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  1. I'd suggest for someone looking for a deal to just buy used at this price. You can normally find a couple (even free) if you ask around.
  2. 75 hz 6ms gtg (not btb listed) edited to add: Monitor Speakers No
  3. I get them used for $30-40 on ebay a model older. I only use webcams because my family is spread out.
  4. Shog

    Is it dead?

    When you used Windows 10 to check for a fix did the Windows 10 USB recognize the partitions on the Barracuda?
  5. I agree with the first two posts, however want to reiterate the costs change is significant when accounting for taxes, employees in those countries, and the lawyers and legal loopholes the companies need to fulfill to operate in those countries.
  6. Shog

    C922 50$ (bestbuy)

    Good deal, the c920 is also $50, I prefer to just buy the c920 used on ebay though, it's not really a wear and tear item.
  7. Yeah. No matter what the CL guy says he could just lie. Provide a false screenshot or an old one. If you're buying something test it. Have him meet you at your house if you want, I'd rather a public place. The question isn't whether it's a good deal it's how to make sure it's not a scam. Just bid from ebay.
  8. I have a Dell T5400 motherboard but not the workstation. I have their proprietary power supply and the board throws off a lot of heat when I plug it in. I'm planning on turning it on by just jumping the pins on the front panel IO. My question is how do I get a monitor out? Do I need to buy a nvs 295 video card or is there an easier way to do this that I'm just not aware of?
  9. WHY the price is expensive is because the government isn't regulating the market. Say we had a government driven economy. The price of ram might be the same and the industries don't have incentive to up their production capacity. Other interference could include RAM vouchers, raffling systems, and further ram ownership restrictions or applications where you would need to identify and prove your reasoning for needing more ram. Yes Capitalism allows the price to go up, and that incentives the manufacturers and producers to increase their production capabilities in order to deliver the most ram! To summarize, capitalism is the reason why there's even STILL ram on the market!
  10. Guyss guys guys, meet the guy at the library, bring your desktop, test it. If it boots pay the man.
  11. As compared to other economic systems which might simply not produce more ram! Hahahaha
  12. Walmart, especially 3rd party sellers are just like Amazon's 3rd party sellers unfortunately. I would suggest going into the store with proof and asking for a replacement 16gb stick instead of your money back, they might just throw you a real stick, but it's not worth your time to go out and do this.
  13. I like it, the only concern is where would the sata power be seen? I like the white stripes on the 24 pin atx, but the sata power is a hit or miss kind of place to also have white. I think it could look nice, but I think it might be better to not draw attention to it and leave the middle wire black. Edited to actually answer your posts questions Personally I refer to this chart. https://www.powerstream.com/Wire_Size.htm On other posts is seems the heaviest wire used is 18 gauge, but they can use smaller, I would be comfortable with 19 gauge, if you really want to make sure you can look up your psu specs and double check no wire experiences that high of an amperage. The source I linked has really conservative value for max power transmission amperage, almost a 50% value
  14. moidave I am pretty surprised at all the responses on this post! Call me practical but your monitor only supports 60fps and the only games you listed were consistently getting above your monitors framerate! (No mention as to the settings, I would assume they're all maxed. Personally I wouldn't opt for a new cpu/mobo combination quad core at 3.9 is plenty for gaming experiences. I would evaluated the performance of the card (especially with the cpu) in gaming environments like another poster said, benchmarks will reflect the cpu. Another poster even mentioned switching to a hex-core... that's a post for another thread as there are compiled lists of games that can even support 6 cores. | Best of luck and enjoy gaming! I would worry about optimizing your graphics card and set up once you start playing games at a quality you enjoy that are dipping below 60 fps. Personally I just turn off the fps counter and realize that what's holding back my computer is the internet traffic on my router that isn't prioritizing my game, not my graphics card stuttering. On the rare occasions my graphics card drops to 40fps on a 60fps monitor I am normally too absorbed in the game to notice it real time.
  15. Interesting 1) All the listing for this item are refurbs. 2) IEEE 802.11ac, IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n No range listing beyond "medium household" and aren't all modern wireless AP mode? It's a "smart" router with a decent bit of features. https://www.linksys.com/us/p/P-EA7500/