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  1. Hello all, I am trying to use a PSU to power a 12v car Amplifier but I am not sure how thick (Gauge) the wires of the PCI-E wires are. Does anyone know how much current a standard 6 or 8 pin can handle? Thanks, PS. The amplifier draws 300w and the PSU is an EVGA 450w 80+ bronze
  2. That was just my experience, I have 1440p 144hz as my main and a 1080p side monitor along with a gtx 1080. I still do get stutters but its would be one large stutter about every round. I found when I had just the one monitor it does not do this. But I use both monitors more than playing CS so it wasn't worth using only one. I think the reason why it stutters is because the CPU has to process and send data for more than one monitor to the GPU which then gets split into two streams instead of just one. Increasing latency. For a game like CS every little twitch will be noticeable. But that's just
  3. I found that disconnecting my second monitor stops pretty much off the stutter. I used to get stutter a few times a round and it has caused me to lose the round.
  4. Do you have a second monitor and if so, is anything running on that second monitor. I used to get bad stuttering issues when I was playing a youtube video on the second screen or if i was playing youtube in the background. This doesn't happen with spotify,
  5. Do you get micro-stutter consistently, meaning, every other minute or do you get a stutter a few times a game?
  6. Hello all, I am planning on building a subwoofer and would like to get some opinions on this. I would like to make an 8" sub. I would like it to be a compact multimedia system with the option for car. There are two subs I am currently looking at The Dayton Audio Ultimax 8" 300w (with 16mm of xmax) or The Sundown E8 V5 8" 300w (with 14mm of xmax) I also need an amp recommendation, I see so many car amps that are overrated. Does anyone know of an amp that could provide true 300w-500w of power at 2-4 ohms? (I am hoping it doesn't cost more than $100
  7. What you should do is grab the multi-meter put it on the resistance setting and probe the positive and negative to see what the resistance of the sub is, usually it is either 2, 4, or 8 ohm. (Sometimes it's 3 or 6 ohm) But, find out and then with that data you can buy a stand alone 10" sub. What you need to do is find a 10" sub that has the same resistance (in ohms) and roughly the same power limits. (say rated for around 200w) If you choose a sub that is rated for more power and the built in amp could only supply 188w then its going to sound very dull as the higher watt the sub is rated the l
  8. From my testing the temps dropped from 95c to 82c. From the general census of the community it seems that MX-4 is a very good and quality thermal paste. I avoided IC Diamond because of some users claiming to have abrasive particles.
  9. If XTU keeps a constant clock speed it can use like 30w extra.
  10. Because that would mean going into the laptop's bios and changing voltage values but because its a laptop the bios is locked down. This means I have to use a program like XTU but it also means I have to have XTU always running in the background. Which uses power.(Not exactly great for saving battery)
  11. So my MSI Laptop is having some overheating issues now. The CPU will get to an average of 95c while just playing some CS GO. I have searched online and some people have replaced the thermal compound and got a 10 - 20c reduction in temps after doing so. I bought some MX-4 and I am half way through tearing it down. I have removed all the screws from the motherboard but for some strange reason I cannot remove the motherboard. It wiggles but it seems that there is another screw that I have to take out. Edit: I forgot the remove a piece of tape and thats what held it in place.
  12. I have a MSI GS63VR. It has a i7 6700HQ, 512 GB SATA SSD. GTX 1060. 16 GB ram. The screen is actually pretty decent. (I hated it at first but the MSI True color adjust the screen pretty well.) The cooling is pretty quiet when watching videos and basic editing but can get loud* It doesn't get loud but its just the higher than normal pitch that makes it sound louder than it is. I've been told it sounds like a jet engine. (Not the loudness per say but the pitch) It does a fantastic job at cooling though. I like the keyboard and find it very nice to type on. I kinda feel like I can type faster on
  13. currently I have a laptop with a gtx 1060. And it kills in 1080p ultra and video editing 4k. I would say it will last you a good 2-3 years with no problem.