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    That one guy who still uses a Westmere cpu.
  • Birthday September 10

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    Cars and Tech
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    Teen in Sweden.
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    Intel i7 980x
  • Motherboard
    Rampage 3 Extreme
  • RAM
    24gb DDR3 at 1800mhz
  • GPU
    Gigabyte GTX 970
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    Custom built wood chassis.
  • Storage
    OCZ Trion 240GB SSD + 2TB Seagate Barracuda
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    Corsair CX 650
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    1440p/144hz/Freesync/IPS ASUS MG279Q
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    Corsair H60
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    Ducky mechanical something
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    Logitech G402
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    Grado SR60s / Logitech G430
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    Windows 10

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  1. TFW I poped into this forum again just to post this pic and someone beat me to it . You don't happen to read Jalopnik, do you?
  2. Thanks guys. I appreciate the responses. The more I get, the better my paper will be.
  3. Hi all, As a student of Global Politics in the last year of high school, one of the requirements for this course is that I do an “engagement activity”, in which I must interview 2 or more people who work within the field of politics, along with a general c consensus of the population/citizens. For my activity, I am interested in understanding the impact of social media on citizens' electoral choices. As such, I ask that you please answer the following few questions, and thank you for your time. https://forms.gle/788p9Ap2LfvrtuZTA
  4. @PandaCopyRight https://www.autoscout24.com/offers/audi-s4-3-0-tdi-quattro-bomvol-diesel-black-b3780586-3162-db23-e053-e250040a7a2e?cldtidx=5
  5. Not really. eBay parts are kinda cheap. Tho I'm sceptical of the quality... https://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/i.html?_sacat=174088&_from=R40&_trksid=p2499334.m4084.l1313.TR1.TRC0.A0.H0.Xc5+allroad.TRS0&_nkw=c5+allroad+air+suspension
  6. It's like the perfect car tbh. Air suspension is pretty nice to have. When it works... Awd+Audi+Wagon is looove. And the 2.7tt DI6eaI8XUAEQvnE (1).jpg_large Theres one from the @terrytekschool of stance.
  7. Panda, you have no reason to be ashamed of liking the 2.7tt, it's okay.
  8. Welp, update on the Audi. Turns out there were 2 o-rings.... Got it replaced and topped up today though. Also noticed a vaccume hose had a tear in it. Might explain why the turbo felt weird this last week....
  9. Good to know. It's getting towed to the mechanics tomorrow. Let's hope the engine didn't say bye bye...
  10. Doubt it. Would have noticed leaks this morning. Unless it was so minute that it was only building up in the undertray.
  11. Dude idk. Was done at a mechanics shop. Doubt it. Replaced a few days ago. What's weird is that it was fine for a few days. And it was driven for about 30 mins at like 80kph before the light came on.
  12. Had the oil on our Audi replaced a few days ago. Dad was driving home today when the oil light came on. He shut the car off, let it sit for a bit and started driving again. Then the light started flashing again. Got it into the garage and it's seems to have started leaking from the filter. Literally no oil on the dipstick... Let's just hope the 500 meters the engine was ran didn't fuck anything up...