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Everything posted by KING OF THE DIRTY DANS

  1. Just use a tiny screw in the back of the GPU mount. Free and effective for GPU sag. As for the Case, I personally think that's going to be a wire nightmare with all the corsair stuff added
  2. The legacy IE software does exist. Our CIS textbooks really push for IE (for literally every step of anything). Its the same as the US military using XP to this day
  3. I think its because Firefox is kinda a meme at this point Firefox is not a bad browser, but Like he said IE has more market than FF which is sad. He probably used it a shit load in the 2000s just like anybody
  4. TBH switches dont matter for gaming Its just preference (i personally game on Cherry Browns or an IBM Model M)
  5. Keep in mind that that place has an HVAC, so cooling isnt a big issue
  6. TBH, most college work can be done on a Chromebook or old ass Macbook air (Even in CIS)
  7. I would personally stick with C++ It will have higher pay going forward, as its a "aging" language As for what to do, I would make an application This could be a game (UE 4 has great C++ support) or anything really I would check out this guy on youtube for some better advice https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZ9qFEC82qM6Pk-54Q4TVWA
  8. Kidneys and "favors" are always options for PCMR fundrasing
  9. I think that their main focus is on 15 inch machines, like most laptop makers I would love a new one tho
  10. Get the Aorus monitor ACER SUCKS as seen in my thread here
  11. I have a 1080, thats about what I get on Fortnite I would tweak settings a bit if you care Since Maxed out is for screenshots and promos
  12. If there is no bracket, you could 3D print or CNC one out. Most PSUs dont even turn their fans most of the time, so the fan will ne fine If its 120mm
  13. https://www.newegg.com/black-phanteks-evolv-itx-tempered-glass-mini-itx-tower/p/N82E16811854061 just use a usb optical drive
  14. Other good options are the Razer Basilisk and The Minox Caster? (i think thats the name)
  15. Threadripper may die off, if Ryzen 9 core counts get high AF
  16. G502 is a good bet Its huge and now has a wireless variant
  17. Theres always new stuff with Yakuza. Judgment and 7 are on the way
  18. I personally feel the same way I really liked God of War (2018) and Yakuza since they were different while being story heavy