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  1. We would need a budget if you want the most performance for your buck. The laptop you have chosen will perform very well in Warzone but in my opinion, I would never get that laptop because of how 'gamery' it looks with all those red accents. If you want something more subtle (but will run hotter), you can get the MSI GS65 or you can spend more money and go for the MSI GS66.
  2. Since the Vivobook is a laptop and you cannot efficiently upgrade the GPU, I would suggest you learn to build a computer whenever you have the time and money.
  3. Is his monitor plugged into the correct gpu?
  4. I would always choose an NVMe since you can still get more than 500 GB with <150 dollars
  5. Firstly, how can you repurpose the CPU and GPU to a desktop? Aren't the parts from the laptop soldered onto the mobo of the laptop? Literally everything is different...?
  6. Jasun


    If it idles at those temperatures, you probably would need to take a look at your case ventilation. The temperatures aren't high enough to do any actual damage so at the current moment, there should be no problem.
  7. faulty psu? have you maybe switched out the psu to see if it issue still persists?
  8. and what's the reason? I just want to know why.
  9. Hey, so I'm planning to put liquid metal as my thermal paste in between my CPU / GPU and heatsink. I just want to know if anyone has already done this and can give me any suggestions. I know that it is dangerous (copper will be partly ruined from the gallium, short circuiting, etc.) but I'm willing to take that risk... for the temperature gains! (basically, don't tell me not to do it. unless there's a legit reason ty) :pp If anyone has done it with any other laptops, I just want to know how y'all did it and what the results were. Also, please give me tips on how
  10. You shouldn't really be worried about your desktop resolution ruining your battery life because the resolution only contributes to how many pixels your GPU has to render and even with an iGPU, that should be no problem. I would look into any specific background tasks that may be running and optimizing windows for battery. General Windows tips for longer battery: - turn on power saving mode (battery icon, drag all the way to left side) - lower brightness if possible - close all unneeded background programs (taskbar -> up arrow -> right click -> quit/close) -
  11. That's literally impossible sir. Explain to the someone that 4K at respectable speeds would need something more than £450.
  12. This is a solid build but if you want even faster speeds from your hard drive, buy an NVMe SSD.
  13. kochou shinobu?!?

    sorry i haven't been on LLT for a while and this is the first thing i see so i guess i gotta point that out.

    (also, i finished demon slayer like last week so that's cool ;)))

    1. Beef Boss

      Beef Boss

      Hihi! She's the waifu for a little while lol.I Don't really think it's over yet, is it?

    2. Jasun


      o I mean't the anime--season one. I also just got caught up to the manga (chapter 180) so that's cool. 

      are you updated with it? cause something not so great happens to someone ;((

  14. mInEcRaFt!111!! but honestly though, Minecraft has been given new life over the past year due to the general population playing it, growing up ? (ik it's not free but if you've spent that much money on games, you most definitely have minecraft--give it another shot)
  15. is your psu supplying enough power?