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    New Hampshire


  • CPU
    AMD FX-9370
  • Motherboard
    ASUS Crosshair V Formula-Z AM3+
  • RAM
    8GB G.SKILL DDR3 1600
  • GPU
    Sapphire R9 290 Vapor
  • Case
    Thermaltake Armor Revo Full Tower
  • Storage
    Samsung 840 EVO 250GB SSD, 1TB HDD
  • PSU
    CORSAIR Enthusiast Series 850TX
  • Display(s)
    LG IPS231B-BN
  • Cooling
    Swifttech H220
  • Keyboard
    Microsoft Sidewinder X6
  • Mouse
    Logitech MX Revolution
  • Sound
    Soundblaster zx
  1. I never had any leaking issues with my H220 - but the pump is now giving out after about 2.5 years. I was looking at the same thing for the H240x2 prestige and the forum responses seem very slow/non-existent. I was looking to get the prestige as well, but starting to look elsewhere (EKWB Predator is currently what I'm looking at. If I hear from here that people have good experiences with the X2/X2 prestige (or that a new corrected batch was made) I would love to get the X2 prestige as it looks great and the old one has done well for the past 2+ years.
  2. Swiftech seems to be having problems with leaking and poor customer service/forum response with the new ones. I have an old H220 (no x/x2/x2 prestige) and I was looking at possibly upgrading since it appears my pump is making a lot of noise (after 2.5 years). I haven't tried going through support since it's technically a 3 year warranty and I'm pretty close. I was looking at the new H240x2 prestige - because I admit they look awesome, but I'm seriously contemplating not getting one because of what I see. I was looking at the EKWB Predators, not as flashy but they have a lot of people saying great things about them.
  3. I've been looking at the same thing to replace my old Swifttech H220 (not the X2/x2 prestige version). The H220 has worked well for 3-3.5 years now. But I worried when I saw a lot of reviews of leaks within the package and issues with o rings I believe. The other thing that worries me about getting the new prestige ones (I have to admit they look awesome) is that the complaints/forums of Swifttech seem very quiet in terms of responses. I worry about the customer service and lack of answers as to when a new batch with good parts would be released (or if it already is). I have not tried contacting them and asking however.
  4. These are great mice! I've had two over the course of many years (older generation with bigger dongle). Over a time of many years, for me, the contacts become a little worn and don't always seat for power connection well. I've had to resort to rubbing them with my thumb and then seat them (again, years out). The charge does last a while even for someone who used it most of the day. The only drawback is when I was gaming and the mouse died, have to charge it for 5 minutes to get an hour plus of use.
  5. I'm not a litigious person for the most part. You are correct, actually in my state it is illegal to force a worker currently employed to sign a non-compete/non-solicitation without offering additional compensation or a move (position, even lateral) within the company. They even tried to say "continued employment was my consideration" - another thing not allowed (especially via at-will employment). However, it wasn't worth the fight to try for a wrongful termination and technically, while most likely unenforceable I would still be liable to bring up the suit before termination. I agree, there are big differences in Non-competes and confidentiality (non-disclosure) agreements.
  6. My position was considered more entry level (though highly technical in nature). I had no direct reports, some internal leadership that I gained over the period of my time employed. What I think you refer to for not giving previous employer information on is a non-disclosure agreement, which I completely and wholeheartedly agree and abide by. This is applicable to every level of employee and I'm fine with this.
  7. In the USA, in most states, employment is "at will" and this is what can happen. The amusing thing I've been told by HR when they tried to get me to sign a non-compete (technically non-solicitation with non-compete language) when I stated my worries that I'm an at will worker was "Well, we offer a severance package to help protect you.". I wasn't aware of that package and when I looked at it, the wording in the "agreement" stated "You may become entitled to receive benefits under the [severance pay] plan if, on or after the Effective Date:... and (5) you are an individual to whom the Company elects, in its sole discretion to extend the Plan." So -- what they are actually saying is "we have this little bit of carrot out here, but we never promise that we actually have to give you the carrot". This is why it's extremely important for every employee to look and read what they are signing. FYI: I didn't sign the non-compete (no promotion, move within the company, contract or extra money was offered), they terminated me after 4 years of service without cause and elected to not extend severance pay for me. Took me 18 months to find another equivalent full time employment, but it's still the same choice I would make - even in hindsight.
  8. I got something, 3 $15 Amazon giftcards for $45 and $10 promotional. Yes, I'm sure Amazon delivered their promise of having more sales (quantity) than their black friday sales. Unfortunately, most of us here are looking for technology sales and they (and Newegg) didn't really deliver on what we're looking for. Oh well, 4 months and a week till Black Friday, where we *should* be guaranteed good looking deals to gawk at.
  9. This has never been over even $350 on Amazon. Amazon is actually pretty notorious about placing items "on sale" when they aren't any cheaper than normal prices. This is actually higher than the normal price. For any items on sale at Amazon, take a look at this site (linked for this item) for price history. It does a good job of tracking and listing them all so you can see if you're truly getting a good deal. https://thetracktor.com/detail/B007BD0MPM/ It does look like a great stand and I was thinking of getting one (before I thought of ultrawide and bigger than 27 inch monitors). The quality on these look good and the footprint (thin but large) is great.
  10. Zeo2002

    [US] free stuff!

    How I handle these cards - go to Walmart (or some other department store I frequent) and buy a store gift card for the exact amount. Also, at most brick and mortar stores, you can use multiple credit cards - just tell them "please use X dollars on this card" and once they have done that, hand them another and say "place the rest on this".
  11. Looks like the deal is over, would not have been a bad deal though!
  12. EDIT: Correction, that was a 290 non-x. Thanks for the corrections, still a great deal.
  13. The headset is extremely comfortable. I've owned mine for a few months and it fits large heads and ears very well. The microphone however is not great, people were saying I wasn't very clear when using it - though I will only use it as a backup in case my main microphone dies. There is plenty of cord(s) and there is a changeable earpad if needed, but I haven't used it.
  14. Yea, I came in here pretty damn excited looking at that deal. Oh well, go UK residents!
  15. Yes, technically you're correct. However, show me where it says % OFF. Without the use of the word "off" their depiction and math is accurate.