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  1. I recently made a Plex server for myself and been getting a lot of use out of it but I have run into an issue, where do I download content which is digital only or is an exclusive lets say a Netflix original in full quality? I don't mind paying for it like some of the content was available to buy from google but you can only download it to 5 devices and its locked. Is there any place where I can buy all this media(NA and other regions too)?
  2. I am in lower mainland bc but I don’t want to buy a gpu just want to get the merch signed
  3. I am tired of the stupidity that the NVR do and just the sheer pain they have given me and my dad so I think I would go with a server if that is better. I have not tried blue iris and I wanted opinions on the software I should use, I have heard a lot about blue iris but I don't know how good their mobile app is. Apart from that I am not sure the hardware this will use. A gpu? If yes then I will have to look for a way to put one in the r720. I am not sure the NVRs don't tell jack. ERX says its around 200-300gb per day but the calculator says its 1.5tb per day. That is around 130
  4. R720 and R620 got em off of eBay a while back for pretty cheap. I was thinking because the billing software just generates a proprietary file for each day of billing, I can just backup that whole folder and then have another server in his home rack that gets those files from his office and hosts a backup copy of the exact same server from there. What do you think. And what do you think is a good software to do this in? I have that going for me that the cameras are not tied and are really open. Hikvision makes really good cameras and I have tried 4 nvrs (Hikvision, Dahua, CPPlu
  5. Its not that I don't know what I am doing, I just haven't played around with a lot of NVR stuff. Getting the billing software on cloud is quite expensive and I have a few servers laying around so I would prefer to use em instead. One is a Hikvision POE NVR and the other one is a Dahua Regular NVR. According to the calculator I need around 11Tb of storage without counting redundancy. Currently he has about 6Tb of non redundant storage in one NVR and 3Tb of non redundant in the other one. It shows temps around 88-90 and it also just stops quite oft
  6. Currently my Dad's business setup is quite jank, he runs a ubiquity edge router x at the heart of his network which frequently overheats and shutsoff, apart from that there are 40 IP cameras running from 2 different dedicated NVRs with their own phone apps to view and there is absolutely no redundancy of any video, the business billing software server runs on his personal computer with no redundancy what so ever and there are 2 computers which connect to that to bill and do accounting stuff. Should I make him a unified server for all the security cameras with data redundancy and a
  7. Photos are the main priority but if it can also do contacts and WhatsApp conversations that would be perfect
  8. So I am planning to make a new NAS for my whole house that backs up not just the laptops and PCs but also the phones. I was trying to find a way but I was unable to find any solution that backs up IOS and Android. Do you all know of any piece of software that does this? I do not want to buy a synology NAS I think they have a tool though. Edit. Pictures are the only thing I really need on the Phones
  9. I got this mouse about 2-3 months ago and the left click has stopped working properly for some reason. This is the second Logitech mouse this has happened to. Is it something to do with travelling with the mouse in my bag? Or is it something else? It only happened with the left click everything else is flawless(In both the mice). Also is there a fix I can do for it? I don't want to buy another mice and I cant do a rma on it because I am not in the country where I bought it
  10. This is only when the ISP-box is not in bridge mode right? If I have the ISP-box in bridge mode then I don't need to port forward on the ISP one cuz then its only acting as a modem and the main router/firewall is the only one that needs the port forwarding
  11. No but I want to use ERX as my main and use the ISP one just as a wan modem
  12. I have a weird setup for my home network. I have a super crappy ISP provided modem, router, wifi combo and also have 32 cameras and over 25 devices running at a time so I put a ERX in front of the modem and also made VLans in the ERX to separate the Cam network from my main home network. Now what I am unable to do is I want to configure the ERX such that the Cam VLan cannot access my Home VLan but can access the internet and I want my House VLan to access everything. The config I tried right now does not do this and allows we to access both the networks. Also the ISP provided modem router is a
  13. Update: So I checked out Donut's suggestions and he was correct the routers do mention 10/100 on the lan and wan ports so I am out of luck with those. Now I don't want to spend 500$+ on access points like in my office so any suggestions for good Wifi Routers for around 100$.
  14. Using speed test as well as the status leds on the modem lets me know if the connected device is using 10/100 or 10/100/1000
  15. I am using a weirdo Accesspoint, Router, Modem combo from the ISP I needed to extend my wifi through out the house so I bought a few TP-Link 5Ghz Wifi Routers to do that I made one of the Routers as my main router and used rest of them as access points. Now my modem does not negotiate a full gigabit throughput to the main router hence capping my whole network to 100Mbps but connecting to the modem directly gets me the full 1000 Mbps how can I fix this? Also I haven't turned the internal DHCP server of the ISP provided combo should I turn it off and use it solely as a modem or I sh
  16. Alex should do thermal upgrade for the DJI Digital Fpv system. The main problem with the system is that the main unit gets too hot so they can first try to upgrade the stock thermal goop with a premium interface then upgrade it with liquid metal and at last try to make a custom heatsink for it and even try to water cool it.
  17. I was wondering how NFC on new phones allow you to show a tag and let you turn on and off your flash, let you open camera etc. Is it possible to send that same string of code via WiFi?
  18. My pc turns on by itself even when like I physically removed the button to eliminate the faulty button. And after it turns on it turns off. It also turns off when I myself start it up it just boots into windows and then shuts off. I am running my computer on a UPS and the earth is also present. I have had a similar issue before with cooler master psu but it was just turning off which later on fried 2 CPUs and 1 mobo. What should I do I haven't been using it to save my other gear. The psu I am using rn is a rma unit from cooler master 650w unit mwe.... 80+ gold rated fully modular
  19. Its the TR2 S series of PSUs. The model number is TRS-0500P-2
  20. I have a pretty respectable backup PC but recently its 650W 80+ gold unit went bad. Now due to the on going pandemic I don't know how long it would take to get a new unit. I had a 500W Thermaltake PSU and was wondering if that would suffice my setup. My Setup is: i7 8700K 16Gb Ripjaws 5 MSI GTX 1080 500GB SSD 1TB WD Blue AIO Liquid Cooler I have RGB fans which came with the case and the liquid cooler and no external RGB strips or controllers.
  21. In today's vod linus refers to Alex's office in the Hacksmith Industries, has Alex left LTT for Hacksmith industries or that Alex is different?
  22. I gave my LTT name and folding name on the Google forms page but I still haven't received the key yet. It's been about 5 days now.