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  1. Update! Replaced the PSU and all seems to be working with no issues. I guess i got lucky nothing else died
  2. I bought the psu in august 2012 and if I'm not mistaken it only had a 7 year warranty. However, I'm pretty sure they're not suppost to blow up, so do you think corsair would do anything about it seeing as it's not just failed, its possibly killed my pc.
  3. The psu tripped the fuse box, sorry for any confusion. Also, can I just plug the old psu cables into the new unit or should I be safe and just take them out and use the new ones that came with the replacement psu? Thanks
  4. Just bought a corsair rm750 2019 version. Fingers crossed only the power supply died. Will update tomorrow Thanks
  5. I really hope nothing else is dead. I've only just upgraded it a few months ago
  6. I was just minding my own business playing a bit of classic wow when all of a sudden, POP! Fuse box tripped in my house and the lovely smell of fried components rose from my beloved PC I think I have a 10 year warranty on the PSU from corsair but it was bought in 2012, what I'm mainly worried about is the rest of the computer. How likely is it that other components are dead? Is there any harm in me buying a replacement PSU and simply turning it on again? I dont want to make things worse. Also, the information about what minimum watts I need for my build all conflict with each other. Cpu r5 3600 Ram 16gb ddr4 corsair 3600 Gpu 5700xt red devil Would I be good with a nice 650w from say corsair? Or should I change brands to avoid the possibility of another grenade being inside my psu? It was loud and I might need to change my pants... Thanks!
  7. Update. I contacted overclockers uk and they are sending me out the screw free of charge, even the delivery was free. Great customer service. Thanks again
  8. Thanks for your reply but i cant seem to find that size on amazon. I can see m2x3 and m2x4 but not m2x3.5
  9. I've somehow lost the screw for the m.2 slot. The standoff is in the motherboard but the screw is definitely not in the box or standoff. Mobo is MSI b450 tomahawk Max The m.2 is currently installed without a screw. How do I get a replacement screw? Any help and advice would be amazing. Thanks An idiot
  10. I would only buy a sata drive when my HDD finally dies. Plus i wont be upgrading my mobo any time soon so i dont mind filling the m.2 slot if its going to stay nice and fast for the next 3-5 years =]
  11. I've been looking at the intel 660p but wanted to make sure I wasnt missing anything major or obvious to more experienced people than myself. I think I'll get the cheapest drive I can find from a reputable brand. Thanks for the replies
  12. I currently have a 128gb samsung sata ssd that I use for my operating system and a few games. I have a 1tb hard drive for everything else. My question is, is it worth me getting a mad crazy ssd? I have £100 to spend and Id want 1tb. All I'd be doing is gaming and streaming every now and then. Also, what should I do with my old ssd? Still use it for the os or just take it out completely. My motherboard is a b450 tomahawk Max Thanks in advance
  13. 4.2ghz is at 1.36V. Much happier with that
  14. so i should be ok? or shall i maybe take it down to 4.2 to keep it under 1.4v. Thanks