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  1. Im playing battlefield v on 1440p with settings on medium and high
  2. Hello, So I was checking how much fps I had and how much the cpu and gpu where being used. Those where both being used around 70%. I wonder why its not at 90%-100% because now it seems like not all the pc resources are being used? Anyone knows why this is? Thnx for the answers already! Edit: My specs are i7 6700k 32gb ram and a gtx 1070
  3. Ahh oke And I assume that hue sync just captures your screen just like a screen recorder or something? And I talked to a few people and they say its a risk of getting banned. Is that true?
  4. Ahh oke. You use prismatic for the lights or something?
  5. Hello, So I have a question about hue sync and csgo. Can you get banned for using it? Because it does look at your screen. And what about other games? And some people say that there is a risk of getting banned for it
  6. Its already fixed this post can be deleted
  7. Yorick01


    And if I want to get a good quality webcam which one should I get? And will those webcams stay on my monitor
  8. Yorick01


    Video call, but I can't get the c922 its sold out everywhere here... I just found a store where the Logitech StreamCam is available
  9. Yorick01


    Hello, So I wanted to buy a Webcam but, not sure to get the Logitech c920s or the Lenovo 500 FHD Anyone here with experience with those? And I'm not really sure if it stays good on my screen because the back is pretty big and round. Screen: Samsung c32hg70
  10. But only the google wifi will work like a router right?
  11. What do you mean exactly? Because the google wifi will be the router and the bitdefender box will be the firewall
  12. But when you setup the bitdefender box you can choose if you want to use it as wifi also or to use another device for wifi
  13. Yes I know that the bitdefender should be between the modem and Google wifi. But I was talking about in what order I should install/setup those systems
  14. Alright and is the best to setup first the modem in bridge mode > setting up google wifi > bitdefender box > and then the switch? And is this switch good to use? Netgear GS116E