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  1. Walmart, especially 3rd party sellers are just like Amazon's 3rd party sellers unfortunately. I would suggest going into the store with proof and asking for a replacement 16gb stick instead of your money back, they might just throw you a real stick, but it's not worth your time to go out and do this.
  2. Custom PSU cables

    I like it, the only concern is where would the sata power be seen? I like the white stripes on the 24 pin atx, but the sata power is a hit or miss kind of place to also have white. I think it could look nice, but I think it might be better to not draw attention to it and leave the middle wire black. Edited to actually answer your posts questions Personally I refer to this chart. https://www.powerstream.com/Wire_Size.htm On other posts is seems the heaviest wire used is 18 gauge, but they can use smaller, I would be comfortable with 19 gauge, if you really want to make sure you can look up your psu specs and double check no wire experiences that high of an amperage. The source I linked has really conservative value for max power transmission amperage, almost a 50% value
  3. Low fps and scores with 1080ti

    moidave I am pretty surprised at all the responses on this post! Call me practical but your monitor only supports 60fps and the only games you listed were consistently getting above your monitors framerate! (No mention as to the settings, I would assume they're all maxed. Personally I wouldn't opt for a new cpu/mobo combination quad core at 3.9 is plenty for gaming experiences. I would evaluated the performance of the card (especially with the cpu) in gaming environments like another poster said, benchmarks will reflect the cpu. Another poster even mentioned switching to a hex-core... that's a post for another thread as there are compiled lists of games that can even support 6 cores. | Best of luck and enjoy gaming! I would worry about optimizing your graphics card and set up once you start playing games at a quality you enjoy that are dipping below 60 fps. Personally I just turn off the fps counter and realize that what's holding back my computer is the internet traffic on my router that isn't prioritizing my game, not my graphics card stuttering. On the rare occasions my graphics card drops to 40fps on a 60fps monitor I am normally too absorbed in the game to notice it real time.
  4. Amazing Deal On A Great Router $49.99

    Interesting 1) All the listing for this item are refurbs. 2) IEEE 802.11ac, IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n No range listing beyond "medium household" and aren't all modern wireless AP mode? It's a "smart" router with a decent bit of features. https://www.linksys.com/us/p/P-EA7500/
  5. Free Magnetic parts Tray

    Harbor Freight offers free stuff all the time, flashlights, tarps, trays, brushes, etc. Always look at their website for free and Ebay priced goods when you go to their store.
  6. Thank you very much for your help, I apologize about missing the right landing spot!
  7. Good morning, I was originally going to get a Cisco WS-C3560G but the supply ran out. The manuf. document I read says all 48 ports support POE 802.33AF and are 1GB max and the bandwidth per slot is 6gbps. I think might be a great starting switch for someone looking for security camera and basic poe (just checked my preferred brans, all af supported). I have two concerns. 1) What is 6gpbs bandwidth per slot mean, do they really mean that ports 1-12 can only support a total of 6gbps between all of them? 2) I asked another nooby question before and someone pointed out that it's a module, I don't see any encased versions, what exactly does this mean? 3) Below, POE power delivery vs max unit power consumption Right now I'm looking for basic connectivity to learn Cisco, work uses them too but I'm completely new so I'll try and get some certifications. I'd like this to be a robust and standalone unit though, I noticed the product also stated it was rated for 60W maximum, surely I can't imagine the poe not being a pass through value and is not being included in this value. *edited to add 1) It just means that one port can send at a 6gbps rate to the others, not a big deal at all for me I don't think. (I am right?) 2) I don't understand the difference and interaction between Cisco Catalyst 4500E Series supervisor engines, E-Series line cards, and E-Series chassis
  8. [HTC US] HTC 10 in red - $399.00

    I got the samsung galaxy s7 when it first came out. It was buy one get one so the total price was $350 a phone and you got a 256gb microsd card when you filled out a form.
  9. Is this PC compatible

