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  1. Do they still have the offline mode with scavs?
  2. Ok thanks, just haven't really noticed it before. I guess I just noticed it with a recent instability in a game, so I probably got suspicious.
  3. So I started to notice instability in a few of my games, like they would sometimes crash (no fps drops or spikes). I was pretty certain that I had a crypto currency miner, because that happened to me before, so I used task manager to investigate. It turns out that the processes 'Desktop Window Manager' and 'Client service runtime Process' both seem to be using 0.1% gpu when my mouse is idle, and the usage can spike over 5% when I'm moving tabs and mouse around my screen a lot. they also seem to use around 5% of my cpu when my mouse isn't moving. I'm pretty sure that that's not normal or is it?
  4. Is there like an in built windows feature or something that I can get so it will repetitively input certain keys from my keyboard into an app? Or do I have to learn some coding language and create something that will input the keys? If there are any tutorials pls link them.
  5. So should I try monitoring ram and see if that's the problem?
  6. My specs: cpu: ryzen 5 1400 (3.2 ghz quad core) gpu: gtx 1060 3gb (not overclocked) ram: 8gb dual channel ram (it's called corsair value pack or something) mobo: gigabyte GA-AB350-Gaming 3
  7. So I have a pretty new PC that's about 4 month old with a gtx 1060. Recently, I started experiencing huge FPS drops in games, for no reason. I checked my drivers, and they were fine. What I found out is that when I restart my PC (turn off the power supply) and start it back up, my games run fine. The problem goes away for some time, but then it always comes back a few days later. I was thinking maybe it was my OS because I don't see anything wrong with my graphics card, so maybe it's my OS that's causing the fps drops. Maybe i just need to dust my pc idk.
  8. I recently got ghost recon wildlands cracked from kaoskrew, and I've noticed that it runs like absolute crap even when I lower it down from optimised settings. I played other cracked games like just cause 3, and they seemed to run fine. So maybe I should look for a crack from someone else?
  9. I'm using an LG OLED tv. Maybe it's my internet bandwidth, it's something like 13mbs. But I can watch 4k videos on youtube on the tv.
  10. I recently subscribed to 4k netflix a few month ago, so I can watch some stuff in 4k on my 4k tv. I watched a few shows that were classified being 4k, but it looked nothing like 4k. I got no idea what the problem might be. My wifi can handle 4k.
  11. my case. No special materials, just ur average case
  12. I know they are all pretty expensive, but are there any 1080p gsync budget monitors? I don't really care about the refresh rate as long as it's 60hz or above.
  13. I actually fixed it. All I did was install a new driver and restarted my computer.