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  1. Thanks, I will do that. This looks very decent, but I have a few questions: 1. Is the 2400g worth the extra 50€?I normally dont have to handle demanding, multithreaded tasks, so would I benefit from the extra 4 Threads? 2. Are 8Gb of ram enough? At first I wanted to get 8Gb too, but I wasnt sure if that would be enough. Or should I just buy 8Gb now and then add another 8gb when ram prices are a bit lower? 3. Do i really need a 550W PSU, it seems to be quite much consindering I dont even have a dedicated gpu and I dont plan -at least for now- to add one in
  2. Hi all, I finally decided to build a new pc as my old one gets quite old and slow (its a 8 year old pre-built pc, so i cant really reuse any parts except for maybe the hdd) and so far I came up wit this build: https://de.pcpartpicker.com/list/hQpvKB I am planning to use this pc for daily office work, web browsing etc and some light gaming, I am currently living in Germany and I dont need peripherals or an OS. My aim is it to get a cheap build with the possibility to easy upgrade it in the future,so I would like to stick with a ryzen build. Any suggestions/improvements