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About godsarmy

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    water cooling enthusiast
  • Birthday Feb 03, 1986

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    North Dakota, US
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    PLC programmer


  • CPU
    i7 4790k @ 4.5ghz
  • Motherboard
    rog impact VII
  • RAM
    16 gb
  • GPU
    titan z
  • Case
    custom danger den lan tower 450
  • Storage
    m.2 ssd 512gb samsung xp941
  • PSU
    850w strider silverstone
  • Display(s)
    rog swift
  • Cooling
    custom water cooled
  • Keyboard
    razer black widow
  • Mouse
  • Sound
    definitive tech, mythos 2's and super cube 2000 driven by a denon rcd-n7

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  1. Was also able to grab a nunu!! Stoked for this build!! Going to use gmk wavez, will have to wait for project keyboard to ship pcb and plate.
  2. Singa v3 GMK Violet Tendencies keycaps
  3. REDSUNS GMK RED SAMURAI KEYCAP SET singa v3 velvet keyboard
  4. matt3o nerd dsa keycap set elvish/english unikorn keyboard by singa and tgr
  5. GMK Violet Tendencies keycaps singa v3 keyboard
  6. dope im such a huge danger den fan! would be sick to see LTT check it out.
  7. Power supply came in, just waiting on cables. Also added a video to the thread
  8. upgraded, asus rog b450, 16 gb corsair pro's, and ek- velocity. new glass tubing was a super fun build to work on this week
  9. Ill look for it monday. If i find it DM me and ill send it, better to get used then sit in a closet.
  10. Long term not a fan, its sitting in my closet, gathering dust. The usb conection to the computer, along with drivers ended my like of the device.
  11. Hey guys! I ordered 2 spectre cases out of the first 10. 1 white, 1 black Spectre Build #1 (white case) Project Unicorn This will be my GF's build (she is super stoked) parts list 2950x asus x399 strix 32 gb corsair vengeance RGB pro white gtx 1080 ti 1tb samsung 970 evo M.2 2 - aquacomputer airplex radical radiators 2 - RGBpx splitty4 Aquacomputer 2 - Quadro smart fan and LED controller Aquacomputer 6 - corsair LL120 RGB fans 2 - RGB led strips PWM D5 This will be my first PC that i ha
  12. i ordered 2 right away. im not in any rush i know there a small company. im super stoked to see all the builds!! Is everyone going to do buildlogs?? also please only use the primochill vue for pics then flush and change. that stuff is no joke to clean!!
  13. It all started with a spare parts and a great black friday deal. I wanted to get my brother a pc for chrismas. So i did, 1600x, 1060, not a bad pc. He was hooked and needed it to be watercooled . So i gathered up spare parts and ordered a rad and res. 1600x 8gb ram (ordering 16gb rgb set) titan x pascal Moonlightmods case 256gb ssd silverstone 850 all glass tubing (mayhems) here is were the build sits right now. 9ABBF7DB-1FF9-499C-8343-EF33860FA8E7.mov