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  • Birthday Jul 16, 1965

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    Las Vegas Nevada
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    gaming school helping people photography videography media creation
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    just another disabled Vet trying to stay out of trouble
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    N/A whatever I want


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    i7 7800
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    asus x299 prime deluxe
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    32 g Gskill tridentz
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    MSI gaming X 1080 8gig
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    thermaltake r71
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    32gig optane 1tb7200rpm(os)2+2tb7200rpm in raid0 + asusnvme pcie vroc 4xsamsungevo 960 256gig +1 256wd blackm.2 ssd + 3x 1tbsshd
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    evga gq 850
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    1X asus designo 1xdell
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    rasystorm dual radiator240mm quad fan with resivoirr
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    corsair k50
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    logitech m570 razer orbweaver wacom med tablet
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    windows10 64

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  1. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01LXCDPPK for about 30 bucks off a great webcam use LTT affiliate for maybe even more savings
  2. so I have heard it both ways dump em and dont dump em I am of a mind on my new rig to dump them periodically to keep the drive(s) free of clutter what do yall think?
  3. hey there I was wondering what brand watch the large anodized orange one that Linus wears is and the link where I could pick one up cheers and Merry Christmas (and boxing day?) John
  4. I have had some bad luck with Logitech wireless (mostly rechargeable headphones) the mini USBs always seem to break after a few months no matter how careful you are, that being said I do use a pair of Artemis 933s headphones and the new trackball mx ergo mouse which is awesome I haven't used any other type of mouse in the last 10 years ( I hate mouse pads and just the way that you need to always have a flat surface) so I don't see a problem with the mice also their keyboards are decent but ill stick with my corsair Cheers and a merry Christmas
  5. also more important with heaters pay attention to the amperage and btus of the heater i am thinking the bigger the cord the better if you touch the cord after a few minutes and its warm (warmer than ambient) then its too small
  6. I just bought a Thermaltake 850w rgb psu for 119bucks on Newegg so a 500w should be about half that
  7. anyone heard through the grapevine when bless is going to be released??? all I find are sources that say sometime in 2018. And do you think there will be an audience for me when I start streaming
  8. thanks for the bullet points -Ryan you nailed it
  9. I have been in the Sudan Somalia and Etienne --most of my military career was spent in that part of the world and yes -I- would definitely be a boor if -I believed that a computer would fix- the world.but without technology we stand less of a chance of getting water to those villages so their women dont have to walk 10 miles a day just for water and technology is going to show them how to irrigate their crops
  10. OK this got far from where I was really trying to take it so I must have stated my case fairly badly and for that, I am sorry I was just trying to create a collaborative effort in critical thinking on a topic that Unless you are involved in this industry most people just don't give two shakes about. they buy a computer every 2 years get a new phone every year and dont care what happens to the stuff they throw out. how many people out there in this conversation know for a fact what goes down in a landfill. I am not trying to make anyone feel guilty or bad I am just hoping to a awaken a certain
  11. my point to starting this thread was and is to get people thinking that "eh its no big deal" can be considered complacent. do you know that there are families suffering right now in America and Canada due to the lack of a computer? those things we have and take for granted like oh I'll just post my resume or ill just walk into a home depot or lowes or.... and use their computer kiosk to fill out a job application. when there are over 2 hundred THOUSAND illiterate people in the united states alone! and probably twice that many computer illiterate everyday children suffer because of illiteracy I
  12. Well what do you guys think it takes to keep a computer well maintained? there are the obvious answers and the not so obvious and the little tips and tricks you guys let me know and ill fill in the blank spaces. Like proper disposal of li ion batterieries
  13. Really? thats all you took away from this smh guess I failed
  14. remeber needing to take a pen or a pencil to get the tape in juuuuust the right position LOL
  15. lolz thanks things are startin to get a bit fuzzy in here