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    Building computers, repairing electronics
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    I'm pretty lazy but needless to say I do have a heavy interest in technology. I'm thinking of becoming either an engineer or technician but for now I'm attending college to get my associates degree. I'm kind of stumped with my math course, so my life is still in question.
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    Amazon Warehouse Worker


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    Intel core i7 8700
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    Asus Strix H370-F
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    16GB DDR4 2666Mhz
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    GeForce RTX 3080 PNY 10GB
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    Corsair RGB Carbide Spec Omega
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    WD SN500 + Intel optane 16gb + 2TB WD Black 7200RPM + 2TB WD Blue 7200RPM
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    EVGA GA 850 WATT 80+ Gold Fully Modular
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    (1) MSI Optix G24C 1920 x 1080 144hz
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    Corsair H60 AIO + 6 120mm RGB Fans
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    Corsair K55 RGB Keyboard
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    Corsair RGB Harpoon mouse
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    Insignia soundbar 80 Watts
  • Operating System
    Windows 10 64bit
  • Laptop
    HP ENVY ep0098nr

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  1. Forgot to add I have 2TB HDDs now, one 3.5inch and one 2.5inch. The other drives are an sn500 wd blue and an Intel optane stick. I also have a PNY RTX 3080 not asus but should be the same.
  2. I recently bought a corsair RM750 and the rails seem better on the corsair than this power supply but I'm expecting to upgrade soon. I was worried about wattage with the new parts because they totaled 616 watts and my old bronze corsair 650w struggled with my current mid-high tower pc. The psus are obv different now. These are the parts I have now: PCPartPicker Part List Type Item Price CPU Intel Core i7-8700 3.2 GHz 6-Core Processor Purchased For $250.00
  3. I recently bought this power supply from microcenter and can't find any reviews on it so I'm assuming it's a new product that was produced recently. It's a Gskill gpx850g, at least that's the model name. Micro center reviews seem good except for one, but I don't live in the area where the micro center is so its not like I can return it if it doesn't work and would have to rely on warranty. Anybody with this psu and technical knowledge know if it's good just by the spec?
  4. I chose the ending where you bust into arasaka tower, not really gonna spoil anything there but I died ONCE from smasher and my "second heart" ability didn't work, I just died after getting blasted with missiles. Now everytime I load into any previous save my character just dies, telling me to load into another save. I really hope my entire playthrough isn't lost? Haven't jumped back onto the game, just outright quit the program, ill try it out to tomorrow but I don't expect any differences....really need help on this one.
  5. it was an open box pc so i think some other user might have done it though idk, at least the 3100 is faster than the 3200g, the gt 710 is a pretty shite gpu though but i mean nothing is really available atm. Think i should tell him to return it and get a better prebuilt? He might not like that idea though since he wanted the pc now.
  6. Update: turns out newegg lied and the pc didnt have a 3200g inside of it, it was swapped for a ryzen 3 3100 which doesnt have integrated graphics.
  7. I'll suggest both of these options to him and see what the outcome is. Though that'll be in a day or two since testing, updating everything, etc takes time. Ill leave the thread open for now.
  8. yeah thats what i was trying to tell him, he said he'd remove the gpu later. Though not sure if it'll just work if he plugs it into the hdmi port on the motherboard, theoretically it should, but it should also let him switch it even though he has it plugged into the gpu, no?
  9. I'm new to amd processors so im not familiar how to change this particular setting, google isnt helpful and my friend doesnt know how to switch it in bios. Its grayed out in his bios settings but his hdmi port is connected to the gt 710. Both the motherboard (asrock a320m) and cpu (amd ryzen 3200g) support video output of integrated graphics so I'm a bti confused as to why it wouldn't let him change it. Its an ibuypower pc.
  10. Also it seems that lowering the power consumption limit in msi afterburner is working so far + opening the window and turning of rgb lights reduced the heat, at least, to a bearable amount. So guess I need a new psu + better ventilation.
  11. Not sure about a window AC since I still live with my parents and at least one of them complains about the electric bill since my younger brother has an ac unit since his room has no internal ac. My PC + TV + Window AC unit + fridge, lots of power consumption. Though a ventilation hole maybe more feasible since I think that'll consume less power.
  12. Oh no my RAM is fine, the previous replier was confused as to what kind of RAM i was referring to that i had listed in my post. I was just saying that I should avoid the pro corsair RAM if i decide to upgrade my RAM in the future. As for the 3080, GPUs are hard to get as of present so i don't think it would be in my best interest to do so...so ill probably keep the 3080. But opening my window usually works, though not ideal, and i think different ways to increase the airflow in my room could benefit the temp. in here a lot. Maybe a fan window? Not sure though, as i dont want bugs racing ins
  13. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B077HYCZ4Q/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_fabc_izS4FbFMQF1EE I have this kind of RAM, and I didnt know the RGB Vengeance pro wasn't compatible with the Asus Strix H370-F...might have to avoid purchasing them in the future if I do upgrades.
  14. I'll look into it and see what my results are, and report it back here in a bit. But, heat is still of concern in the room. Other than increasing airflow in the room, wouldn't building a smaller pc produce less heat? Though, kind of a dumb question since wattage = heat output.