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  1. browsing on a browser can get tiresom atleast for me, your thoughts much appreciated.
  2. yes but its not satisfying enough, maybe we the community can come up with something,maybe he can make a video once a week resolving a few major issues the general community has been facing with their comouters
  3. ok, a few videos here and there i did enjoy back then but now it seems as if he no longer uses a computer with barely 1 computer related video every week. i like presumably everyone else here started following him for his computer enthusiast related videos but then now i barely see any. THIS IS NOT CRITICISM! THIS IS NOT RANTING! THIS IS ONLY A POST TO FIND OUT WHAT THE COMMUNITY THINKS!
  4. I don't use adblock for that one and only reason
  5. we already know that there a unit of measurement for compute power which is calculated in flops(gigaflops,teraflops) but what if there was a unit of measurement for graphics say gfxflops (or what ever you feel fits best) to measure the graphics of a game or a movie. we can say that battlefield 4 can produce the max graphics of 35 gfxflops at 3 teraflops at resolution of 1440p (for movies we cant really include the compute performance or the resolution but only describe the graphics in the movie or we can completely remove movies from the topic). this can be a great tool for describing the graphics to a person who has never seen the game in action. sometimes you cant judge the graphics just by looking at a video,can you? this unit can there be used to describe the graphics of that game. please share your thoughts below.and also feel free the include more such ideas in this thread.
  6. yes the build quality isn't great, but looking at few articles and subreddits, blue switches are the cheapest which might answer your question.
  7. its been in production for 2 decades now,dont you think any one would've realised it and no its not fake. they have cut down on expences so much that it is possible
  8. hey guys, im an currently using the razer lycosa mirror gaming keyboard which supposedly has 1000hz refesh rate and is one of the worst KEYBOARDS ive ever,EVER used and ive hated it ever since i got it and since i spent 5500INR or 93USD i didnt wanna abandon it and no one wanted to buy it off me i used it for almost a year. (enough ranting). a few days ago i stumbles upon a mechanical keyboard of a domestic brand(TVS) .its an indian brand offering a mechanical keyboad with cherryMX blue switches for a very very competetive price and has been in production for almost a decade. its a fairly simple keyboard with blue switches, no backlight, no media keys, ergonomic towards typing,no arm rest for just 1800INR thats is 30USD. no matter where i read all i can read is people praising it for being the perfect keyboard. i am a gamer hence it has a feature missing which is the 1000hz refresh rate (the only thing thats good in my lycosa mirror) and i wanna know is will it make any diffrence atall? and if it dosent ill throw my lycosa in the bin and go buy the keyboard immediately(link below).its called TVS bharat GOLD. please let me know. http://www.tvs-e.in/product.php?detid=38 ps:it has 8 key rollover which is more than sufficient for fps gaming. Pps:when i ment only positive reviews i didnt mean 100% positive,there have been negative reviews too saying its bulky and stuff.
  9. i think you guys haven't read it properly,its even present on Z97-A i think you guys haven't read it properly,its even present on Z97-A
  10. i think you guys haven't read it properly,its even present on Z97-A
  11. its been bugging me sinse the announcement of the ROG maximus VII hero motherboard that why did ASUS no impliment the sata express technology on one of their mainstream motherboards which are mostly known for their sheer performance capabilities. i mean even the asus z97-A has 2 sata express ports on it. any one got the answer. ps:yes ive checked it on their website aswell
  12. i have an asus H55Mlx motherboard and 2 HDD connected to in one being a 1tb hdd and other a 512gb hdd,i run an 13-540 cpu. now i would like to install a 60gb ssd to cache my 1tb hdd, can some one guied me through the whole process and wether my motherboard supports ssd caching. p.s.i would have bought an SSHD but im not looking for more mass storage.
  13. deepcool Z9 does a good job too