packets are useful but I doubt that the gigabit links are the issue. 2Mp cameras can't saturate a gigabit link on 720p especially when they aren't maxed out.
  22. I recently deployed a 10 Camera NVR system at a friend's place and the moment I connect the Moment I connect the Nvr and the cameras to the main switch the network goes ham. Sometimes the network just refuses to work and when it does its slow as hell. Any suggestions what to do?. All Camera are 2 MP IP cameras (POE) Switch for Cameras and the main switch both are gigabit. The main internet coming from isp is 40down 8up.