    12GB A-Tech Hynix needs to be ddr3 compatible (attached) YOUR POWER SUPPLY WILL NOT WORK. You'll need to double check it, I couldn't find the pin out of the motherboard but HP Servers like Dell servers use proprietary power supplies. It will fit an atx form factor pin but requires different voltages on each pin. You need to use a HP DL380 G6 compatible power supply. (second attached) Just remember too, 1 this is a server motherboard, 2 it has vga out which might not support your resolution, you'll eventually need to get a compatible graphics card! Edited to Add: I have recent experience using dell server motherboards and these are the issues I've been addressing.
  10. T7400 pin out is 1x 24-Pin ATX Connector 1x 20-Pin ATX Connector 8x Serial ATA Power Connectors 1x 4-Pin Molex IDE Connector Floppy Power Connector 2x 6-Pin PCIx Connectors: 2x 8-Pin PCIx Connectors 2x 2-Pin Mini PCIx Connectors Pin diagram is on page 16, idk if its this power supply though http://cloudninjas.com/media/Dell-Technical-Guide/Dell-Precision-T7400.pdf The diagram is oriented differently, I checked it all out pins and they are good. Slightly different verbage in p6 vs p18, but all good for me, thanks guys! Screw you Dell Edited to Add: I got t7400 psu at $35 a unit for 5 units shipped from texas to the NorthEast
  11. Well shit, proprietary voltages and not pins, ingenious... Would a t7400 psu work? I've seen a few sellers marking them compatible as all the way through. I'd rather 1000w than 875w. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Dell-Precision-T7400-Power-Supply-1000W-24-Pin-PSU-w-Wire-Harness-JW124-C309D-/201940061310?epid=832847558&hash=item2f0490cc7e:g:0q8AAOSws5pZLDVM
  12. I have a t5400 motherboard which instead of using additional 4 or 8 pins for the second cpu it uses a full on 20 pin "power 2" in addition to the 24 pin. Is my most flexible solution to buy two powersupplys? Pretty confused on how to shop here. The original power supply says the wiring harness includes "P1 - 24-Pin Standard ATX Power Connector P2 - 20-Pin Standard ATX Power Connector" Is there any cheap modern equivalent? The original psu goes for about $70 looks like, I'd rather just buy a couple less expensive $30-40 ones. I'll try a few different search engines throughout the day as I explore, I didn't find any motherboard with this requirement on pcpartpicker to do a quick comparison search and google just floods the results with kids asking about 20 pin vs 20+4... Ultimately I think two power supplies might be better because you'd get more pci-e connectors, and other power connectors for sata and accessories. You could probably get higher efficiency for less too, not it's just waiting for a good cheap psu deal again...
  13. I'm dipping my toes into developing a crazy node based system with no use case right now. (AKA getting hosed in the face whilst upside down) I don't really understand my network option pros and cons. I'm using some old server motherboards that have two pci-e and 2 pci-x 64bit 100 slots with a 1 gigabyte ethernet port. I have 2 10gb dual port pci-e cards right now and I'm trying to think of how I'll be setting up my overall system. I'm thinking of combining my nas with my node-like server system. then using 10gb connections from the head to the main computers of the household. *Should I just use up half my pci-e bandwidth and stick with fiberoptic 10gb or can I use Infiniband to utilized unused pci-x slots.* Ethernet - Cheaper, latency, head would need more slots to connect to each system. (messy limited future potential?) Infiniband - Less latency, no pci-e dedicated to it, about the same price as 10gb (cables are $$$) 10gb - latency?, 10gb bandwidth I want to see if I can ultimately do two things. NAS off of these ancient beasts, Computing for dumb things like mining or cool things like saving the world. Is the latency of the Infiniband an improvement to my system set up or should I focus more on bandwidth? How would Infiniband play into a single system image? Is a 1gb link between nodes fast enough?
  14. [US] NZXT RGB Fans - Buy One Get One Free

    I'm confused on the deal, when is the extra fan added? Maybe it's over?
  15. All, I apologize for my lack of knowledge in this area, I'm not really privy to all the ins and outs of networking. I'm not going to do anything fancy, just plug a bunch of shit in between some servers, the router/modem, other devices. I was going to buy a newegg switch I was going to buy a new TP-LINK TL-SG1024 for $60. Dell PowerConnect 5324 and other models for $30 or so. Then there's this "switching module" on ebay saying a Cisco WS-X4424-GB-RJ45 for $20. Now I"m just confused, I tried to find some information on the Cisco, visually it doesn't have a full case but I can't find anything else, I'm leaning to just go for the TP link because of some of the features they're pushing. It'll be using it for awhile and I might as well pay a little more now and let it be a subsystem if I ever expand the system. Any comments on what to look for? I don't think I can really go wrong with my use case, especially with the TP link, just want to know if there's something major I'm missing and might want or be expecting.