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  1. kokakolia

    Budget In Ear Advice

    I don’t know anything about TFZ. I don’t know if this is true but: - Bright, aggressive & revealing = hype $$$ - Dark, mellow and balanced = nobody cares, bad reviews or no reviews. These types of headphones typically go on clearance sale as nobody wants to buy them. Case in point: anything from KEF or NAD.
  2. kokakolia

    Budget In Ear Advice

    Coming from Grado the T2 should be fine. But I like my IEMs dark and mellow. They’re inserted deep into the ear canal so I don’t like sharp treble blasted into the ear.
  3. kokakolia

    Budget In Ear Advice

    Easy Sony EX650AP. Not the most exciting IEM or the best reviewed. And that’s because the Sony has a “dull” tonality according to some reviewers. And that translates to a smooth balanced sound in a contrast to an aggressive and revealing sound. I would personally avoid the Tin T2 actually. It’s quite bright and unforgiving.
  4. kokakolia

    Budget In Ear Advice

    KZ does not do musicality and balance! KZ is anything but smooth. KZ is all about assaulting your ears with excessive often harsh detail in the form of sibilant screaming highs and almost always a bright signature. I hear that you’re coming from KEF headphones. The KZ sound signature of loud bass and treble will clash with the overall mellow smooth sound of KEFs. If you want musical and balanced you have to spend around £50. Most IEMs around £25 are typically very bright, harsh with a typical V-shape sound. I am telling you, the Marshall Mode is probably your best bet.
  5. kokakolia

    Possible First Job For Tech Enthusiast

    I wish I could just tell you to apply as a helper at a Geomatics (aka land surveying) company. It’s a surprisingly outdoorsy techie job. You typically use a GPS on a quad or a snowmobile all day long. It’s a great way to get into CAD if you miraculously land an office job within the same company. All you need is a thick skin and a breath. No qualifications except for a High School diploma. And yet...I just can’t. The people who work in the field in Geomatics can be extremely rude. You’ll likely be screamed at all day long and insulted. I believe that almost everyone in this world is good...except for land surveyors...They’re scum.
  6. kokakolia

    Budget In Ear Advice

    I have the KZ ES4 and it’s...meh. It doesn’t handle busy tracks too well and the highs can be sibilant. But they’re not fatiguing. I also have the KZ ZSA and I think that they sound better. But they’re a little too bright IMHO, and more sibilant than the ES4. M They’re nowhere as fatiguing and awful as previous KZs like the ED9 and ZS5 however. I dunno. If you buy the ES4 they’re fine. Just don’t expect too much. Or you can get something very close to perfect around £50. I mean I really like the Marshall Mode.
  7. kokakolia

    Spotify banning ad blockers

    I still can’t get over how awesome Spotify is. For a small subscription you get almost everything. I remember buying CDs and that got really expensive, really fast.
  8. kokakolia

    Looking for Headphones - Audio Technica M50X?

    Are you still shopping for headphones. The NAD Viso HP 50 is an interesting headphone. You can find it on sale for around $100~$150 in some places. It’s an extremely neutral headphone. Comfort is only average however. And the headband looks really stupid. But I’m really enjoying the NAD HP 50. And I only paid $130 Canadian for them.
  9. kokakolia

    your most hated joke?

    Conservative Folks and Boomers. They’re the absolute worst.
  10. kokakolia

    LG G7 vs Samsung Note 8

    Yep! Everyone I know with a curved Samsung “edge” display hates that feature. It’s so impractical because it makes applying a screen protector a nightmare. It makes phone cases less protective. And it distorts the image on the sides.
  11. kokakolia

    Best Budget Phone under $250?

    Would you be against getting a refurbished Samsung S8? That’s pretty damn near perfect phone.
  12. kokakolia

    Audio Technica M20x vs Beats EP

    I honestly believe that the Beats EP would sound better than the M20x. But I haven’t tried either.
  13. kokakolia

    Good head phones for a big head? and rec desk speakers?

    Philips SHP 9500. EDIT: Perhaps not. These Philips headphones don’t have much or any bass. But they fit big heads.
  14. kokakolia

    New phone for rural cell reception Doogee/Blackview?

    Are you in the USA or Canada? If so, avoid China phones from the likes of Doogee/Blackview etc... They just don't have all of the cellphone bands used in the US/Canada. You're better off getting an iPhone (even an older model, the iPhone SE, 6S or 7 are all excellent affordable phones if you buy refurbished) as they typically get slightly better reception than most other Android phones. In my experience working in the woods and very remote areas, you need a cell booster in your car. There's no smartphone with a giant antenna to circumvent the problem of requiring a cell booster. If that was the case, my company would be using such phones. And even then, cell boosters don't do much. It's sad but true that cell reception drops dramatically as you drive 1~2 hours away from any major town or city.
  15. kokakolia

    LG G7 vs Samsung Note 8

    Well, LG doesn't have a good record with keeping their phones up to date for more than 2 years...so Samsung takes the win for me. And it's a sad victory. Either phone should be good for 2 years anyways. But I have a hunch that Samsung has better software than LG. But go for LG if you want the super high quality headphone jack.