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  1. I'm thinking of getting a monitor to replace a TV that I'm using as a display for my laptop, as the laptop screen is starting to have some "bleed" effect going on and the TV has backlight issues. Both displays I ran so far were 768p and the new monitor I'm looking at is 21.5' 1080p. The TV can go up to 1080p and most games ran fine, some dipping into 40 fps, but all are turn based undemanding titles so its not too noticable. Now I'm just worried how bad would it look if I put some games to 720p on that 21.5' screen? The TV I have now has huge squares visible on any resolution so I dont have any idea how would it look on a screen with higher pixel density.
  2. I just read its a blue switch. Is it loud? I go pretty hard on any keyboard naturally, so thats my only concern, will it be too loud. I do play games occasionaly, not too much but I press some keys very frequently as I play.
  3. I will be buying a new keyboard and Ive looked at some "top X amount best budget keyboards", these 2 show to be more or less recommended and are available right now, at the same price. The Redragon one is mechanical and the HyperX one is not. I havent used a mechanical keyboard before and dont know the difference. So Im hoping some of you may have used those and are they any good.
  4. I guess it might just be a few unlucky individuals. Its really the best option for me, a good CPU and a decent GPU just enough for what I need.
  5. Games I play have low requirements, just wanted to see does it hold up well since Ive seen people having BSOD and errors with it.
  6. Dont really have a budget, just wanted to keep it as low as possible, but still not go for the cheapest parts. What Ive set with the 2400G comes to about 575 USD, its high because our tax is pretty high but it goes the same for any configuration. Im in Croatia btw. Ive looked to get an RX 570, used for about 105 USD (local, not using ebay or similar), but pairing it with a new ryzen 5 1600X as its the cheapest one from the bunch isnt really what I need and ends up as wasted money because I wouldnt use it to its potentials as I dont need that much performance. What Im most interested does the 2400G have that much issues as some people claim that it makes it a bad buy, otherwise it would be perfect for what I need. New GPUs cost way too much for any of them to be a good option to buy here, and those which are decent, like 1660, is not what I need.
  7. Ive set my mind to build a PC with 2400G now as I really dont need anything more powerful. My plan is to use a HyperX Predator kit 2x4GB at 3000MHz (rated out of the box), and only have a minimal overclock on the GPU side. I usually look at each component id buy and look for reviews of it and Ive stumbled upon a thread on known issues with 2400G ( https://community.amd.com/thread/232704 ). Im a really light user but I dont want to have any random crashes. I play mostly LoL, old Cod4, games like Terraria and Dont Starve and some card games, so it wouldnt even be pushed too hard to justify any potential crashes. Now the thread was made some time ago and first Id like to know if any of you who used 2400G since release or recently had any similar or any issues at all with it, maybe something that happened to more people and seems to be a flaw in general. Some problems Im familiar with are due to memory incompatibility or bad overclocks, and Id love to know which memory to possibly avoid or which is good, if that matters. I would use a B450 motherboard, ASRock B450M - either the PRO4 or the Steel Legend one. Was it that most problems people had were due to B350 motherboards and early BIOS revisions? Could it be that B450 could work better because it has an updated BIOS, if the BIOS used to be the problem, and should I keep it up to date then? Or was it a driver issue and has it been fixed? Even when it was first released, in any benchmark video Ive seen no one mentioned any crashes and they have been stressing it pretty much, then I see threads in which people say their pc would crash from just turning some games on. I really would like to build this knowing I will be able to use it with no problems. If there is anything else I should know about Id highly appreciate it.
  8. Higher airflow fan then? Still the same question.
  9. Just out of curiosity, might even need this info later on, would adding a bigger fan to a Noctua NH-L9a heatsink make even a slight difference? I was looking at a bequiet! Silent wings 2 92mm fan which has higher air pressure but slightly lower air flow and its 25mm height compared to 15mm on the noctua one.
  10. I'll be swapping my friends old nvidia card with a new AMD one and I'm wondering will I get signal and be able to work in windows after installing the new card with no drivers and old drivers wiped? We can't use onboard video outputs.
  11. Now I put proprietary because its from an HP case, but it seems to be a regular mATX motherboard (uATX on the official site) https://support.hp.com/gb-en/document/c03132942 I want to upgrade my friends pc a bit and Im wondering if I could mount a Hyper 212X on it. Picture added is the back mounting plate already on and its fixed in, and that is what bothers me, could I possibly mount the cooler using that? I know its not something everyone could know about but if you have any experience with similar situations it would help before I buy the cooler. The 212X has 4 screws that screw in on the back plate that comes with it first and then the cooler on those, since these holes on the existing plate are for screws, being able to just screw the mounting ones in that would be just as easy, i just dont know could I. If I really cant get any help, ill just buy the cooler and try on my trashed motherboard first, which is the same as his.
  12. Just wondering would the Athlon 200GE be enough for some light gaming with the iGPU, probably on 1440x900 or 720p, mostly league of legends and some card games, and I really want to be able to play it with 60+ fps. It's the cheapest solution I can go with since almost all GT 1030s are the DDR4 versions, some regular ones too but over 100$, and 2200G would bump up the cost aswell if paired with a better motherboard and ram which makes sense if going with it. Also is a cooler included with the 200GE?
  13. My only concern was is that pad too thick, but I've found a post by now on ASRock forum that most of these boards at the end of 2017/start of 2018 were shipped with better VRM cooling solutions, also even the thicker pad doesn't really affect temps too much, and ASRock ships the better heatsinks if you end up with the old one and IF you want the replacement. Tnx for all the replies, the guy didn't have any temp info so I was questioning this just as he did.
  14. So this gray block is the thermal pad and apparently this is only present on this board, and the x370 itx version, other ATX models are probably not having this issue. And the biggest question is whats the conductivity of this pad like. Unfortunately only the Gigabyte B350 itx board has any video output, and might have to take a look at that one instead (havent because it has a weird layout), found an Asus B350 itx but it doest even have an HDMI, so this board was perfect until I saw this.