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    Somewhere in mexico, chillin' next to a cactus.
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    Gaming, Japanese culture, of corse Manga and Anime.
    I'm also learning how to draw.
    Like girls (especially the russians japanese and french)
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    Not alive came from CAT-NARAKU (hell/underworld of eternal damnation for evil kitties)
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    Now; working, tomorrow; who knows.


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    Intel Core i5-2450M 2.50 Ghz
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    8 Gb DDR3
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    Radeon HD 6750M
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    500 Gb + 7Gb SSD
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    Evil electric-goblins.
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    It burns my left hand as hell.
  • Keyboard
    Surprisely good.
  • Mouse
    Microsoft M200
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    Sounds great:)
  • Operating System
    Wndows 7 Ultimate x64
  1. Guys, i already installed flash, and it's still automatically redirecting me to that shit..... Plus, Chrome is already able to open youtube, does this mean Opera is infected?
  2. Hello, yesterday i posted about Avast antivirus being an asshole for not letting me into Youtube, then i deactivated it, retried, and this is what showed up, i downloaded that "Setup.exe" file, but when i looked for it to install, it didn't appear in the folder, then i reactivated Avast, ran it in my Downloads folder and it detected the setup.exe file as a malware, i'm really confused at this point, as you can see, that doesn't look neither like youtube or flash's download page, yesterday, that message appeared in spanish, but now it's in english, i'll leave you the screenshot for further info, plz help, i need youtube to study and don't want to format this thing again
  3. Hi, i just arrived home, turned my pc on and i'm having troubles with avast antivirus, when i try to play any video on youtube it blocks it and says it's a threat and won't play anything, also, facebook's chat doesn't show, i've had some issues since i installed Windows 8.1 on this lap 3 weeks ago, but this is the first time such a thing happens, got any lead? I'm using Opera browser BTW...
  4. Thanks, i'll need it in case Win 8.1 turns out to be a bigger pain in the ass as i thought.
  5. My personal Jesus...now it looks just as pretty as before, thank you. That's sex slaves i think...anyway, animated prostitution is a great hack to avoid going to jail or paying fines when you "accidentally" kill someone...
  6. When you use hardware acceleration in both your Internet Browser and Video Converter at the same time.... PD: I'm the guy with the sandwich.
  7. Hi everyone, i just formated my Laptop to change from Win 7 to Win 8.1 and despite having some minor bugs and overall reduced performance (KM player can't play anything without green frames) i really like the looks and functions of this OS so i think i'll keep it for a while. Anyway, after installing Skyrim, next thing to do was modding, i thought i had saved my bookmarks of all the mods i had installed, but silly me, i saved the file in the main partition, so it flew away alongside with the last Windows installation. When i start Skyrim and click "continue" it says the save relies on content that is no longer available, i think that might be because i had installed the Claymore mod (weapon) that i don't really need and am not reinstalling anyway, but then i looked at my chick's face, and, lord isn't she ugly.....mouth is like a damn postbox, eyes' color doesn't match, and the "doll" face i spent hours working on is just gone as hard as i try i can't find, neither remember which mods exactly i had installed in my previous setup, my rig has not the horsepower in order to move any HQ textures or such, i don't remember installing any immersion mods other than STRANGER DANGER and REALISTIC CRIME RADIUS, so i ultimately focused pretty much only on the looks of the characters (females) to make it more enjoyable to undress death bandits and stuff LOL, the last mod i remember i used was something that allowed me to modify my character from the "showrace menu" with a lot of details, i could change mouth size, upper and lower lips width, eyecolor could be picked up from a palette and it even allowed me (as i remember) to change breast size, nipple color and many other things... I need to know what mods are missing in order to recover my beautiful-looking dragon slayer, but don't know how to, if anyone has an idea, it will be much appreciated, also, if you have any mods to improve female characters looks i'd accept them gladly :3 Here´s my last save i think that should be useful... https://mega.nz/#!3JomTITK!kYvGxC5UiUtUw7fMiivYMWrBBWFoPIwePHXb9EPSEAM https://mega.nz/#!KBgwHZwQ!y7ZrxSk4R33g0dRdvLHbVqlrSdRYLiyxkosSINTL8_o Thanks guys
  8. Cooler master's power supplies are both cheap and reliable....just sayin' Also, you didn't mention if you prefer AMD or Nvidia (which is why most of us read this)
  9. It certainly isn't and would probably kill most of my coworkers Pc's since the poor creatures have only crappy mobile Pentium and Celeron CPU's, and aero desktop has proven to be quite a challenge for those things. I feel kinda ashamed for not having figured it out before... :v
  10. Sure thing, i like to find people who appreciate Yandere girls beauty :3
  11. That's something pretty unexpected since it looks cool, mine is Win7 BTW.
  12. I apologize if someone's time is being lost by reading my post, but i find it very cool, it looks great and i didn't know it was there until now; one of the very first "Pc Hacks" i learned back in my childhood that still makes me look like such a pro in front of my friends, is navigating through any open program by pressing Alt+Tab instead of looking for them in the taskbar and using mouse to open it as mortals do, the discovery came when i pressed the "windows" key instead of "Alt" (first time i've ever missed the Alt key)...and the result was pretty satisfying this looks more impressive than my usual "trick" and i think i'll use it to pick up bitches from now on.