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  1. They probably got that time by turning on power saver and turning the screen brightness down because my pavilion doesn't get that
  2. Cam = crap Up core clock by 100 and go up from there that's what I do as for memory closed clock I can push +800mhz
  3. correct I got what I wanted and I didnt pay for the extra thing also if i contacted the seller they would ask for it back
  4. Thanks for the help looked on ebay for a hour and found nothing also dont have a xbox
  5. I ordered some stuff for my ps4 controller and I got everything I needed two days ago but then this came. Do you thing they screwed up and sent something random and if they did what is it. Btw got this off eBay from ep gaming supply
  6. It's trash build your own I've bought a prebuilt similar to this and it sucked monkey balls
  7. https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=1TS-001A-00997&cm_re=asus_1070_laptop-_-1TS-001A-00997-_-Product the look tho is kinda turning me off but the price tho on sale for 1,400 usd
  8. how much ram do you have now? also ram prices are high right now ssd would be better in the long run
  9. depends on the hardware takes a bit for me with a i5 and all
  10. does it come from the pump or is it from it sitting on metal or something? I had this problem before with pump I just had to deal with it as there was nothing to do
  11. I use this to track them http://www.nowinstock.net/computers/videocards/nvidia/gtx1080ti/ sold out everywhere
  12. I guess Im just lucky with Norton there are only a few times it deleted something I wanted which was something for nichhash didn't bother me to much tho
  13. Me personally would get the SLI but if you did sell your card you could sell it for way more from what I have seen
  14. I have never had any problems with anti virus software and games but it does sometimes control my pc a Little more then i want it to I buy nortan anti virus I do this because im lazy but before that I would just fresh install once every so often and ran scanners to scan once a week