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  1. New discovery: Based on something I read on another forum for a different laptop I decided to restart windows with the lid closed such that the system boots with only the external display activated. Everything works fine. I even very carefully lifted the lid slightly to make sure the primary display was in fact turned off as this doesn't trigger a change, and it is indeed turned off. Once I lift the lid and close it again the problem returns.
  2. GPU temp remains exactly the same regardless. CPU clock speed starts jumping all over the place once the lid closes. GPU is not effected in any way. The temps are higher on the CPU when the lid is open, because it's actually performing the way it's supposed to and running my game. When it is closed and the frequencies start jumping to below 1ghz and 3.8 then it gets cooler obviously. I know you posted before my replies to the above, but just for completion sake, it's definitely not throttling with the lid closed. Temps remain the same across the board. --- Strangely enough, one of the times of alt-tabbing in and out of the game multiple times to check monitors it actually worked smoothly with the lid closed. Only once though.
  3. I have an ROG GU501GM. I've dealt with this problem for a long time, and I'm finally fed up with it. When the laptop lid is closed my gaming performance absolutely tanks to an unplayable level. The reported fps is the same, but in practice is obviously isn't. Performance will immediately return to normal as soon as I lift the lid. I have power settings set to do nothing when the laptop lid is closed, and I've set the NVidia GPU to the preferred processor, even going so far as to specifically white-list games to only use the discreet GPU. None of this has had an effect. I also can't find any relevant settings in UEFI. In fact, there are hardly any settings to change which is quite frustrating. Does anyone have an idea what might be causing this?
  4. That didn't work unfortunately. Here are the resolutions exposed by the display (partial list): All resolutions except the 4k native res, and 1080p only report a maximum 30hz refresh rate. When I force it to 60hz the colors are off significantly, then when I go fullscreen the screen goes black. Strangely enough however when I set FFXV to play fullscreen at 1440p it works just fine at 60hz (without using any custom resolution hacks). In FFXV I leave the display at it's native res, then adjust the resolution in the game, seems to work just fine. In Neir Automata, and many other games, however... it just doesn't.
  5. I have a TCL 55us roku TV that supports 4k 60hz, and I'm using a GTX 1080ti. The TV runs just fine at 4k 60hz on the desktop, and some games even. FFXV for example will run just fine at 60 hz, fullscreen, any resolution on this TV (although I usually run at 1440p for performance reasons). Many games, such as Neir Automota for example, do not however. As soon as I switch to fullscreen from windowed mode the display switches to 30hz. I can't seem to find a pattern to it or why it will work on some fullscreen applications and not others. Any help would be appreciated. And yes, I know this is a bad TV for gaming, but if I need quick response times I use my 165hz Gsync display for that.
  6. Indeed, except I can't quickly share that with others. Taking pictures of several pages with my phone is less than ideal, and I doubt OCR would work with my handwriting.
  7. I've tried that, and lose too much speed that way.
  8. I want a laptop or 2 in 1 (something like the Eve V) that I can use in a conference room or auditorium and type notes on without disturbing those around me. Does such a thing exist without seriously sacrificing typing speed/accuracy?
  9. Yea I noticed it had a 7700HQ and a 1060, but lacking a good naming scheme means trying to find YT videos on the device from the select few who's opinions I care about is challenging. So I just gave up.
  10. The Razer blade that's on sale right now for $500 off on Razer's site, which one is it? The naming scheme continues to be stupidly confusing. I legit thought it was a Razer Blade 14 (as in 2014) for a bit and was like.. what?! Why would I pay that much for a laptop that old? Then I thought it was the 2016 model, then I thought it was the model shown in the video below, but I see nothing about V5 or B6 anywhere on the product page (I thought getting away from crappy names was the point?). It's like Razer doesn't actually want me to buy their laptop. Edit: Disregard this post. I think it *is* the one in the video below, but they just decided to go back to calling it a Razer Blade 14". I don't think I'm ever going to buy one of these things. I was thinking about it, but I've changed my mind. If they were the only option available maybe, but I'm not going to waste my time deciphering their product pages when other options exist. Also, the 1080p version doesn't have a touch screen?! I'm not paying extra for 4k on a 14" display, that's just silly.
  11. @Salv8 (sam) Very helpful, thank you. I am quite used to the CLI in Linux, but I would probably install the GUI anyway since I'd make sure resources wouldn't be a problem for it. I'm usually working with a VPS with limited resources, but that won't be the case here. Any game server I'd be interested in running atm supports Linux, but I could always spin up a virutla Windows Install later as needed I suppose. Do you have a recommended Windows version? 10 seems to be more trouble than it's worth lately. Any reason to not use software RAID? Does anyone have experience with which CPU would be ideal for this workload? I'll buy whatever is required, but I don't want to purchase overkill "just because". My primary gaming rig uses an i7-6700k, but I'm guessing I wouldn't need that much.
  12. I'm very comfortable doing things on my own and learning as I go. Mostly I just want hardware/software advice and links to resources so I can supplement my existing knowledge before making any purchasing decisions. My goal is to build a 3rd machine for my home to run PLEX and occasionally some game servers (Minecraft, ARK, Terraria, etc) I'll need 12-16 TB of usable space (after redundancy), the ability to serve 1080p media to up to 4 clients simultaneously, run a personal cloud solution, run a single game server with up to 5 clients connected, and all at (potentially) the same time. Transcoding video will likely be necessary sometimes if I don't create a streaming-friendly version of my media beforehand. I'm hoping to solicit advice/resources for just about everything, namely: • Reliable storage drives • Operating System (I'm comfortable with Linux) • Personal cloud software (such as OwnCloud) • Case and hardware. I don't really have a budget for the build, but neither do I want to waste my money on overpriced equipment when alternatives are available. I'd even be willing to use after-market server hardware if the cost savings is significant enough. I'll pay a small premium to avoid too much of a headache though as I've not worked with this equipment before and only have so much time.
  13. I have Logitech Gaming Software installed for my G900. That's all. Next time it happens I can give it a shot, but if that were the issue this would be a lot more prevalent on a google search I'd imagine.I have no other software that has anything to do with the mouse.
  14. Not sure why I didn't think to do that, but regardless it didn't find anything.