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  1. actually both. If its a gaming oriented ryzen system it likes high-FREQUENCY en low-LATENCY Intel system dont really care, I guess. I'll add this too;
  2. Im a long term youtuber. But for some reason I have never seen Linus drop a HDD. Anyone? Linus? Stay Safe
  3. OP a poll would be nice to see what people think about this no? I strongly want all these lootbox-ideas erased, no exceptions a lootbox is in my perspective a slotmachine because it gives you a random outcome. I'm actually worried of the younger people since they are more effected and find it normal.
  4. searching in the darkest corners of the internet. no luck, no movie found *scared for life right now*
  5. Now I'm hoping for media critics to love the game but to rip a new hole to the marketing morons behind all this BS. I'm so glad I did not pre-order this game. Well, I guess I will be going to buy the "Ye old one-pack edition" later on.
  6. hmm, let me try that right now. *lifts feet to pc* *self destruct sequence activated* --_--"
  7. ok, I'm going to point the elephant in the room that everyone wants to know. If a pc has human parts....so whats the genitalia part? I have no shame.
  8. so $750 and $750 for peripherals? (thats a sweet-ass monitor you can get though)
  9. Bookmarked! I think I have something that I can work with. Im going to change the save locations to a DATA drive. Piece of paper with little instruction tips will help the user alot, they don't mind that at all they said. "Everything is Fine"
  10. Followup Question for gaming? Gaming in Full HD, 1440p or even 4K? because GTX 1080 on Full HD does not sound logic to me, get it.
  11. Oh those feels man, I feel you *hugs*
  12. Most common Question is: What are going to do with this new build? is for gaming? is it for only documentations? or for design work? or for even all these options? This gives us all a bit a sense what you are looking for. That is centre of al questions, i think. (Ryzen 5 is a very good choice)
  13. Hey thanks for the fast reply. sounds like I only have te re-locatie the videos, picture, music and documents folders to a DATA drive. Your also right on the paper part to help them, Im gonna try that. Thanks! More tips a are more then welcome!
  14. Hey everyone, remember remember the mistakes of User Errors. "the Parents PC" and I'm not talking about hardware but the software-part. Some people are walking User Errors behind a PC so i'm really helping/digging there mistakes out. The biggest problem I found helping User Errors are 2 main factors: 1. The main drive gets full. 2. "I lost a file and can't find it anymore" <-- wonderfull times So Im wondering are there tips, tricks, software-tools and or even user-based-friendly tips. What I'm actually really looking for is a way to make a "PC-Anti-User-Error-Free" but how hard is that? I hope this Topic can help other LTT-members. Pardon my engrish.
  15. Stadiz


    so....um....you let anyone else use your girlfriend? (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  16. Can I post something about serverrooms?